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Business Casual Pieces That Aren’t BLAH

super chic business casual pieces that aren't blah. Use these items to create a chic, cute business casual outfit appropriate for any work environment! by the skinny confidential


It’s easy to get caught up wearing the same old slacks & collared blouse combo at work. It’s safe, comfortable, gets the job done, & is TOTALLY basic & blah.

Really though, mixing it up with something chic & unique will UP your game at work in more ways than one.

When you wear an outfit that’s just BLAH, you lose the fun & sexy benefits. Add a little extra effort BECAUSE you’ll:

♡ STAND OUT to your employer, coworkers, or employees.


♡ notice INCREASED creativity.


OH, & here’s a little ADDED bonus: you’ll look like a total BADASS when you head out for drinks with your friends after work.

Okay so who’s ready to unleash their inner chic girl boss & up their business casual outfit game at work? These ones are so not blah:

Pink Belted Slacks:

First of all, the color of these pants is EVERYTHING. Very strong spring/summer vibes. Pair it with a tighter top & a super cute pair of heels. Professional & ON POINT.

White Cape Blazer:

If you rock this cape at work you’ll grab everyone’s attention in the best way possible. It’s classy & fashion forward. You’re bound to get a few questions regarding how it works, but don’t worry, EVERYONE will love the look.

Tortoise-Patterned Reading Glasses:

There’s something about reading glasses that just scream BOSS BABE. This tortoise pattern is  different than the average black or brown color. OBSESSED.

Black Edgy Blazer:

Every badass working babe needs a black blazer with some edgy, unique touches. Wear this with a tank underneath & either a pair of black slacks or dark wash jeans. Add a pair of pointed pumps & this outfit is just on FIRE.

Square Pink Glasses:

Glasses add a very professional touch to any outfit. Keep that professional touch feminine with these pink glasses. The pink is soft & flirty, but still a staple to help complete your GIRL BOSS look.

Wide Leg Trouser & Tank Set:

I’m living for babes who can rock a hot set like this. It’s classy, professional, & showcases your confidence. Throw on a little cardigan or blazer over this tank & trouser set so you don’t get cold & you’re good to go!

QUESTIONS: where do you guys work? Would love to hear more about what all of you do for a living!

Okay, off to put the final touches on the SHREDDING FOR THE WEDDING 7 Day Meal Plan… Can’t wait to share it with you guys! Leave your email below if you want to be notified the SECOND it’s LIVE.


  1. Love these picks so much, but unfortunately office culture in Eastern Europe is so much more casual than in Western Europe and the US. 🙁 Mostly jeans and t-shirts for me here.

  2. Hi Lauryn! Excellent choices and I totally agree! It does help with your confident and creativity when you dress nice for work 🙂 Sometimes it’s just so easy to throw on something that is laying around but I ALWAYS feel better when I look nice! Going to spend some more time to my hair & clothing for the office from now on! I run a marketing department for a ‘wholesale business’ you call it in English I think! But i’m looking for a job in marketing for a business in interior, because of you and Susan! I like my job but I don’t LOVE it, and I’ve had enough of just liking my day to day life 🙂 Thanks for the wake up call darling xo

  3. LOVED this post!! Omg I don’t know how I missed this. This is right up my alley and what I basically blog about (plus a few more things) but i LOVED that high neck suit piece/tank and trouser set. Thanks for sharing!! I just wish it was a little more friendly with their price points… haha.

    Anyways, I’m in marketing communications at a biotech company. Been doing this for the last 5 years and I LOVE it. It’s a very corporate environment but thanks to being in California, we lean toward the side of casual when it comes to attire culture.

    Thanks again for sharing this… love it!!

  4. I love these outfits, I can see how they would be very versatile and some could take you straight from office to an evening out. thanks for sharing.

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