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Building A Brand, Business, & Platform

mike cernovich podcast by the skinny confidential

Today we’re kind of getting aggressive, business-wise.

Recently we were invited to be on Mike Cernovich’s Podcast ( who also happens to be one of my favorite podcasters ) to talk biz. Specifically: building a brand, business, & platform online.

Bit of a background on Cernovich so you can understand why Michael & I were VERY excited to go on the show. Firstly, Mike Cernovich is the author of Gorilla Mindset, which happens to be one of Michael’s favorite books ( you know this though if you’re in the monthly book club! ). It’s a book that has helped millions of people change how they think and feel through his mindset techniques. His podcast is the most popular mindset podcast in the world. His writing has been covered in the Washington Post, MSNBC, and many other outlets. He runs a popular website called Danger And Play too.

His podcast just MOTIVATES THE HELL OUT OF ME. It’s one of those podcasts where you just run on the treadmill, dripping sweat, listening & learning while he talks. Mike calls it how it is. No bullshit. A real dose of reality if you know what I mean.

For some reason, people may assume his podcast is for men.

Well, I beg to differ because I like the aggressive, in your face realities he podcasts about.

It makes me want to hustle & stay on brand & just kick ass.

Anyway, when we found out we were going on his podcast, we definitely did a little champagne cheers.

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The episode ended up being all about the realities of running a business. The truths, pulling the curtain off of the Wizard of OZ & seeing what’s really there. Mike works 7 days a week on his craft. To be a master, you do what you gotta do.

I agree with Mike there. I’m always trying to do the work – it builds habit & persistence, which in my opinion, eventually builds success.

This interview with Mike is raw, to-the-point, & contains no fake BS. All realities.

If you like it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW because then I will do more blog posts on the truths/BTS of building a brand, business, & platform. WARNING: will not be sugar coated.

mike cernovich podcast | by the skinny confidential

Oh, & get excited because Cernovich will be coming on our podcast in late August. Questions for him? Got ya covered, just leave them below.

If you’re interested in listening to the episode, you can subscribe to Mike Cernovich Podcast & listen here. Android users can listen on SoundCloud.

All of you entrepreneurs will love it!

OTHER PODCAST NEWS: latest episode of TSC HIM & HER Podcast is LIVE. We spoke with a celebrity trainer & wellness guru, Seth Browning. He’s also the badass trainer who whipped Scheana Marie from Vanderpump Rules into AMAZING SHAPE. Some topics discussed? Carb cycling, mental toughness, & a break down of our daily routines, step by step. OH! & I share a 20% off discount code for TSC Meal Plan on the podcast ; ). Fun, right?

Happy listening guys!

– lauryn

+ another post on podcasting here.

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  1. SO excited to listen to this podcast today. I love when you guys incorporate biz insight into your podcasts! It’s such helpful information that keeps me motivated to continue to develop my craft as a new blogger.

    1. Appreciate it Tess!! If you have any questions you want us to answer send them to xx

  2. I listened yesterday and LOVED! And def would love for you to do more on the truths/BTS of building a brand, business, & platform. One of my fave posts you did (that I refer back to often) was the Pros and Cons of being a blogger (or something like that, right?). Thanks, L!

    1. I love discussing these topics so I will definitely keep them coming Colby! So excited you’re enjoying them : )) xx

  3. I loved this podcast episode. I’ve listened to it twice! So much inspiration, motivation and encouragement and I really enjoyed how the conversation flowed between the three of you. Would really love to hear more on business and building a brand. Thanks guys!

    Kylie X

  4. I cannot wait to check this out! I love when things AREN’T sugar coated and it’s the real-real. To echo an above comment, I LOVED one of your posts that was opening up the curtain to blogging. So spot on. I also truly believe working hard constantly #teamnodaysoff is the secret to success and totally easy when it is something you love! Listening to it right now & I’m stoked!! xx

  5. Listening to it now…sounds great! Thank you for sharing this as it is such a hard work to build business online and I love that you always share your own experience! xx

    1. AW thanks for all of the support Genya! I wouldn’t be here without you guys so it’s SO important to share : )) xx

  6. Loving this- listening now. I was listening to Him & Her the other day and really appreciating how gracefully you avoid talking politics. Smart. Mike is a good man. Thanks for being my main girl. You’re the only blogger I follow because you’re the only one I need- how cool is that!?


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