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Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips For The Holidays

Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips For The Holidays

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we wanted to invite Britt Snyder back on the blog to help you guys with decor. You might remember Britt from her unique & neutral Christmas decor that she helped Lauryn with last year.

Just to refresh your memory: Britt Snyder is super popular in Austin, she’s a mom, & a total master of her craft. What she did with Lauryn’s house for Christmas was MAGICAL. She totally got the vision & understood what Lauryn wanted. (You guys know how specific she can be, LOL).

She also did Lauryn’s house for Halloween this year. So fun.

With that, let’s welcome Britt back to talk about some budget-friendly holiday decorating tips.


Hey TSC audience! I’m back again this year with some budget friendly tips and tricks to decorating your home for the holidays!

Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips For The Holidays:

♡ Decide what your vibe is and what you want your scene to look like.

Do you like more of a traditional take on the holiday? Like reds and greens for Christmas or do you want to do something a little more fun like neons and acrylics? Whatever you want it to look like I suggest creating a Pinterest board or a saved file on social so you can reference your inspo when you are ready to decorate.

Britt SnyderBudget-Friendly Decorating Tips For The Holidays

♡ Look around your home for different items that you can use to create the ‘lewk’ you are shooting for.

For instance, a great vase that you can add a seasonal floral arrangement to. Or perhaps it is some votives or great martini glasses that you can add to a table setting for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

♡ Think outside of the box when you are looking for items to use as center pieces or even ornaments on a tree.

Especially in kids’ rooms. They are FILLED full of ornament opportunities. For boys, shove some superheroes and their superhero vehicles into the tree. For girls, Barbies are easy or crowns, feathers, beaded necklaces, etc.

Festive Home Decor Tips With Britt Snyder Design
Festive Home Decor Tips With Britt Snyder Design
Christmas tree with gifts
Britt Snyder Design on The Skinny Confidential

♡ I love creating my own ornaments and this is a really cost friendly way to create a beautiful accent on your tree or in a bowl on your dining table.

Go to your local craft store or Amazon and buy a pack of multi colored feathers. Then get a case of clear glass or plastic ball ornaments. Take the top off the ornament and stick a few feathers in it. That’s it. Put the top back on and voilà – beautiful ornaments! Also a great gift idea to give is a set of 4 ornaments in a beautiful box. Its all about the presentation.

Christmas tree decor ideas
Holiday decor theme

♡ Pick a theme and wrap all your gifts in the same paper or with the same theme.

Another super trendy gift wrapping idea this year is to use fabric. I’m loving that look this year.

♡ Another great tip for holiday decorating is getting your favorite scent in the house going.

I am super into anything Santal paired with some pine. I usually do a Santal essential oil and a pine candle.

♡ While you get the scent going, it’s nice to have a good playlist and music playing all the time.

I love a seasonal jazz mix in the background during the day or throw in some poppy hits for fun while you’re decorating. I tend to lean into the indie versions of Christmas tunes or instrumental renditions of songs, but you do you. If Mariah and Michael Bublé are calling your name lean into it!

Seasonal decor tips

♡ Seasonal decor is all about how it makes you feel.

So my favorite tip is to have fun with it. Have a fun gift exchange and do a holiday art project with your friends over wine. Create your own ornaments or create a canvas painting. Whatever you do, make it a memory because isn’t that what it’s all about?

The bottom line is that seasonal decor is supposed to be fun. No matter what the season is! Use disco balls as oversized ornaments, or feather boas as garland. Get crazy and think outside the box. Layer your tree to add texture and set your dining table with fun vintage dishes you picked up from the thrift store. Pull it all together with matching cloth napkins and you’ve got yourself a party! Hope you all have a badass holiday season! Bring on 2023!

xo Britt Snyder Design.


There you have it, another amazing post from Britt full of tips and tricks for decorating on a budget. Be sure to follow Britt on Instagram for more inspo and let us know what theme you’re going for this year. We always want to know.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips For The Holidays

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