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Bryan Johnson on Slowing The Aging Process and Defying Death

Bryan Johnson with Lauryn and Michael

On one of the most interesting HIM & HER episodes to date, Bryan Johnson sat down with Lauryn and Michael to discuss much more than health and wellness. It’s Bryan’s mission to give humanity the option to ‘live another day’ and slow the aging process.

You probably have heard of Bryan before. He’s the tech billionaire spending insane amounts of money on research and testing to give humans the best chance at living for a long time past their age expectancy. You may have also seen the headlines about the blood transfusion he did with his 18 year old son. Let’s just say there is way more to that story and you’ll have to listen to find out.

In the episode Bryan also talks about his upbringing and family life, how he became a tech billionaire and raised money to do the work and research he does now, how AI has evolved in the past few years, the tests and scientific processes he’s done on his biological systems, and MUCH more. Here are some of our main takeaways:

Bryan Johnson on Slowing The Aging Process and Defying Death

Depressive Thoughts:

Learning that depressive thoughts are common, and not your own. Every thought we have is the product of process and we are able to choose what to do with them. Bryan never makes a decision within the first 3 minutes of thinking about it.

How consistency won his race:

Bryan started many companies, some failed and some were successful. He emailed over 60 high-performing people for work, with no responses. Without accepting defeat, he finally began his company, Braintree which ended up being sold for 500 million dollars.

The destructive behaviors we struggle with:

Just like depressive thoughts, our minds create patterns of behavior that we think or believe leads to a happier life. Although our vices are not allowing us to live any longer, we still believe that having access to them leads to a happy life. Once we begin to take away that representation, we begin to realize that happiness comes with health and discipline.

More from Bryan:

+ He loves all the press, even the false headlines that don’t tell you the full story.

+ He lives to sleep, doesn’t sleep to live.

+ His company Blueprint is coming out with high-quality food products with the aim to rival fast food and grocery stores.

+ He is spending $2 million a year on modern technology and wellness practices.

+ His company’s goal is to give you all these studies, research and resources FOR FREE (they already are).

Be sure to listen to the full episode with Bryan Johnson here and follow him on Instagram to stay up to date on his latest research aimed at prolong the lifespan of humans. Whatever preconceived notions you have about Bryan can be left at the door. This episode is sure to clear up the way he’s perceived in the media and give you insight into his mission.

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