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Bridesmaid Dress Shopping With TSC

The Skinny Confidential talks shopping.

I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t really done anything when it comes to planning my wedding.

Like, seriously though…nothing!!

BUT!! When Anthropologie’s sister brand, BHLDN invited me & some friends to try on their bridesmaid dresses, I was super excited.

…Because drinking champagne & trying on beautiful dress doesn’t suck, right?

So my girlfriends & I drove up to LA & made kind of a day of it! Here’s a peek:

Pros of shopping at BHLDN: it’s sort of a one stop shop. AND they have the most gorgeous head pieces & vintage looking shoes…they’re all so chic.

This particular one is the Juliette dress— there were TONS of ways to wear it. My little sister, Mimi, tried it on to style the different looks. She’s like, the cutest thing ever.

Ok, so check out the different ways to wear the dress:

The Skinny Confidential talks shopping.

& afterwards we definitely hit up the Ivy because their salads & pastas ARE SO GOOD! So two must tries next time you’re in LA: BHLDN & The Ivy!

Will keep you updated on the planning…but so far, this has been it!

For those who are married: any bridesmaid dress tips? x Lauryn

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++ I’m wearing this topthis skirt, & this cross-body faux fur bag in the video.

{{ featuring: Candance Fahlstrom & Jacqueline Brown || jewels: JNB Style || photos: Teresa Fae || video: Phillip R. Lopez }}

Bridesmaid shopping with The Skinny Confidential.

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  1. omg this is so major.
    i am planning my wedding in ca and have not done a single thing but think napa was a good idea. thanks for this post!
    totally buying these dresses.
    have you checked reem acra or elie saab? so good.

  2. Those are really cool, I love how versatile they are! As for bridesmaids dress shopping tips…. ummm yeah I got nothing. I have every single other thing about our wedding planned, for the most part, but the part where other people come in has me stumped… grrrr.

  3. I love this dress and all of the different options! You could even have each bridesmaid wear it differently – I love weddings like that. 🙂

  4. Such a cute dress, I love convertible dresses, but they strike me as more casual. It’s cool to see a bridesmaid version.

    I’m totally into the pick a color/color scheme and have girls find their dresses around that. It’s so hard to try to make every girl with totally different figures, heights, etc, wear the same thing.

  5. There is no tradition of bridesmaids over here, so I can’t contribute. Only (since you have asked for tips before): If you search for an opportunity to stop micro-managing and obsessing over details and generally be more relaxed: Your wedding is not the time &place!

  6. I gave my girls a color palette and let them get their own dresses. It turned out beautiful and so much more original than the typical “bridesmaid” look. Here’s a link from my photographer’s website:!IMG_0802jpg/zoom/c1sq1/image9fr Have fun!!!

  7. I love the look of that dress, and it seems to fit your personality. I’m married, and I decided to choose a dress that I liked. I wanted it to match the theme of my wedding, which was formal, adult-oriented and indoors. So I chose a long, silky black one-shoulder dress for my ladies. I also gave them the option to spice it up with red shoes of their choice, so that gave them a little freedom!

  8. BHLD has such cute stuff!!

    I was on the hunt for bridesmaids dresses FORever when I finally just decided to design my own. They’re coral and going to be based off a beachy-chic maxi I found on Revolve from T-bags.

    Can’t wait to see which ones you pick! xo

  9. That dress is stunning!! I love the colour and the design is something I never would have thought I’d liked. When I see it on, I love it! So cute! And have fun with your wedding planning…you only get to do it once!!

  10. I’m 110% OBSESSED with BHLND. And it was like God opened up the clouds and showered me with rays of heaven’s light when Anthropologie launched their wedding registry. :p

  11. I’m a traditionalist and I can’t handle things like asymmetry or different bridesmaids dresses so we found one that all my BMs could agree on. But if you’re up for the different BM dress look, my cousin did that and it turned out great. She wanted us all to pick out our own but gave us guidelines: it needed to be one of 3 colors (blush, champagne or light gray), made of an appropriately dressy material (so no jersey, etc), be knee length and she included example pics so we would have a good idea of the look she was going for. She also asked that if she wasn’t with us when we picked it out to send her a pic so she could make sure all of them were cohesive. Even though it’s not my thing, it was really pretty! My sister-in-law did something similar but chose one color (navy) with no specific length and it also turned out nicely.

  12. Hi,
    I really like your dresses.And i like the most is your suggestions . Your tips will really help a lot of girls. I find your tips very beneficial for all the girls.

    Thanks for share.

  13. I love the versatility in that dress, because you can get the same dress but everyone can look different in it. Thanks for sharing!

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