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GUYS. SLIGHTLY ( just slightly ) overwhelmed over here so forgive me as I get back into the swing of things.

A lot has been going on…! CAN YOU TELL?

No fear though I have a ton of feisty blog posts planned for you so bear with me.

I feel like we need to back up though & start with the bridal shower. I mean before we get to the wedding, let’s talk bridal shower details right?

As you can see my stepmom, Julie & my dad, Brad really killed it on the details…per usual. Julie clearly has an eye & I didn’t even have to micro-manage her. This is a huge fucking surprise for those of you who know me. She really got the vibe of what I wanted for my shower.

First of all, it was a couple’s shower.

We did the bachelorette party so I felt like I wanted some masculine energy at the shower.

I’m just really not one to play games. Like no ‘PIN THE DICK ON THE GROOM’ you know? I’m more about hummus, good music, kombucha mimosas, & keeping it light.

Wanted to share every little detail with you so let me break it down more for you?

bridal shower details 4 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 5 | by the skinny confidential

The party was at Herb & Wood. If you haven’t been to Herb & Wood in San Diego…RUN. NO REALLY RUN to this restaurant. It’s the most charming, delicious restaurant San Diego has to offer. AND there’s a little eatery in the front with fresh herbs, wines, & cheeses. Very on-brand, no?

Herb & Wood’s aesthetic was ideal, especially with their white marble tabletops ( HELLO INSTAGRAM ), unique beers on tap, & gold detailed bar. Really I couldn’t have asked for a better place to have the shower.


Ok so if you’re wondering why lavender everywhere…BECAUSE. My wedding was DARK & EDGY ( which we will get to ) so I wanted a light feel to begin the story— soft/pretty to start, drama to end. Lavender is soft. Ultimately the theme was lavender & lemon. Julie made sure to have lavender/lemon mimosas, lemon macaroons ( I caved on the fucking macaroons here what I can say? How basic ), AND espresso shots to end the day with a sprig of lavender of course. It’s all about the details for me.

The flowers were from The Bouqs Company & Isari Flower Studio. They really set the tone as flowers typically do. I feel like you need INSANE flowers for a party always !

Candles were by my favorite Craft + Foster. Scents included Balsam Citrus & Lavender Sage. The two mixed together were orgasmic really.

bridal shower details 6 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 7 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 8 | by the skinny confidential

Julie, my stepmom, made sure every detail was perfect. Down to little pearls on the tips of the toothpicks in the grapes. We used these as garnishes in the boy’s gin & lavender cocktails.

Before we went to the venue some of my friends & I chilled at my house to get our hair & makeup done. If you’re looking for a festive party ponytail you have to check this EASY tutorial.

Makeup was kept light & dewy, as always, although we did do a FULL, FLIRTY lash. If you’re interested in the full makeup breakdown, check out my latest Instagram.

Also, my baby pink bridal shower robe is by Love Ophelia AND the whole bridal shower outfit post can be found here.

Alright let’s talk specifics.

My Party Tips:

1.) Think about the guest. Instead of thinking about what you want, think about what the guest wants. I’m a big believer in the fact that people get bored when someone opens presents in front of them. That may sound harsh but YAWN.

2.) If you’re having a male/female party- cater to your audience. The guys at my party didn’t want rosé. They wanted hard alcohol. Hence the gin/lavender cocktails.

3.) Keep the bites light. Not a fan of going heavy on food at parties. We did fresh salads with avocado, salmon, & a bunch of light bites. For dessert we went with tiny Rice Krispy treats from Bliss and Baker.

4.) Always give a little gift. I think it’s really important to acknowledge the fact that guests took time out of their day to celebrate you. A sweet, SMALL token is always appreciated.

5.) MUSIC. So important. Of course you probably already know this but we played Bossanova. I’ve really, really been missing my grandma lately so playing Bossanova allows me to have a little piece of her at each event. Pick the music according to your taste. Brand the event so it showcases your essence. One of my favorite playlists can be found here.

…& ALWAYS HAVE FUN. Because if it’s not fun it’s a waste!

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When the guests left they were handed little goodie bags & a pink Better Booch kombucha. Also each girl left wearing a hot hand piece. I designed these pretty, dainty hand pieces with CAM JEWELRY & gifted each girl with one. It was so cute because even Michael’s grandma was rocking her hand piece. LIKE HOW FUN.

Anyway, some of us ( the tipsier ones of the bunch ) ended the night at a local bar…let’s just say I was incredibly hungover the next day & didn’t drink for 2 weeks-ish. LOL. I can’t drink like I did when I was 21.

If you guys have any questions about the venue, decor, etc. let me know! Julie is amazing too if you’re looking for a party planner. She crushes it, like she HANDMADE the purple fireplace garnish above with different colors of purple paper & baby’s breath ( had to bring the wedding theme full circle ).

Alright, currently eating alone in a restaurant. Having the veggie roll with brown rice, sliced jalapeño, avocado, & cucumber with a hot green tea. I am weird and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE eating alone. There’s something therapeutic about it, you know? Bear with me through all the wedding stuff, I want to make sure I cover every detail. Nothing I love more than bringing you guys along!

To come: my fake wedding, bridal shower: part 2, some wedding posts, & MORE. Would love to know what you guys want to see specifically.

Hope you’re all getting excited for THANKSGIVING. My sister & I are making our favorite pumpkin roll, The Nanz’ candied pecans, & homemade cranberry scones. We’re going to make Michael watch the baby ( see below he’s actually really good with babies which is surprising? Too bad he can’t nurse ).

Ok I’m off to sip some tea & go through my lovely e-mail inbox.

See ya tomorrow, lauryn


++ new podcast episode is LIVE. We answer a bunch of reader questions! Listen here.

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  1. Absolutely ADORE the color scheme and all elements of the bridal shower. Perfectly executed! And this week’s podcast was particularly fun – I always look forward to each week’s episode 🙂

  2. I am having a couples shower as well…well kind of! Basically all then men in our family, my fiance and boyfriends/husbands of our friends are going to be invited. My fiance was against this as he thinks showers are “only for women”. I have gotten him to agree to this, but even my future father in law is kind of like “why do we need to attend a bridal shower? Those are for women only”….so I guess my question is, how did you get your fiance to like the idea of this. Like you, we won’t be opening presents, or having any weird games. It’s really just another party. Also, not EVERYONE is invited with their guy. Just our family and close friends. My mom’s friends are invited solo for example. Can’t have everyone bring a guy b/c it would be another wedding really and just too many people!

  3. I absolutely love the emphasis on tell ing the story and the transition from white / lavender to dramatic eggplant. I REALLY love the glass carafes with rose & white wine. Def need to steal that for entertaining at home! I also agree 100% on the gifts… I feel like it’s so awkward for everyone involved and puts unnecessary pressure on everyone around. Happy thanksgiving, Lauryn! I hope you have an amazing holiday! x Shannon

  4. The decor is beautiful! And pink hummus?! Amazing! Can’t wait to see your edgy wedding!! 😉

  5. Hi Lauren, I love that you & Michael had a couples bridal shower (and bachelorette lol)! I would like to do the same one day bc my boyfriend is my best friend in the world. I just love that you do your own thing according to your rules :)) so excited to read the rest of your story!

  6. Seriously it is so damn boring to watch people open gifts. What a waste of a few hours on a Saturday. Particularly boring watching someone open gifts off of a registry – their fake surprise and cheesy OTT thankfulness. bleg

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