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Bridal Shower Outfit & Details That Made All The Difference

bridal shower outfit - plus a few details that make all the difference | by the skinny confidential

STILL reminiscing over…& very much so recovering from MY BRIDAL SHOWER.

My stepmom & dad, Julie & Brad, threw me the most beautiful shower. I honestly couldn’t have felt more loved. It was absolutely perfect. HUGE thank you to my parents, they really get me.

Especially because the theme was LAVENDER AND LEMONS.

If you didn’t see via Snapchat, here’s a quick recap: it was a HIM & HER shower. The whole, full on, girly girl bridal shower wasn’t really my style – I mean, I wanted to hang with my guy friends too. So we hosted everyone at Herb & Wood for a boozy, lavender lemon themed brunch.

More details to come, but I HAD to share first WHAT I WORE & a few details that really made all the difference.


the perfect bridal shower outfit | by the skinny confidential

Bossy White Dress by Zhivago:

As you guys know I like to mix things up. Traditionally, bridal showers are very soft & feminine. So I wore this bossy white dress by Zhivago. The shoulder pads give off a masculine, powerful, & badass kind of vibe which I fucking love. Yet it’s still white to incorporate the traditional bridal theme, you know?

Lace Detail Bralette:

Definitely wanted to have a touch of lace, so I wore this sexy little bralette by Kori. It’s cute & super comfortable. Had to have a touch of lace somewhere at my bridal shower. You could go for Nippies too? Easier maybe.

Edgy + Chic Necklace:

OBSESSING over the Viper Choker I co-designed with CAM Jewelry. It has a white or black faux snake-skin choker, with a gold long chain. Screams sex appeal . Wear the white choker if you’re feeling more soft & sweet vibes. & of course, opt for the black if you’re going for edgy & sexy.

Perfect Nude Pumps

The dress was the main focus, so I went for simple shoes. If you’re wearing a unique dress always go for simple shoes. Because too much is just too much. You don’t want to overpower the dress. These pumps are great because they’re so versatile. I wear them all the time.

OKAY, so now that I’ve shared my outfit details…. there are a few extra details I need to share with you guys that made ALL the difference. If you’re hosting a wedding shower, or any party for that matter, these small additions make ALL the difference.


bridal shower outfit - plus a few details that make all the difference | by the skinny confidential

Wolffer Rosé:

Nobody wants to drink alcohol that tastes like CRAP. And luckily you don’t need to spend a ton of money to do so. Wolffer Rosé is a chic rosé for parties because it’s SO yummy & it’s affordable. We drank it at my bachelorette & loved it, so naturally I had to get it for my shower as well. Much needed.

Scents To Enhance The Theme:

This one is a BIGGIE. Scents are SO important to really tie the whole event together. The theme at my shower was Lavender Lemon, so we had Craft + Foster Lavender & Sage Candles burning on every table, on the bar, around the venue, you get the point. We also burned Coconut Lemongrass candles to tie in the lemon theme. Everyone that walked into the party could smell lavender & lemon, so right away they get the full experience.

A Gift For Each Guest:

It’s fun to find a creative way to unite the whole group & bring everyone together. I designed this super festive hand chain with CAM JEWELRY. It’s cool because everyone gets a gift upon arrival, then every girl is wearing it the whole event with something to take home. The best part? Anyone can get one here!

Also, for those of you who asked about my pearl earrings from this post, you can find them here.

OK PHEW. Can’t believe Michael & I will be walking down the aisle in exactly 7 DAYS. This time next week I’ll be throwing on a wedding dress & saying I DO. Craziness, right?

Please feel free to follow along during our wedding weekend on Snapchat. You can also catch up on our engagement, wedding invitation process, & of course my bachelorette party.

SO excited to share more details from the wedding shower, AND WEDDING!

lauryn, x

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