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BRB, Getting Hitched

the skinny confidential gets married | by the skinny confidential

I know, I know, you get it. I’m getting married, but in the meantime catch up on the latest!

Tons of newness for you guys here: lots of blog posts ( have you read the post on mental clarity?! ), new podcast episodes, & raw BTS on Snpachat ( I may have had a few last night ).

I’ll be sharing all my wedding looks on Snapchat & Instagram too.

Snapchat has been especially fun because we’re able to bring you guys to wedding festivities in Cabo. If you follow along, you know we’re doing a 4-day wedding in Cabo with 55 people. Super small, super intimate with all the people we love most. The vibe is masculine mixed with feminine touches & we’ll be sharing all the details ( you know there’s a lot ) on The Skinny Confidential starting next week.

Some fun posts:

the skinny confidential gets married | by the skinny confidential

Alright! I am off to plan more wedding details. They can be intense – I mean who knew there were 6 million options for a napkin holder??

Today is the rehearsal dinner so we’re doing a mellow ( ?? I hope ) pool day & then having a little wedding pre-practice. Will let you guys know how it goes!

Thank you again for following along!

x, lauryn

the skinny confidential gets married | by the skinny confidential

  1. Congrats, Lauryn!! You are going to be such a beautiful bride! As a follower since 2012 (!!!!) it has been super rad to be along the ride for every part… from dating, to the engagement, to moving in… to now! I’m excited to see where you end up for the Honeymoon 😉 Wishing you and Michael a lifetime of love, happiness, & sparkling rosé!! xx Shannon

  2. Congratulations to you and Michael! I am a long time reader and you have definitely been an inspiration throughout the years. You and Michael are such a wonderful team, and I can not wait to continue following your journey together! (That definitely sounded like something Chris Harrison would say, but it’s true!)
    Best wishes to you both!

  3. I’m loving following along on Snap! The wedding looked amazing and I can’t wait to see more when you’re back. Congrats and try to take time away from social media to bask in this moment – you both deserve the break! <3

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