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The Skinny Confidential x Nordstrom bra selection.

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Since the theme of the week seems to be boobies ( I mean, Nippies & the ‘I LOVE BOOBIE socks’ sort of set the boob-ish tone, right? ), So on that note, I figured I’d share some hottie bralettes that I’m seriously lusting after.

Totally ended up buying this lacy, sex kitten Honeydew number from Nordstrom the other day…GUILTY! It was too cute ( if you follow TSC on Instagram, this is old news ).

The Skinny Confidential x Nordstrom bra selection.

But really, Nordstrom gets me every time…I’m such a sucker.

Anyway for every bra purchased online ( from the above collage’s participating brands ) Nordstrom will donate $2 to the Young Survival Coalition, a non-profit supporting young women with breast cancer. LOVE it.

So shop away! Shopping for a good cause is always fun : ). What’s your fav? xx

{ Necklace are by JNB Style }

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18 replies to “Bras & Boobs”

  1. That honeydew one looks amazing on you. Nothing’s better than a bra that looks good and fits well. 🙂

    Living in sports bras makes me covet all these though.

  2. Hey Lauryn! I work in Nordstrom’s Lingerie department in Rhode Island and I am SOOOO excited to see this post! You should DEFINITELY check out the Natori ‘Feathers’ bra if they have it in your store! Comfortable, sexy, and fun! Love this post girlfriend!!

    xo Meg

  3. OMG ! I have to ask because I’m obsessed : where do the necklaces come from ? Especially the longer one ? I’ve been looking for one of those for a long time !
    And I love the bra too !

  4. Hi Lauryn! I had to order the same bra as you; can’t resist that color combo! It is so comfortable too! I love the necklaces as well! Visited the website, I will have to wait and ask ‘santa’ for one 🙂

  5. Hi Lauran, Seems your bought one is more attractive. But the Honeydew bras are SO cute! Definitely adding these to my ever growing Nordstrom shipping cart online. Sometimes sports bras are more comfortable for me.