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Boysenberry Lite Margaritas

Weight loss cocktails

My dad is known for his margaritas. Everybody that tries one, cannot help but crave another. He has been a huge influence on my appreciation of a beautifully made margarita [ one that has a tequila bite, not too sweet & evokes a festive feel ]. We threw a birthday over the weekend & he assisted me in creating a boysenberry, low sugar, low calorie margarita that was a delicious hit!

Jam jars to fill with alcohol
Empty jam jars
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Organic boysenberries
Girly weight loss
The adorable striped straws
boysenberry margs
Preparation for the rim: muddled boysenberries
Weight loss
Skinny, homemade margs with a boysenberry rim





Boysenberry Lite Margarita’s 

** Makes three skinny margs


3 limes

1 lemon

4 ounces of white tequila [ I like Don Julio Blanco ]

1.5 ounces Cointreau

3 splashes of soda water

1 container of boysenberries

3 chilled glasses

3 handfuls of ice

3 cute straws


Chill two glasses. Take boysenberries and mash up with a fork. Slice up lemon and lime. After chilled, remove glasses. Line rim of glasses with lemon & move the circle of the glass around in the mashed boysenberries. Fill glasses with ice. In a martini shaker, mix blanco tequila, Cointreau, squeezed lime & lemon. Strain contents over ice in prepared glasses. Add a boysenberry  & sliced lemon for garnish & splash soda water over each margarita [ make sure you add soda water after — it will blow up in shaker ]. Place straw in each & serve on a fab tray.




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