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The Skinny Confidential BOOK CLUB | Lauryn’s FAVS

tsc book club march | by the skinny confidential

As you guys know reading is one of mine & my husband’s ( so weird to say “husband” ) favorite pastimes. It’s really the perfect way to wind down at night, calm the mind, & learn something new. With all of the traveling I’ve been able to get through some INCREDIBLE books.

Discussing mental health is really important since I’ve dealt with anxiety ( & I know some of you struggle with this too ). All of these books help shed some light on coping with these struggles in insightful ways.

tsc book club march | by the skinny confidential



I have this weird thing for the Kennedy family. The whole family is fascinating, especially from the perspective of this book. Told from the point of view of JFK’s executive assistant, RoseMarie, Fairy Tale Interrupted details the life of the Kennedys in a new way. It’s a fun glimpse capturing the behind the scenes of an iconic man & the aftermath of his death. Ask me about the Kennedys- I know the weirdest, most random facts.


My friend Erica, from Fashionlush, mentioned this book in the latest podcast since she struggles with anxiety. Many Lives, Many Masters follows a psychotherapist & his patient, Catherine, who struggles with anxiety & phobias. Through hypnosis Catherine taps into her 86 past lives which helps cure her from her worries. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, this is an intriguing read.

Erica & I both highly recommend.


This book might be my favorite on the list. Suffering from memory loss, paranoia, weight loss and more, Ally Hilfiger’s family brought her to a psych ward at 18. After years of being undiagnosed, a doctor uncovered Ally’s lyme disease.

In Bite Me, Ally discusses her struggle with lyme disease, how she took back her identity & how she healed. Listen to Ally on the podcast for even more juicy details about the book!


Open details the life of world famous tennis player Andre Agassi. After winning his first grand slam by 22 years old, Andre was young, famous, & wealthy. Pushed to play tennis by his demanding father, Andre opens up about his struggle with his family, his marriage & his disenchantments with tennis. Interesting look into the sports world & young fame.


Hearing the real & honest stories of people’s struggles always intrigues me. Especially reading about how they overcame those struggles. In Between Breaths, Elizabeth Vargas describes how her childhood anxiety contributed to her alcohol addiction.

For anyone who has struggled with anxiety this book is very relatable. Elizabeth’s story is empowering & her journey allows you to find new ways of coping.


Ever since I read The Slight Edge I’ve been trying to integrate its methods into my daily life. Jeff Olson details how simple habits can increase your capacity to achieve your dreams.My favorite tip: using commute time to listen to educational material. Hello podcastsThis book really gives you the tools to hack your brain & get the most out of your life. Love it.

These books really go there. Next time you’re traveling, grab a tote, a cozy sweater, & get ready to dive deep into some juicy stories. What are some books you’re loving right now?

Hope you guys have a great weekend-

lauryn x

+ For more of my favorite books check out Pinterest

++ thank you, THANK YOU for all the support on this post. So much love for you guys. <3


  1. I *love* a good book recommendation! Fairytale Interrupted sounds super interesting! I’ll have to give it a read!

    xo, Sofia

  2. I just began Bite Me! Thank you for introducing it to me after I listened to your podcast with Ally. Having Lyme disease is rough–especially with all the symptoms that come along with it (depression, anxiety, etc.) so reading thoughts from someone who shares that experience and those symptoms really helps me.

  3. Open is one of my all-time favorites! I loved that book so much and found it so valuable. I love the “control what you can control” message — and let everything else GOOOO. Thanks for the recs… Excited to check some more of them out!

  4. OPEN is an incredible book! I’ve read it at least 3 x already and I always go back to it! It’s one of my favourites and I always recommend it to others

  5. I LOVE this book club post, I always think while listening to your podcast how much I would love a list between you and Michael that rates the books you guys read since you’re always mentioning books! I would love a place to click that has all the books you have both read and like a 1-5 star rating and tiny excerpt about it from whoever read it or both of you. I am going to definitely check some of these books out! thank you!

  6. Been looking for new books to read. I’ve been so bored with the few I’ve been switching between recently. Thanks!

    xo, Nicole @

  7. Ooooo thanks so much for putting this list together!! I always listen to you & Michael talk about your reads on the podcast so I’m stoked to get in on some too! Question–do you normally read physical books or ebooks on a kindle or something? I def prefer real books but feel like it’s not as practical to store/carry around. Thoughts??!

  8. Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve been hearing more and more about Lyme Disease lately. I think Avril Lavigne also struggled with it, which is why she hasn’t been as prominent on the music scene the last few years. I didn’t know Ally Hilfiger struggled with it too.

  9. I have this feeling that all my kindle shopping or my amazon list is all about your book recommendations – and I am glad you’ve been giving this kind of tip, it helps me in so many ways – thank you!!!!! xx

  10. I ordered Many Lives Many Masters after I heard ya’ll talking about it on the podcast and am halfway though and OBSESSED. I’ve forced like 18 people I know to order it. SO GOOD.

    Thanks so much for rec!!

    XO, Madison

  11. I just finished a super compelling fiction read called Euphoria & am currently reading Content Inc, which is all about content marketing for entrepreneurs! Great read for bloggers 🙂

    Reviewing a bunch of books on my platform at!

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