Whether you’re trying to tone those bat wings, wanting to develop healthier eating habits, wondering about juice cleanses or curious about how to attain those bombshell Victoria’s Secret curls, I got ya covered.

BALANCE is key.

With easy exercises, affordable recipes, & accessible tips on everything from keeping your hair looking hot and healthy to how to steal your boyfriend’s clothes for your own quick wardrobe makeover, TSC book will be your new BF.


expect some fun chapters on: drugstore makeup tips, quick fitness moves, & 3 ingredient recipes! also, there’s a couple of fun skinny cocktails AND a full chapter dedicated to LOVE CHUB…aka how to avoid gaining weight when you’re in a relationship. get the inside scoop on how to be the BEST version of yourself.


“The Skinny Confidential is an easy, fun read packed with helpful, realistic tips and recipes. I love that it’s not just about one aspect of fitness but more an overall Lifestyle.” – Monica of Run Eat Repeat

Well, let me ask you this- do you want to live a healthier & more well-rounded lifestyle? Do you want to know some the best beauty/ hair secrets to ever exist? Do you want to know how to most effectively tone & lean out your bod in the shortest amount of time? Do you want to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way?– Erica of Fashionlush

“You’ll feel refreshed. Lightened up. Inspired. and ready to make good choices after spending an hour or two in Lauryn’s book.”– Paige of Healthy Hits The Spot

“I found this book to be motivating, informative and fun. It was very well organized and to the point which made it a pleasure to read. This book came at just the perfect time.” – Jenni of Jenni Raincloud

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