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boob job realness | by the skinny confidential



I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but it’s a big one & a tad overwhelming, if you know what I mean?

One of the top three things I get asked about is BOOBS.

Specifically BOOB JOBS.


I’m totally not afraid to tackle the subject, it’s just a long post that requires me to get personal.

( Also, my grandma reads my blog. UGH ).

First off, I don’t share every single thing on social media. I like to pick and choose what I share so I can maintain sanity & some level of privacy. But I feel like this is one of those subjects that needs to have a little conversation. Especially since there are so many young people getting plastic surgery now-a-days.

Plus, it’s obvious that I have big boobs so it’s not like I’m sharing life shattering information. Maybe this is against blogger code to talk about boobs but I frankly could care less ( & besides, talking about fashion & lipstick starts to become a real bore after a while )— & it’s not like we haven’t discussed butthole enemas, camel toes, vagina steaming, & Kegels already sooooo….

Might as well talk about boobs.

Let’s take it back to when I was 18, shall we?

Here’s the history: I’m not stick skinny. I’m not a 6 foot model. I have an ass. I have hips. AND I HAD ( AND HAVE ) BOOBS.

I started with a C cup. Not too bad right? But ever since I can remember ( I’m talking like 9th grade ) I’ve wanted bigger boobs. It was weird. My friends from high school would tell you I just always wanted bigger boobs. Not boobs like Real Housewives Tamara circa 2010. More like more voluptuous, voluminous boobs. I wanted my boobs in proportion to my hips.

boob job realness | by the skinny confidential

So at 15-ish I decided I wanted a boob job. I didn’t tell anyone that I was saving.

You guys I saved, & saved, & saved.

I worked as a hostess and later on in high school, at a local boutique. I put half of what I earned aside.

I babysat, I picked up tiny modeling gigs, I helped out at a local news station.

And I saved for like, four years.

So obviously the second I graduated high school, I met with a friend’s dad who was a plastic surgeon. After that I went around & met with three other doctors. I liked my friend’s dad best ( & honestly he gave me a great price ) so I emptied my bank account & paid the doctor five thousand dollars on June 16th.

I did this all by myself without telling anyone, which is so me & not the smartest? But I was determined, stubborn & driven to do what I wanted to do.

A few days before surgery I told my parents. They were UGH about it. But they couldn’t do anything. I was 18 and paying for it myself. My poor parents.

Totally not knowing what to expect ( & not the healthiest human on the planet ), I stocked up on Top Ramen ( ouch ) & FLIPZ chocolate covered pretzels. I even invested in a brown Juicy Couture jumpsuit because it was comfortable & very chic at the moment. I don’t know why I’m sharing all these details, I just feel like they really set the scene of where I was in life.

To make decisions on sizing, I researched for hours online. Again, I was a full C & didn’t want to go huge. I was at first going to go with 250 CC ( which is really not that big ) but settled on 210 CC’s. I really, really looked at a million pictures & weighed my options with the doctor. Together we decided it was best for me to go through the nipple ( to get very detailed, he only cut a half moon ( so there’s a small, tiny scar only under the nipple ) & under the muscle, not over because I was very specific about NOT wanting Tori Spelling boobs ( no offense Tori ). I also explained that I DID NOT WANT BOLT ONS. I chose saline over silicone because at that time silicone was being recalled. Saline is water so if it pops in the body, the body absorbs it. At the time silicone was known as a very dangerous chemical.

What I wanted were boobs that I could play up, or play down, you know? So people could never look at me immediately & be like ‘BOOB JOB FOR SURE.’ I wanted like ‘did she or didn’t she’ boobs.

Anyway, the day before the surgery I picked up some prescribed antibiotics & pain killers with the extra money leftover in my savings account.

And on June 30th, my dad’s birthday ( sorry dad ), I had my ex-boyfriend of 5 years ( BF at the time though ) drive me to the surgeon’s early in the morning because hey, I had a birthday dinner to celebrate that night, ( IMMATURE/NAIVE MUCH? ). He dropped me off & that was that. IV in the arm, passed out, woke up…& I had boobs.

My ex picked me up, dropped me off at home, & 2 hours later I was drugged up lying under an umbrella by the pool, head to toe in Juicy. CHIC.

When you get a boob job they wrap you in like this white sort of tape, so I was wrapped in that. And for the record, I did make Daddy’s birthday…eer, happy birthday?

The night of the surgery, I was fine, went to bed. All good.

The next three days were tough.

It sort of felt like I had weight on my chest. And I couldn’t sleep. I am not a big pill popper. I don’t like pills. Because 1.) they make you constipated and 2.) I don’t like how they make me feel. So I sort of weened off the Vicodin quickly.

I am sensitive. Whenever I get anesthesia I get depressed afterwards. Sometimes the body reacts funny to it and I remember being SO, SO depressed. It was so weird. I wanted the boobs OUT. Yes, I wanted them like to be taken out. Keep in mind this was also 4th of July. I just got out of high school, everyone was celebrating, & I was in bed dealing with boobs.

Because I was depressed, I read. I read every book I could possibly get my hands on. I remember being up at 4 AM reading “EVERYTHING ABOUT ME IS FAKE & I’M PERFECT” by Janice Dickinson ( she is the bitchiest, most hilarious author ever ).

Overall the experience was weird. I just remember feeling weird. I called my dad crying, begging him to help me pay for a surgery to remove the implants. He said no, & I would basically have to figure it out. INDEPENDENCE LESSON. STICKING TO YOUR DECISION LESSON. OWNING YOUR CHOICES LESSON.

Basically 18 year old lessons everywhere.

Two weeks later I was fine. I calmed the F down. But my boobs were pretty big. Like I could rest a champagne glass on them. I actually ended up modeling for Maxim magazine & they looked too big for my liking in the shoot ( but I guess totally acceptable for a Maxim college girl ).

Fast forward to today, & they’ve settled. BIG time. No more bolt ons.

boob job realness | by the skinny confidential

Here’s what I think people should know about boob implants:

1.) When you first get them they’re huge & feel too big. You think “oh no I went too big.”

2.) And then…they settle. Meaning they sort of go down. And you’re like “oh no I went too small.”

3.) In my opinion, going a little bigger than you think you want is good ( if you’re more conservative, like me ) because after they settle you kind wish they were a little bigger because you become used to bigger tits.

4.) I prefer a dropped boob more than a Housewife tit. It’s sort of that natural shaped breast with a little more OOMPH.

5.) After many years ( aka where I’m at today ), you won’t even think about them. I think about my boobs only when I’m asked about them. They sort of settle in with your body. I’m very happy with the size boob I have now. In fact, they’re especially fun in a swimsuit & make me feel womanly ( again, my body, my opinion, everyone has different bodies/shapes/opinions & not that I didn’t feel womanly before, but they sort of enhance that feeling for me ).

6.) People will talk. After I got my boobs done people would talk shit. They would say “omg she got her boobs done!!” Like it was some secret & YES I KNOW I GOT MY BOOBS DONE, I ACTUALLY WENT UNDER THE KNIFE. For the record, it was also crystal clear because I had bigger boobs. It sort of didn’t take a scientist to come to the conclusion I got my boobs done, you know? I didn’t do it for anyone except myself.

7.) Research size, saline or silicone, your doctor, & the full scope of the surgery before committing to anything. There is tons of boob blogs out there that talk about the pros & cons of sizing & material.

8.) NIPPLES. If your nipples are large, expect your nipples to look larger because they’re being stretched. I’m a firm believer that part of the way they look after has not only to do with the surgeon, but the way your boobs looked before the surgery. Think of it as a balloon. When a balloon blows up, it stretches.

9.) Looking back, I should have waited until I was 21. 18 was maybe a tad too young for me.

10.) DO IT FOR YOU. In my opinion, you should do the surgery for you & no one else but you.

** By the way, a boob job is NOTHING, LIKE A FLEA, WALK IN THE PARK, LAUGH compared to jaw surgery.

boob job realness | by the skinny confidential

Another question I get asked is: How do they feel? They feel like a boob. I wish you guys could feel them through the computer HAHAHA. I mean, in all honestly if you really, really tried to feel the actual implant, you probably could. But I feel ( << see what I did there? ) like mine feel pretty real. I guess you’ll have to ask Michael that question. He felt my boobs pre boob job ( 8th grade #TBT ) AND post boob job so I feel like he’s sort of a connoisseur.

Oh & before anyone hops to conclusions about how I’m a hypocrite because of my healthy lifestyle & blah, blah, blah….


CONSIDER THIS: The reason I love wellness so much today is because my journey has paved this path to health. I am a firm believer that my past experiences have shaped my life today. Each & every experience has lead me to share the importance of wellness, health, & balance. Without having ‘stuff’ or adversity or challenges, life would be a real bore.

If I were to sit here and say “I’m Miss Perfect who’s been healthy my whole life & never done anything wrong”, that would be pretty damn boring too. LIKE YAWN, YAWN, YAWN.

I’m here to say: I’ve been down & I’ve gotten up. I’ve been unhealthy & I became healthy. I’ve gotten a boob job & here’s what I learned.

This isn’t an excuse, it’s the truth.

Also, getting boobies taught me a few lessons; this sounds weird but wanting something for so long & putting my own money together to get it, taught me the following: 1.) how to make my own money for something I really wanted, 2.) the drive to get what I wanted when I wanted it on my own terms, & 3.) patience because well, shit. I had to save for 4 years.

Ok so would I get a boob job today?

I don’t know. Probably, yes. I think I would. But I’d certainly do more research, eat healthier after surgery, & talk more to my family members/friends than when I was 18. Also maybe I would have blogged the whole thing, then The Skinny Confidential would be the best boob blog.

Oh & honestly, after I have a baby I’ll probably have to get new implants.

Everyone says you have to get new ones after ten years, but I’ve talked to a lot of plastic surgeons who say otherwise. I think everyone is different & you should do what works for you. Personally, I’m not going to get to that ten year mark & be like “OMG IT’S BEEN 10 YEARS, I NEED NEW IMPLANTS.” Because well, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Trying to be as transparent as possible here because I’ve gotten A LOT of questions & want to make sure I’m being real.

If you want a boob job, do not base your journey off mine. You do you. AGAIN, everyone is different.

What I love most about my boob job: I can play them up ( like WHOA, Victoria’s Secret bombshell push-up bra ) or play them down ( to the point where no one even notices really ). I like having options.

Ok, PHEW, if there are more questions, leave them below & I will do a Q & A with your name and question soon.

AND if any of you have implants, weigh in— what has your experience been like? Anyone have any tips, recovery tricks, or things I missed?

I really hope that this post sheds light on something that no one wants to ever talk about: plastic surgery! If this post did nothing for you, sorry, I’ll post some recipes soon ; ).

lauryn x

p.s. for the record, Michael really, really likes them too. HA!

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boob job realness | by the skinny confidential


  1. One of my favorite things about your blog is how honest & how real you are. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with all of us!

  2. I’ve been waiting for this post!!! Not because I want a boob job, but because they just intrigue me soooo much. I’m a member of the itty bitty titty committee in a major way (like seriously, I swear I am the president/founder/treasurer/master of the universe of tiny boobs) and for years I struggled with “do I want to change them???” At 23 I’ve finally gotten to a place where I’m happy with my lil boobies. If a genie appeared and offered me a bigger cup size fo’ free? Ok yeah I’d probably take him up on that one…but I’m glad the feeling of needing to change passed. I think your story is so important, since you did it FOR YOU and saved for everything yourself. You’re so different from other girls who go under the knife and make it the hugest deal in the world. You go after what you want and you own it, and I admire you so much for that. Rock dem titties girl, you’re absolutely stunning inside and out! xoxo Carly

    1. Hi Carly, thank you for reading. Your comment literally made me LOL! “president/founder/treasurer/master of the universe of tiny boobs” LOL!! Right back at you babe, rock dem itty bitty titties! xx

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! The biggest question I have is if you know you’ll be able to breast feed when you have kids??
    Thank you love your blog!

    1. Yes. Esp if you get them “below the muscle” meaning under the pectoral minor and above the pec major. That’s the more natural look which gives surperior poll fullness and a tear drop shape. The implant is beneath your natural breast tissue, even below your superior pec muscle. There could be more possible complications with “above the muscle” due to compacting the glands but all in all, yep, prob just don’t go crazy big. After having a baby and breast feeding the breasts sag more so many women have them re-done at that point

    2. I breast fed my son for a year with no problems at all. Except they do need to be replaced now because the pregnancy and breastfeeding made them saggier then I would like.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Lauryn! I haven’t been ballsy enough to talk about my boob job on my blog! I had mine 6 years ago when I was 23. My recovery was horrible because I didn’t listen to the instructions of setting an alarm to wake myself every 3 hours to take my pain killer medicine. I woke up the night after my surgery and almost went into shock! I couldn’t open doors for myself or open jars for about a week, but other than that I was back at work at a restaurant 2 days later. It has helped me feel so much better about myself and I am so glad I saved up to get the surgery done- I did it for me and its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am like you though, I now wish I went bigger because I’ve gotten used to the size over the years.. even though I have Cs I don’t feel like I have big boobs even though I used to think they were huge! I will go bigger next time around.. thanks for sharing your experience!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Virginia, thanks for sharing! LMK if you ever share your full story on your blog I’d love to read it! This is just my story I know everyone has a different experience :)) xx

  5. It’s always so interesting to hear people’s stories on plastic surgery. I’d never get a boob job (because they’re big enough for me), but when I was in junior high/high school, I HATED my nose. I wanted a straight nose, and mine slopes into a bitty upturn. It was so obvious to me (but no one else). Thankfully, I grew to love it (And hearing stories of how much it hurts kind of helped me to accept it). But thanks for sharing your story. Doing big things like this should only be for YOU. Totally agree.

  6. Honestly had no idea you had implants until this post. They’re very natural on you! I also have saline implants. Went from an A to a large B. I agree with wishing I’d gone bigger after they settled. I on the other hand can feel my implant, but I have puzzled a few gentleman 🙂 Question, if you do get a replacement do you think you’ll go silicone now? I’ve felt the difference and really liked the feel of the silicone.

    1. Hey girly. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog! Your fabulous! If you don’t mind me asking, what size are you now? Are you a small C? Thanks much. 🙂

  7. I did the same thing for my boob job except I wore three bras and got a job at Hooters. I too knew at a young age I would buy a pair and did my research and went under the muscle through the nipple! I love mine so much and am so happy I did it. Although painful I would do it again and plan to after my husband and I have a child 🙂 love your honesty! Xo C

  8. I completely appreciate your realness and vulnerability in sharing this! You got balls girl! I never minded my small tits until I birthed and breast fed my two little ones. They do not look the same any more and my body shape has changed. I’m pregnant with my third and plan on doing it post babies and breast feeding! I love how relevant your blog is!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this, Lauren! I’ve been excited for this post. I waiver between accepting my small boobs (legit, like AAs), and wanting bigger ones to fit my curves. I’ve wanted a boob job since I was basically 13. Just have been obsessed with wanting boobs that never came, ha. I guess my one question would be – I know you said Michael liked them – and I would want to do it for myself. However, I get nervous thinking if I were to date anyone, they would think I was “fake.” Part of me cares and part of me doesn’t, since if someone likes me for me, they shouldn’t care. But I’m also like you, and really believe in healthy living. And just being down to earth. But I can’t help it – I’ve always wanted boobs!

  10. I feel like I could’ve written this post. This is all me to a T! I had a similar experience and feel the same way. Sometimes I question having this foreign object in me because I’m so health-conscience these days. I worry a little about being able to breastfeed later b/c my incision is in the same place.

  11. Loved reading this post and loved the honesty! I totally agree that everyone has insecurities and things they would like to change, and if they have the money and want to do it for themselves, then why not? Its not for others to judge!

  12. I really appreciate this post! I too have always had the desire to have bigger boobs. Just havent done it yet.

    I am only 5’0″ tall and luckily my momma gifted me with a curvy lower body (I’m talking booty). However, they must have been overly generous with the lower half of my body and forgot about the top half. I barely can pull off a B cup (my mom on the other hand, DD)… Seriously. Like whaaaaaa? So not fair. I’m not saying I want DD’s but a nice C cup would be cool. I’ve always gone back and forth because everyone in my family are anti boob jobs. I think this kind of puts a damper on my feelings of wanting new and improved boobies. My boobs are what I like to call teardrops… You know what I’m talking about, right? No upper boob to save my life!

    I felt like you supplied all of us blog readers with a lot of information. I took a lot from this post because I am also very sensitive to medications and that was a big “wonder” that I had in regards to the surgery.

    So, thank you!

  13. Probably a naive question, but does having the boob job make going braless more comfortable? As I’m aging, I notice how low things are hanging if you catch me, and my dream was to actually get a reduction after I have babes, preferably so I don’t feel the need to wear bras even at home alone.

    I guess I imagine the job gives you perpetually perkiness, is that the case?

    1. Big boobs are big boobs, fake or real. I went from a B to a DD. From never really needing to wear a bra to def needing to wear a bra. Perky, yes and the shape and lift I want, yes. So even though they are perky, they’re still boobs, big boobs. But there is a difference between a bad boob job looking like beach balls on your chest and a more natural, shapely, full tear drop, fairly discreet, good boob job.

    2. It’s all subjective to the person. Even though they’re fake and perky, they’re still boobs with weight. It doesn’t really matter what size you go to, up or down some people with Bs like to wear bras, some don’t. Same with Ds. They’ll be more shapely and perky, but they’re still boobs.

  14. Mad props boo. Complete respect to the money save and hustle, it makes things so much more valuable and worth it. This post made me lol (8th grade #tbt)

    we can make it (throw back titties) hehe



  15. I have been a huge fan of your blog for a few years but honestly this made me like you even more. To be like, this is me, here it all is, no one is perfect….is just really inspiring. Everything you talk about is full of passion and care and I really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

  16. Thanks for sharing, I’m glad you posted this. I had a similar experience myself. I got the surgery 14 years ago (!!!) when I was 18 right after I graduated high school. I wanted boobs since I was 11, so it was no surprise I would get the surgery. I was completely flat chested and wanted to feel womanly and curvy and not like a boy. Plus I was living in the age of pam anderson and big breasted VS models. I don’t think you are meant to make big life decisions at such a young age. I was on a mission and no one would stop me! I didn’t even factor in possibly what I’d do if I wanted kids/breast feed. I loved them especially in the beginning, I like being noticed and they were much bigger looking and high. By the time I turned 30, I have been seriously thinking of getting them taken out. I am only a C or small D and they look so natural, no one knows. Not even guys I dated! Sometimes I made the choice not to say anything, sometimes I felt ashamed for being so materialistic or just felt like they were part of me after a certain number of years. I am glad I didn’t go bigger, and most of the time I try to down play them. I just don’t want to be noticed in that way. And now I think about being pregnant with these fake things or worry if I will be able to breast feed. My life took a healthy more natural path a few years after the surgery, so I feel strange having these fake things in my body(also saline through the nip.) I am scared of taking them out and just being freaked out how they will look (deflated and saggy 🙁 But I also don’t want to keep changing them out for the rest of my life. Will I have fake breasts at 70?? Some things to think about. Sometimes I just wish I had never messed with my body that way.

    1. ZJ – Don’t worry too much how they will look if you do decide to take them out. I actually had one deflate (after 15 years) and it didn’t look bad at all. So much so that I considered having the other one taken out rather than having them replaced. I also started out pretty flat-chested, so that could have something to do with it. Anyway, I did end up going with replacements, but I went smaller than what I had, and I feel good about that.

      And you can breast feed with implants.

  17. You’re lucky your boobs look so real! My mom has those housewife huge DD tits that stick up like a 15 year old’s boobs in a push up bra. Bigger is definitely not always better when it comes to plastic surgery.
    I love how open & honest you are, by the way. This post definitely opened my eyes.

  18. Thanks for sharing! I am considering a boob job cuz like you I have wide hips size medium. Unlike you im xsmall on top and double AA. I might not get breast augmentation but I love being able to read about it openly. It’s shame when girls feel embarrassed to admit they have work done. Anywho, I live in San Diego/del mar so I would the info on your surgeon. With love barbs

  19. Heyy

    I would really love to know if a boob job can change the overall shape of your boobs, aside from just enlarging them. For ex, if you have conical, or splayed boobs, can a boob job fix that?


  20. Lauryn: these posts are my absolute favourite of yours. As a reader, I totally appreciate you getting so raw and personal. I think this post is extremely helpful for anyone considering getting them done, and I appreciate you having a neutral tone. Funny, how you can totally set the time period with the simple description of “juciy velour sweat suits”! It is weird all the strange connotations to getting work done, and I think you hit the nail on the head with point #6. Thank you for not making it all so Taboo, because there really is no reason for it to be since it is such a personal choice. And… I’m just going to say it… but YOURS LOOK AMAZE. ??

  21. How long did you have to wait to work out?

    If I ever save enough money to buy some boobs, I totally will because if someone saw me shirtless without seeing my face, they’d probably think I was a 12 year old boy ? I’ve learned to accept the fact that I don’t have tits and never will, but part of me still REALLY wishes I had them. Bathing suit shopping sucks honestly.

  22. Thank you so much for this post! When I was younger, I wavered so many times about whether I wanted one. My boobs are an A cup (small B). I feel like I’ve finally come to a point in my life where I’m okay with the size. Do I wish they were bigger? Sometimes, yeah. But I don’t know if I’d want to spend the money on it and sometimes I’m so wishy washy, I wouldn’t want to have gotten it done and then a month later think, “Fuck, why did I do this!?” I found it interesting that you thought that yourself, since most stories I’ve heard about boob jobs, there’s never been any statements of regret.

    Thanks so much for sharing and being so real about it. It really is amazing to read your blog. I kid you not, you are the REALEST blogger I read, the kind that I think, “Well damn, this is a girl I could be drinking mojitos with”. It really does mean a lot to a blog reader and a starting blogger to see realness in the industry. Thank you!

  23. I’m keep thinking I’m too old for your blog, but I can’t stop reading it! I love the way you write and love your frankness. I just have to comment, because the only boob job I’ve ever considered was a REDUCTION. The grass is always greener, right? I keep thinking how nice it would be to wear a blouse that didn’t gape open in the chest area, or to not have deep bra strap indentations on my shoulders, or to go braless just once, or………. Plus, as you get older, they get bigger (I’m sure, due to gravity). I’ve gone from a 34C to a 32D/DDD, and I’m HWP. So…..just like you said, whatever you do, do it for yourself, and don’t go too big. Trust me. 🙂

  24. I don’t have plastic surgery and don’t really have any intentions of getting it, but I just had to comment because I love the way you write so truthfully about your life. This was super enjoyable to read, Lauryn. Word!

  25. I have always wondered if it is possible to nurse a baby with implants. Can you do it or must they be removed? I am nursing my girl still and I always said to myself that I would wait to get implants until after having children but I never did enough research to know if you can have implants and still nurse. Now that I am done having babies, I am less interested in getting breasts because I think- lets spend the money on a wild vacation with just me and the hubby instead! hah.

  26. Thank you SO much for sharing!

    This procedure is something that has been on my mind on & off for years. I wear a C currently but as mentioned in the comments above, no upper boob and just want something fuller and sitting higher. I flip flop between being satisfied with what I have and having an idea of what I want. My only hesitation really comes down to the fear that it will turn out not looking or feeling natural. Do you have any tips, guidelines, or questions to ask of your surgeon to make sure things look & feel as natural as possible?

    Love everything on TSC!


  27. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve always wondered about this. Its so nice to hear a candid, full story from someone. Also MAJOR props to you for paying for them yourself and sticking to your choice.
    xx, Pia

  28. Basically I love you for being so real and down to earth. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait until post-kids to get mine done!!! xoxox

  29. Good for you for posting this! I am the complete opposite and seriously, seriously considered getting my boobs reduced my junior/senior year in college. I was about 30-40 pounds heavier and my boobs were big and floppy and I was just unhappy overall with the way they looked. And the way I looked honestly, and I thought getting my boobs done smaller would fix them. 30ish pounds later, they definitely have gone down, but once I have kids I will definitely get them reduced and lifted.

  30. Love this! I got my boob job @ 18 fresh out of high school. I had talked about implants since I was 15 so once I graduated, I told my mom and she said I needed to talk to at least 3 doctors before committing. Found my doctor and Tah-Dah! Lol, I have 315 CC’s and they have definitely settled and I majorly wish I went bigger…Like at least 400 CC’s.

    Awesome Post!!! Love it, and had awesome info for girlys looking to enhance!


  31. Thanks for sharing your story! I have been back and forth about getting a boob job for the last few years. I’m now 27 and still want one, and I’m starting to seriously consider going to different doctors for consultations.

    What are your thoughts on saline vs silicone today? Do you think surgery techniques have changed since you got them?

  32. I had my boobs done almost 4 years ago (from a 34 large B to a DD – I’m 5’10” with hips & a butt, so they look proportional) and love them! I’m actually looking into going bigger in the next few months 🙂 I also went under the muscle, but I went with silicone gel since it’s considered safe whereas the old silicone ones weren’t. In terms of recovery, I did a lift since my boobs got saggy through gaining/losing weight. That recovery is definitely more difficult since they cut much more into the breast to do the lift. I was pretty out of it on painkillers for 3 days, and worked from home for the 5 after that before I ventured out into the world again, but I never got depressed about it. Having my husband taking care of me really helped, as did eating a good number of fruits/veggies and staying away from sugar for the most part. One thing I’d recommend with a lift is to make sure the cuts on the breasts dry completely. I forgot about it, and since the skin was so wet the wounds didn’t heal very well or quickly, so I ended up with more scarring than necessary. The way to avoid this is to use a hair dryer on a low setting – I completely forgot about that tip as I was healing.

    I love that you wrote about this, Lauryn! When I was considering mine, I was 29, and I only knew one person who had gotten breast implants for fun (vs. after having their breasts removed after cancer.) I felt very alone and like I would be judged a lot, and it took a lot of heart-to-hearts with my husband to help me work through my concerns. Working through my concerns was good, but seeing the topic written about and discussed and experienced, by people who are not porn stars would have eliminated some of the concerns, and I’m sure will help others. For the record – many people tell me my boobs feel/look natural, but it does depend on whether you go above/below the muscle, how big they are, etc. And I agree that going bigger than you originally think is a good idea – hence I want to go bigger soon, I feel like it’s easier to play them down than up, and they’re just fun!

    As another “taboo” topic, I was thinking you could talk about anal sex. It goes right along with enemas!

  33. My boobs are so big I could stand to go down a couple cup sizes. “Normal” (aka bras you can buy in the store) bras don’t fit properly and they’ve caused back pain over the last few years. I think boobs/boob size is such a personal thing and size especially is a different preference for everyone. I’ve come to love and accept my roundness so thanks for sharing your experience so openly!

  34. I support anyone’s choice for augmentation but I think wide hips/big butt and a flat chest can be a good/eye-catching look and allow a woman to pull off some interesting fashion! (Think Iggy Azalea before breast implants)
    “If everyone looked the same we’d all get tired of looking at each other”
    My boobs have gotten bigger as I’ve gotten older and my weight is redistributing. It’s weird because I weigh the same and I don’t notice other body parts getting skinnier, maybe I’m losing muscle??
    Oh the Juicy track suit 🙂 A good thing to remind ourselves when we’re tempted to leap onto expensive trend-wagons.
    No one should be ashamed of having fake boobs!!! I feel bad for people with botched surgery too – trying to be attractive and beautiful to society is not a crime and people shouldn’t be mocked for it…

  35. Beautiful post. I’ve been looking forward to reading it since you mentioned it in passing whenever long ago. I think your breasts look very natural and if I ever get breast augmentation surgery, I’d want mine to look similar – so I may email you for that surgeon info. 😉 Once I’m done saving up. 😉

    Last thought, I can’t believe anyone would judge you for being about health and wellness and having breast implants – I don’t see how these things are mutually exclusive. Being a judgmental asshole who tells other people how to live, versus health and wellness – I think those things are more mutually exclusive. Wellness means a healthy, non-judgmental mind to me…

  36. This was one of my favorite posts! Could you elaborate more about what happens to the nipple and if there is a way NOT to end up with bigger ones? Is there a way to get smaller ones after implants? Also, this may sound dumb but is there a difference between breast implants and a breast lift? Thank you for being so honest!! That is why this is one of my fav blogs! <3

  37. I got my boob job when I was 18 and now that I’m 25 and more comfortable in my skin I regret it. I wish I had waited to make an important decision like that. I went from an AA to a small B so no one can tell I have had anything done..which I really like like. From the beginning even at 18 I knew I didn’t want to be. C or anything bigger. And I still feel that way.
    I have thought about taking them out one day…just worried I’ll have stretched skin with no fat tissue to actually look like breasts.

    But even with my regret — it does make swim suit shopping a lot easier! And since I have an athletic figure I look proportional. I also have better posture. (I would always subconsciously curve my spine to hide what I lacked).

    Anwayyyyyys thanks for sharing girl! I love when you talk about so called “taboo” subjects. Reading this post made me feel like we were girlfriends chatting over some wine in your living room about our stories 😉

  38. I got implants and hated them the day after I got them. I never felt like me….Eight years later I had them removed and had a lift and my nipples reduced in size. I love having my own breast tissue and they look and feel right for me. Everyone is different. Do lots of research and do it for you and no one else.

  39. Thanks for writing this. I really admire your honesty. I agree that having a boob job is in no way at odds with being healthy and caring for your body!

  40. I love this post! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to know whether or not having implants helps your boobs stay in place? Like do they still fall naturally or do they stay pretty perky on their own? I’m a C and id like to go bigger and also have my boobs be a little more up on my chest because mine are always kinda just chillin a little lower than where I think they should be and when I’m laying down they like to disappear to under my armpits! Does that happen to anyone else?! I’m like where did my boobs go? I hate it! So does getting implants help them stay put? And then I’d also like to know whether they do fill out up top of your boobs are a little more tear dropped? Thanks for sharing Lauryn 🙂 xoxo

    1. The procedure to have your boobs stay more up on your chest is called a lift. I got one almost 4 years ago, and it definitely keeps them from disappearing under your armpits when lying down! They have to make an incision all the way around & below your nipple though so it will be much more scarring than just implants. I felt like it was worth it, but it’s definitely something to consider.

      You can get implants without a lift, but if your boobs are saggy, they can look odd with the implants up higher, and your natural tissue lower, especially if you get the implants behind the muscle.

  41. My experience was a lot like your except I was older and it was a year after having a child. It was actually 10 years ago & they still look fine. I used to wear padded bras, so when I had the surgery most people had no idea I had work done. I also started off as a 34A and now I’m only 36B/34C. I have saline too. You’re right, your body determines how they turn out. I had one boob higher than the other & that’s still the case now. Post surgery was not that bad, but that’s considering I’d had a c-section the year before & even endured 2 surgeries from a major car accident 10 years prior. It’s a personal choice. You do need to do it for you and no one else. Actually my hubby was against it, but he loves them now.

  42. Unrelated to Boob Jobs although I totally appreciate the post since I’ve been contemplating it a lot. Can you do a post on how you built your following? I would love to gather some tips and tricks <3 Thank you!

  43. Yours look good, I didn’t even know they were implants! I hate the ones where you can see the bag. I’ve had huge boobs since I was twelve. If I ever have kids, I’ll probably end up getting a lift.

  44. I love your honesty. It takes a lot of guts to talk openly about something like this because you know so many people will disagree.
    Way to go! My dream is to be a C cup hahaaha.
    Maybe one day thanks to this post!

  45. This was an amazing post Lauryn! There is nothing ‘unhealthy’ about cosmetic enhancements or any other medical procedures/treatments in today’s day and age. I think your boobs look amazing and definitely agree with the ’18 year old lessons’ we all learn from making big decisions at such a young age. I have my fair share of those to say the least (and do not regret a since one!). Love your blog, as always. xoxo

  46. Thanks so much for sharing your story! I think your boobs look awesome and natural. A boob job in no way makes you a hypocrite on health! It’s all about a balance, just like you say. I also lol’d hard at this line: “I even invested in a brown Juicy Couture jumpsuit because it was comfortable & very chic at the moment. I don’t know why I’m sharing all these details, I just feel like they really set the scene of where I was in life.”

  47. I love and admire your realness. People are too afraid of saying half the stuff that we actually want and need help with.
    This is a great post and your attitude is refreshingly honest. SO thank you.
    Plus you look amazing so fair play.

  48. This is an incredible post as usual Lauryn! I wanted to offer a few thoughts since I have implants too. I went from a COMPLETELY flat chest to a 32C… I also went under the muscle, but with silicone implants (can’t remember the cc unfortunately). My father is a plastic surgeon and encouraged me to wait until I was over 21 to do it, so I did the same sort of thing and waitressed all through college and saved up the money on my own to do it. I met with three different surgeons before deciding on a friend of my dad’s (SO important to shop around and find someone who makes you VERY comfortable!). However, the surgery was BRUTAL for me. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through. I couldn’t move for 6 weeks, developed a muscle spasm in my neck and shoulders that I’m still coping with, and for months after it was still difficult for me to do anything with my upper body. I couldn’t drive or even open doors for 2 months. I had to have my mom stay home with me through the whole recovery because I couldn’t lift anything. All that said, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I LOVE mine! They look beautiful, feel super comfortable now, and make me so much more confident. I’m not sure if I struggled because I had no boobs to start out with, but it is definitely a possibility to have a hard surgery, so I just always encourage my (esp. smaller-chested) friends to prepare to possibly have to put your life on hold in a big way in case it’s a harder recovery. But I am pro-boob jobs 100%!

  49. Part of me really wants a boob job and the other part of me knows I’ll never do it.. I just can’t get over the surgery (biggest fear of LIFE,) the recovery, and the fact that there is something foreign in my body at all times. But people like you do it RIGHT and make it SOOOO hard to NOT do it :-P. Anther great post! Thanks for sharing. P.s.- I think we all want to see what Lauryn looks like in Maxim 😛 And gosh, I mean that in a TOTALLY non-creepy way! Hahaha

  50. I had mine done only 8 months ago, silicone, through the armpits and over the muscle. They look f’ing AMAZING and noone can tell just by looking at them. The only weird thing is that the left one sometimes feels uncomfortable – I must see the doctor to know if everything’s ok.

  51. Thanks for sharing this post Lauryn, I’ve been looking forward to reading it since you mentioned it a while ago!
    I was dying for a boob job since I was a teenager but never did it. I still think about it now but I was always worried that I’d be able to feel them inside, or that they would look like bolt ons! It’s good to hear that you didn’t experience this!

  52. Great article. Big boobs are not everything they are cracked up to be! I’m a natural born very full chested DDD cup. I would love to be a full C cup. The upper back pain that comes with large breasts and sagging is no joke. Along with the bra straps that dig into my shoulders. I can’t even wear cute sleeveless tanks or nice button down shirts without looking like crap. There really are a pain. 🙂

  53. Thanks for this post Lauren. I am glad you did not have any complications. As a Licensed Esthetician for 15 years (in San Diego) I see bad plastic surgery often. If you do another related post can you please talk about finding a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon? ???

  54. I got mine done at 21 and I am so so so glad I did!!! I saved and paid them off myself and seriously it was the best decision ever! I am so much more confident with my clothes and I feel like I just look more feminine. I got married in August of 2012 and got my boobs done in January 2014. It just made me feel so much better, I tell everyone if they’re thinking about it to just do it! I as well did saline just felt like it was the safer option and I did under the muscle, with incision under the boob- if you do this MAKE sure your putting scar cream on it! I did 300ccs as well and was a full A before. Now I’m roughly a full B small C. I do wish I would’ve gone a little bigger but I feel like maybe after kids maybe they’ll get a little bigger or if not, HEY! I’ll just get them re do in my 30s 🙂

  55. Loved this post! It was incredibly honest and raw so thank you! I had mine done but under the muscle and also did them quite young. Best decision I made for myself but I pulled a lot of similar things that you did of not telling anyone/parentals until I had to. The one thing about going under the muscle is that you can’t lift your arms up past your hips for 3 weeks and even then it’s not cute or easy. Also what people don’t tell you is to NOT look at them till the doc pulls of the bandages and says it’s ok.
    Thanks again for sharing your experience!


  56. Thanks for sharing! I follow you on Instagram and love your post! I am also interested in getting mine done and yours look great and is exactly what I want! I would love it if you would share the info of the doctor that did yours!

  57. Love this! I made the decision to get my augmentation a year ago for my 30th birthday after my once naturally perky c-cups (often mistaken for a boob job, even by a mamogram tech) deflated a bit after weight fluctuations in my 20s. I was a full B, but lacked the fullness at the top of the breast that I used to have. Together with my doctor, I decided to go with 325cc silicone to achieve my former full C look with as natural as possible feel. Like you mentioned, I freaked out and thought I went too big shortly after surgery, but once they settled, they were perfect.

    I didn’t have any nipple stretch, I was concerned about that, but my doc assured me not to worry – maybe it was him or maybe it was the fact that we were replacing boobs that were there before? Maybe both.

    The only thing I’d add is that girls considering should realize that you’re going for a visual cup size – though I look like my former C self, I actually wear a 32 DDD because augmented breasts are fuller at the top, unlike natural boobs. 🙂

  58. Loved reading this and your take on your boob job. I love to how you stress, it’s YOUR journey and for your readers to do themselves. I had a boob job almost 10 years ago after having 2 kids. I chose to do a lift (national geographic anyone?) with silicone implants under the muscle. They look great and super natural, but I think I went too big. Now as a Mom, I’m a little self conscious when my boys have their friends over to swim in the pool. I’m probably going to get them re-done in the next 2 years and go down a full cup size. Just something to consider 🙂

  59. Love this post and appreciate your honesty. I got my boobs done when a couple years ago at the age of 28…almost everyone had something to say like ‘why don’t you wait till after you have kids?’ Or ‘your older now does it really even matter?’ The answer is yes. I’ve always been physically active and a runner so I had quite a bit of pec muscles but my boobs looked like they were deflated! I tried gaing weight and birth control to make them a bit fuller but to no avail. I knew that I wanted a boob job. At the time I was 32B but without a bra I looked like I’d been breastfeeding for 10yrs…and no I don’t have any kids! Anyways I’m 5ft tall and petite and had the same trouble figuring out a size. My plastic surgeon (San Diego) was amazing! We settled on silicone at 300cc’s. Best decision I ever made. I felt so much more feminine instead of having manly pecs I had perky full boobs! I still run so it hasn’t changed my life style and most of the time people can’t tell. I’ve had A LOT of women/friends give me shit for it and argue against it but whatevs to each their own. I’m happy and confident and that’s all that matters. I did this for me. So to anyone out there that’s thinking about it my only advice is to make sure you do you!

  60. This is sho nuff my favorite post ever. My hubs promised me tits after I milked our children. Babies are out and I am researching. Imma need your San Diego doctor. oxoxoxoo

  61. So I had a boob job when I was 20 and had to pay for it myself too. However, fast forward 5 years and I’ve been going through what’s called capsular contracture where your boob basically moves upward due to the increasing of scar tissue on top of the implant. So now my 10-20 year investment has turned into a 5 year sunk cost, and if we’re being honest here, I absolutely hate how my boobs look. I went from being a 32A to a 32D or 30DD depending on the store. AND I AM PISSED. He used 275CC’s on each side and went under the muscle. I never wanted to be this big, I wanted to be a small but full C. First of all, my doctor doesn’t even practice anymore, huge red flag. Secondly, when my mom had hers redone from this same guy, he made her a size larger than she wanted. And since I was so tiny and tight in my chest my boobs look like bolt ons. They’ve never really settled! I’m so frustrated, especially now that next year, I’m going to have to go under the knife, have my contracture taken care of, have new implants put in, recover from that, and then deal with all the horrible side effects of going under the knife (hair loss, depression, etc). I can’t wear bikinis anymore because my left boob looks like it’s fresh from surgery while my right one is slowly joining it. Had my 20 year old self had more confidence and self awareness she would have waited until after she had children. I’m thoroughly concerned with not being able to breastfeed when I decide to have children since the incision was at the nipple. Oh and that’s nice that your doctor made such a small incision, the doctor I used basically cut the entire underhalf of my nipple. This wasn’t like a groupon doctor either, he was at the time, one of the best doctors in the city! I’ve already talked to another doctor and we’ve discussed doing a tear drop shape implant and using silicone, even though saline if it were to burst is safer for your body to absorb, for my tightness in my chest this would be the best route. And we’re going to go in from underneath the boob. It was funny when I was telling this new doctor all about my issues he almost looked in horror when he saw my breasts since the previous doctor obviously did such a bad job. ugh. over it. Hoping the next set are better than these! Thanks for sharing this info, I definitely think you need to include a section on “what happens when boob surgeries go wrong” you can use me as a case study. I have the most botched boobs. Oh and you can see the rippling of the implant when I flex my pectoral muscles.

  62. I have had my boobs done twice. The first time I did exactly what you said… I went small & conservative. Then when they settled, I felt they were too small. This was back when having huge faker looking boobs was the thing, though. So then I had them re-done, and went a little bigger. It was a mistake. Now I’m older, and I have children. And the “style” is to have smaller, natural looking boobs. Plus– the style of clothes has changed, and they have been making all the tops that loose fit. When you have large boobs & try to wear loose fitting tops, you look like a tent. Not cool. So I have actually regretted going bigger, big time. And now, I wish my boobs were smaller.

    My advice to women who want to get their boobs done– keep in mind that the middle road is always the safest. Then you can make them look bigger with a push up bra. But if you end up going too big & then regret it later, you’re screwed.

    For the record Lauryn, your boobs are perf and I never even thought for one second that you had a boob job. They look so natural. ? I wish mine looked like yours! 🙂

  63. Love this post! I had mine done when I was 19 (I’m 26 now and agree I was probably too young to make that decision). Up until this year, I always loved my implants and too always felt my double AA just didn’t make me “feel” like a woman. (But to reiterate your point, those were my personal feelings, so I am in no way saying that boobs or lack there of makes anyone more or less of a woman (plus I was like… 19, remember?)). But this year, it was my newish boyfriend (been about a year now) who made me question them when he started talking smack about plastic surgery (and to my utter disbelief, I realized he had no idea my boobs were fake despite “plenty” of exposure to them…big shout out to my doctor–hey oh!) I consulted friends (after he did it enough times to make me feel really insecure) and they all reassured me that he obviously only knew the “superficial, hollywood” stereotype of plastic surgery, and needed to be reminded that, aside from the fact that he didn’t even know mine were implants, he should not be so quick to judge people anyway! Plastic surgery is a personal journey, and, so as long as you’re doing it for yourself and not anyone else (and not over doing it), you should be confident of your decision. Thanks for this wonderful post!

  64. Thank you thank you for sharing this!! I read this post last month when I was considering getting my boobs done and now that I just booked my surgery for January, I went back and re-read this post. So many people I find out (later on) have gotten their boobs done, but are almost afraid to admit it. I love your honesty and I was so relieved to hear you have saline because that’s what I decided on too. Thank you again for inspiring others and for reassuring me with this post! xoxo

  65. Hello,

    I was curious if you’ve had any complications or symptoms since having your boob job? Some women say that they get really sick and eventually have to get them taken out. Have you experienced any changes in your health since getting the surgery done?

  66. Lauryn! I’m 17 and I’ve just finally decided after many years of trying not to think about my itty bitty titties, that once I turn 18, I’m going to get a boob job. I’m just wondering what paper work I’ll need (I’m probs not gonna tell my parents) and how much is enough money to have in the bank when the time comes?

  67. I just wanted to send a message to all the women on here and all women considering breast implants.

    This blog is great but this does need to be shared.

    I grew up with a twin sister however we are non-identical. My sister had DD boobs with an athletic figure while I had A small A cup. I was always envious and considered having breast surgery as I have a very athletic body. I studied a bachelor science degree in marine sciences and zoology and after that studied a remedial massage therapy course. I am very passionate about health and about researching all theories, case studies and published data.

    I want to tell you I researched for a long time on forums to read real people’s stories as much as researching the published medical data. I want you to all be aware of doing this while removing yourself from your ego desires. When you can read and analyse you will start to weigh up whether getting a breast implant is worth it or not.

    There is a lot of evidence now coming forward Showing the long term health risks of both saline and silicon implants. Women with strong immunity may not see the effects of this type of surgery for a very long time while others will see it very soon.! Being a massage therapist I rely on my hands and arms and there are a lot of case studies now showing women with breast implants unable to raise their hands, hold their babies or pick up a pen as they have arthritic bones from the toxic build up of these foreign objects in the breast. Autoimmune diseases are now becoming highly prevalent in women with boob jobs and there is double the risk for breast, instestinal and lung cancers. In addition many women get toxic repercussions from these implants especially with silicone leaching into the body with evidence of hair Strand analysis showing silicone toxicity in the blood and organs. In addition saline Breasts garb their issues with bacteria and fungi found living inside the saline implant and leeching out into the chest cavity causing immune diseases and candida overgrowth.

    Please research for yoruselves. I have good friends who are doing well with their implants while others are in and out of hospital with unknown autoimmune diseases. as much as this is not the case for every implant, we do not know the very long term implications of breast implants And I fear this billion dollar indistry is killing our women and poisoning our babies through breast feeding. Please always question and research, try to be critical with all accounts and then make an educated decision for yourself. I am glad I didn’t get implants as I could not handle the worry after all the research and evidence I found that it would affect my health and I wanted to also help women to love their bodies for what they are. I know I have no problem meeting good beautiful men who have loved my curved booty, big smile and small boobs. They tell me they love my confidence and I believe this is huge in your life. Be confident with or without implants.

    Big Love and light

  68. Thanks for sharing this! I am from the other camp where I am athletic and small waisted but have a full DDD cup. I used to hate them but over time have come to appreciate them even though they make me look chunkier than I am. I have been considering having them removed and implants put in (in part due to potential health concerns) and appreciated your insights!

  69. I had a BA and lift after children. I went from a B to a DD and I hate them. I feel so big, so fat and like everyone notices them. I wanted to be the woman that no one really knew. My plastic surgeon said he would make me a full C, which was perfect. Now when I say they are too big he says he had to go that big, which is 325cc and 370cc in the other. They look amazing, which is the sad part because after a year, I still can not accept my body. I’m so shy about attention and now I spend my days hiding them or trying, which makes me look like a fat slob because nothing fits.

    Which leads me to the question of, how do you make clothes work with breast? Every cut or shape that looked good before is not nice now. I just don’t know how to dress without being all here are my boobs.

    Next month will be a year and I have been trying so hard to accept them but ultimately find myself depressed and in hiding. 🙁

  70. hi Lauryn,

    I’m going to do a boobjob to, I’m looking for a good surgeon for a real long time now. Can you give me the name of your surgeon, cause yours look really good!


  71. Loved the article! Getting mine done on Thursday!! Eeek! Wondering if you could share where you got the pink bikini in the pic, I love it!!

  72. Thanks for sharing! I just had mine done and am laying awake at 4:30am the 2nd night thinking “what have I done?!” because they hurt so bad!!! First day wasn’t so bad and now BOY am I feeling it. This definitely helped calm my nerves because you described everything I am currently going through…including “oh no I went too big” and “maybe I should just have them taken out!”. Looking forward to seeing the end result though 🙂 thanks again!!

  73. Hello LAURYN, Thank you for writing you own thought and words.
    Each and every woman deserves to be and feel feminine all the time, and for many women the shape and size of their breasts can make them feel that they lost their femininity. Having breasts that are not in perfect harmony to their figure can also alter self-esteem. Thanks again keep sharing

  74. Thank you for your story! It is so inspiring to hear your honesty and your experience. I too just had augmentation and I couldn’t be happier.

  75. Hi lauryn! I was wondering what shape you got for the implant did you do teardrop? Btw my mom got the same type you did and she hasn’t gotten hers redone and it’s been over 20 years!

    1. I believe so. I didn’t ask for a shape, he just did what looked best on my body!!

      Love that your mom didn’t have to get her’s done for 20 years!

  76. Color me blonde, but I don’t see the button to e-mail you! What was the name of your doctor?? I had my baby four months ago and it’s time to start researching for some serious boob help!

  77. I’m 33 mother of 3 and I just got mine done around month and half ago. I was a small C but after having kids, my boobs were little saggy. It’s really hard to lay flat on my back. As time goes on…will the implants feel more normal? I’m not use to them yet and I feel like I may have went too big but I’m hoping things will settle down. Do they feel soft like a normal breast in time? Mine have dropped little, but they still feel like balloons when you touch them. Last question….Mine are also under the muscle, will my upper area stay high or will the go down?

  78. Hi Lauryn,
    Great write up – I think you really covered everything here that there is to cover and im sure these girls will appreciate it- especially if they have a million questions like I did pre op..
    I recently had my tatas done and I couldn’t be happier. Unlike you, I waited till I was 21, 25 ok fine 27 to get them done.. It wasn’t a delayed decision because I was unsure about it in terms of whether I wanted/needed them or not (I definitely needed them- hello bee stings!), but i was waiting for my own to grow (they never did) and also prioritising my funds – it was important for me to get the travelling out of the system before I splurged on this long term investment.
    I really appreciated reading that you did the op for YOU and no one else. I think a lot of girls today feel like they have this girly societal expectation to uphold and think body image is everything. Ladies – theres soooo much more to this thing we call life so if this is something you are doing make sure you do it for the right reasons- that right reason being YOU! Well done Lauryn, so wise at 18!

    I wanted to touch on one thing if any one is wondering at all….
    When I had my initial consultation and in the process of choosing my surgeon, it was really important for me to know that my surgeon understood my concerns of breast cancer. My darling mother was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 so having my boobs done was something very close to my heart (literally) and hers. As women we are all taught to monitor our breasts, massage them regularly and feel for lumps, so I was worried that with implants I wouldn’t be able to feel for this. I decided to go with a surgeon who specialised in Breast Oncology so he understood my concerns completely and of course, was able to make my breast look as natural as possible (given he constructs them from scratch most of the time). The good news is ladies, implants or not, doctors are able to monitor your breast exactly the same, so don’t be afraid to have them squished down in the boob machine – they wont burst!.

    For those of you considering a breast augmentation, really consider your choices when it comes to surgeons, reputation of the clinic and don’t just go with old mate mr chow in Thailand because he offers the best price and you get to stay in a nice bungalow to recover. Go with a reputable clinic and doctor, read about their qualifications and stay in a nice private hospital – ITS TOALLY WORTH THE EXTRA COIN!

    Good Luck ladies!!! enjoy them tatas! x

  79. A breast lift restores a firmer, perkier, and more aesthetically pleasing shape to sagging breasts. This not only can improve a patient’s appearance by restoring her youthful, feminine proportions, but also help bras and swimsuits fit more comfortably and attractively.

  80. My mom got best inplants yearrs ago, and I think they look great! I don’t have trouble in that department, but I’m all for a boob job if you want one. In fact, I decided a long time ago that when I got older, and my boobs ever got too saggy I would DEF be all for it! Back to my mom, after 10 years her bear implants both popped, and she had to get them removed, and redone! She doesn’t even know when it happened.

  81. Increase in breast size is possible by means of implants. It is essentially a day care procedure and you can go home the same day. Breast augmentation is suitable for women who perceive their breasts as being too small, either because they have never had full development of breast tissue, or as a result of the loss of breast tissue that sometimes occurs after pregnancy and breast-feeding.

  82. I feel like I could’ve written this post. This is all me to a T! I had a similar experience and feel the same way. Sometimes I question having this foreign object in me because I’m so health-conscience these days. I worry a little about being able to breastfeed later b/c my incision is in the same place.

  83. I had undergone my breast augmentation procedure from a clinic in Barrie. My breasts were saggy after delivery of two daughters and breastfeeding. I tried a lot of exercises to tighten up my boobs, but none of them worked. A friend of mine has also done breast augmentation procedure ( ). She insisted me to do the procedure after I discussed my problem with her. I had it done after my daughter stopped breastfeeding. I am happy with the result. There were no side effects, and I needed to take rest for only a week.

  84. Even though I’m finding this article a year later it is relieving beyond measure to be able to finally relate to a boob job article. I haven’t had a boob job, though you could ask my family how many times I asked for silicone bra inserts for Christmas (14 and naive – poor family). I finally bought some of my own and use them for big events like Vegas, or nights out in Hollywood.. Though I’ve began to maintain and love my 28 r old, 5’10 height, Barely B boob, slender figure. But even as I found a new love in not having [big] boobs and rarely a bra, I still want them. I’ve been thinking about them more as I feel the same way as you, not big, but volume and playful, able to be up or down, just like I do now.

    I am commenting to thank you for being honest, relatable as always, and glad I found an someone who was happy with 250/300 cc. It’s a permanent decision hence the waiting. But now I’m also financially stable enough to handle the 5k cost (at least quicker than 4 years) 😉


  85. I was 21 when I moved to California. My first week in this vanity prone state led me to meet an older woman that was 43. She was and is still so beautiful. I have often told her that she was not born into this world, she was sculpted by a God with magic ways because of her divine body. One issue arose as soon as we became lovers, She was so self-conscience of her breasts and how they looked.
    We agreed on an an augmentation asap, The boost of spirit and confidence in her, increased my lust immeasurably.She not only started to climax fully, more frequently and in succession, but had ejaculations as well.. I would not hesitate to recommend and contribute to anything that was such an esteem booster. Wisely she requested the largest filling possible, If you there, get ’em as big as you can,WE DID – I am a lucky man,

  86. Thank you so much… I’m right after my operation and I fell exectly how you felt. How long did it take you to love your boobs again?

  87. I’m like you, I’ve wanted a boob job for years. I was thinking about it well beyond what would probably be considered normal or healthy. Had I been single and able to save my money and only focus on me, I probably would already gone under the knife. I realize I’m weighing in late but I’m curious if you researched or had any issues with sensation loss in your nipples. My issue with this might be partly obvious but the other thing is because and I don’t mind informing people of new subjects, is for the longest time I suffered (I say suffer because I was/am self conscious about) from flat nipples. I breast fed my son which helped draw them out a little. After doing research, trying a product or two out, and waiting for something new to come along, as it’s still not talked about enough despite more women experiencing this than what you might believe when first hearing about it (just like bacterial vaginosis but that’s a completely different topic) I finally found a product that actually worked not just temporary but long term. I still use them and because I am bad about routine I could not say whether repeated use would permanently fix all issues, I can say that even when I go days without using them I feel much better about the erection of my nipples now. There is a point to this, I promise. With more erectness, came more sensitivity and actual response to touch and intimacy. I’ve always had it in my mind that erect nipples are sexy, not simply because that’s what I’ve been taught and believe that’s the only way it should be but I truly find them sexy on other women myself. I should be able to comment on that, sometimes I think I may be more attracted to women than men lol. Anyhow, I would prefer, as I expect within the end of next year to have a breast augmentation that the surgeon go through the nipple, but with my newish founded erection has come new sensitivity and I don’t want to lose that! Did you have any noticeable change in your nipples sensatvity.m? Obviously something I will discuss with doc but was curious on your personal experience as I loved your post on this. Sorry if someone already asked.

  88. Very nice post, Thanks for the Tips. I had been planning about breast augmentation since realizing I wasn’t going to grow any as a teenager. It’s nice to read blog posts like this. It’s very informative and aids in my decision planning on whether to have or not to have a breast augmentation surgery.

  89. Hi, I’m seriously considering getting a boob job (been wanting one for years) My main concern is how long it actually takes to recover. When will I be able to be up and about doing regular life, and then when will I be able to workout?

  90. This is such a useful information for people to get more clear views regarding boob style. Also breast implants is an easy way to make breast more perfect with the body shape.

  91. Hi I’m new to your blog and love love love it. I was actually doing research for breast augmentation and your blog popped up. I’m pretty nervous doing it since I’ll have enough funds by the end of the year. My concern is how can you decide on sizes etc? I’m pretty oddly shaped myself I have to have a larger strap bra size but my breasts are a 38b and I can hardly fit the bras that are made since have a wide chest. Will the doctor give you an idea what size would fit? I’m nervous but I really really want this. Especially having two boys and breast fed both of them. So you can definitely say wet tube socks… Sorry little joke there. Well hope to hear from everyone soon.

  92. So I really want mine done too but I’m worried whether I’ll lose feeling in them when I get them done because I have tiny boobs however I don’t want to go crazy with the size I just want maybe a cup and half size bigger but that’s literally my main concern is wheter my nipples and my boobs will lose feeling.

  93. I have just recovered from breast cancer and considering having a breast reconstruction surgery in the coming months. A doctor I consulted before was furious and was not able to answer to my entire question. I have just got answers to all of my remaining questions. Thanks!

  94. Thanks for the realness of your post! I’m going under the knife for a breast aug in January and i’m super excited. Anxious but excited ha. Bring it on!!

  95. Did you lose sensitivity in your nipples? I mean, being such an erogenous part of the body with the procedure did it affect the nipple in any way?

    1. Lauryn, we’ve all been duped by the implant industry! Please check out Breast Implant Illness (BII) is explained. Our companion fb group (a closed group) has 10,500 members with approximately 1,000 – yes, 1,000 women joining every month! Haven’t you read Chrystal Hefner’s (Hugh Hefner’s 30 something wife) account of how sick she got from her implants? Women are finally realizing that their thyroid, endocrine, “auto-immune” diseases, heart problems, lung problems are all symptoms from the toxic silicone bags! One plastic surgeon in Cleveland (who did several celebrities explants) is only doing explants and she is booked up 6 months in advance! You owe it to yourself and all of the young women you’re reaching to know (and spread) the real story.

    2. Thanks for posting this! Women need to be warned!

  96. I just got mine done this morning and I did gummy bear implants under the muscle and was wondering how long it takes to not be in pain?

  97. I love this post, too real. Hits home to me, the moment I came home after my boob job I wanted them out they felt TOO big, (I went from an A to 300 CC). fast forward three years post baby…. I should have waited until after a baby because STRETCHHHHH. From an A to a DDD(breast milk). Love to get the surgeons deets. My surgeon told me pre surgery he would give me great cleavage…and after surgery he told me he wasn’t able to because of the structure of my chest. It’s important for others to know that your boobs will still “look” the same just bigger.

  98. I’m a 36 B and was always fine with my breasts but my husband who is my high school sweet heart has become very comfortable telling me he wants me to get implants because that’s what he likes and we argue about it constantly. Should I consider getting breast implants?

    1. There is nothing wrong with getting a boob job, just make sure that you are getting it for you. If you are fine with your boobs that is all that matters. How would he respond if you asked him to have a penis enlargement surgery? Would he do it? I think you should only get implants if you want to , but it sounds like you don’t since you are fine with them. The size of your breasts should not be a factor when it comes to love. He should love you no matter what size your boobs are. Maybe you and your husband stay together forever, but maybe you don’t. Now you have some Big Ol Tits that you never really wanted in the first place.

  99. Thank you for your honest blog! I’ve just gone through my boob journey. And I have to say, recovery really isn’t as bad as you’d think. I am clockwork with my meds. I am not playing with that. But, things I’d like to voice along with your blog..THE DEPRESSION. I don’t hate them, not at all. My depression isn’t even thoughts of them. I’ve just been sooo depressed the last few days. So what I say about that- talk to people. Let them know. Don’t suffer quietly. The support around you is shocking.

    The other thing. SIZE. omg I am depressed about my sizing choice. I knew to go bigger than what I thought I’d want. So I liked like 350/375 so I went with 400. And I was so nervous previously that that would be so large. Nope. I really wish I had actually gone larger still. 25/50cc really isn’t a lot.
    This last one is just a side thought- even after you’ve saved enough and you’ve gone through and gotten your boobs. Keep saving. Keep that special savings account for if/when you need or what to redo.

  100. Where did you go to get them done? They look super natural!!! What surgeon?

    1. Excellent blog post doll! I did my boob job recently (I am 27) I found it quite hard finding a bra after my breast augmentation that fits my slender curvy petite physique with very large breast cup size F to G! I had a look at all of these brands doing DD+ bras such as curvy kate, freya, panache but the fit was not quite right for my proportions.
      I would love you guys to share some of your experience, and tips with me, if you would like to 🙂 Feel free to DM me :

  101. This is very interesting blog .It was the best for me actually for the problem too I was having. I was really being depressed over a week for sure haha but I am completely fine later This is amazing You have written very proudly and its really like Omg! you are great . Proud of you 🙂

  102. Exercise are the best way to make your breast size and shape fit according to your body. There are lot of natural ways through which women can easily control their sagging breast problem but the more effective process for them is breast augmentation which make them shape their breast according to their choice.

  103. Thank you so much for talking about this. I found a really negative site the other night about fake breasts and it had me feeling pretty bad about myself and about the reasons I wanted to get implants until I read your post. It made me realize some things, and I am just really appreciative that you are so open and honest and shared all of that! Thank you!

  104. My landlord’s wife had implants when she was young. Now she has four breasts, the two fake ones, and her natural ones down below here they naturally fall after menopause. I felt embarrassed to see that. She and her husband are very affectionate with each other. I suspect, or maybe they mentioned they have a healthy sex life. I wondered which of her breasts he touches when affectionate, since there are two above and two below.

  105. Thank you for writing this! I’m 18 and planning on getting a boob job before college. I’ve been doing research to decide on the sizing I want, and it is rare to find an article that actually had something positive to say about ladies my age receiving breast implants. Honestly, I was almost swayed away from surgery. I am a confident, healthy person, and I want implants entirely for my own happiness and femininity, and you reminded me that it is entirely OK! I’m sure many other girls feel the same. We don’t need people raining on our parade just because we are young and want breasts. You’re awesome Lauryn!

  106. Hi, I came across this during my most recent obsession with checking out before and after pictures for breast augmentations. I’m 40, a mother of 2, and have always been embarrassed of my breasts. Left is much smaller than right, and the shape just isn’t great. I’ve considered getting implants for many years, and have my 4th consultation tomorrow. I don’t know why I have hesitated all these times, mostly I think fear of the unknown, having to take time off work(I’m a fitness instructor), and wanting to stay true to my “healthy lifestyle” and being a good role model for my 12 year old daughter.
    Thank you for addressing the topic. I appreciate the info

  107. Lauryn, such a great post. I’ve come back to it again and again as I think through my own breast implant decision. You got them young, far off from childbearing. I’m much closer to that phase of my life (must happen in the next 1 – 3 years) so it’s hard for me to decide when to do the procedure.

    So appreciate how much you share with us. Your style of expressing your experiences is fantastic and inspiring.



  108. Thanks for posting this. I have been thinking about getting a boob job for some time, but I have had some surgery fears. Also worrying about what other people think about boob jobs. It is refreshing to see someone own it. It is nothing to be ashamed of and this post made me feel better about my decision to get one. I feel like I would feel more womanly if my boobs were a bit more voluptuous. Thanks for posting..

  109. Hi,
    Thanks for doing the blog!
    So you talked about how they feel if someone touches them, but I want to know how they feel actually inside your body?! Does it feel likes there is something in there, or once you get used to the weight can you not feel them at all?! I hope to get some help from this question – Im pretty close to getting a breast augmentation, but my mum it giving a lot of weird questions which I’m trying to answer so she will be supportive! And she wants to now how it will feel once they are inside.
    Thanks so much 🙂

  110. Hi!
    I am currently looking for a surgeon in California. Would love to check out yours, if you could get me in contact with him that would be amazing! Awesome post btw, thank you <3
    My email is

  111. I think anyone interested in getting implants should google the health issues related to them. Saline implants have a silicone shell and doctors don’t tell you that. They also don’t tell you about the autoimmune issues they can cause. It’s a hush hush world in the land of plastic surgery because implants are their money maker. Google Dr. Lu-Jean Feng and Dr. Chun and Dr. Barnett as they are all specialists removing implants every damn day in order to restore the health in women. Go to FB and search Breast Implant Illness….that will be an eye opener for you! Also, ten years is the time frame for replacement….are you really going to do that? You even questioned yourself if you would do it all over again…because deep down inside, I don’t think you would.

  112. Implants are horrible and are robbing women of their health. I agree with Beth, look up implant illness and you will kick yourself for even considering implants!

  113. Haven’t any of you ever heard of Breast Implant Illness????!!!!! Look it up!

  114. Hi!
    I had a boob job a few months ago at 19, I went from not even a 32A to a 32C which was kinda crazy seeing that I’m very petite and at the time completely flat chested. I too wanted a boob job at 15 so started saving, however my parents had to chip in a little bit. I was as confident as ever after the surgery, but now I’m worried that I look too fake. Maybe people are just getting to me now after hearing all the talk about me getting a boob job, even though I deny it. Should I even do that? I overthink about them during sex now (sorry if that’s tmi) worrying that they probably feel weird/fake since I’m tiny, like I had no fat on me so all they can probably feel is the implant… Any advice on how I could boost my confidence, not stress about this as much, or just advice in general would help!

  115. After Breast Augmentation you must do the following

    (1) Only if instructed by your doctor, remove bra, bandages, and take a full shower on a daily basis.
    (2 )Do not take a bath, sauna, or Jacuzzi.
    (3) After shower, dry the special tape over your incisions with a blow dryer.
    (4) Do not apply body lotion after breast implants.
    (5) Wear surgical bra with no underwire and no tight bands, and loose cloths.
    If you have ace bandages as part of your dressing, replace them after wearing your bra.

  116. Fakies never feel real but over the years they are looking more natural if tehre are no complications. plus all we see are fakies nowadays

  117. I had my boob job just over a year ago, and like you, it is something i have wanted since i was 14/15 years old. My mum is a bigger busted woman and all my life up until that point i expected it to be something that would come naturally – oh how wrong i was!!!! So i made the decision way back then that I was going to get a boob job when i was old enough. Sit took me 10 years to go under the knife after that point. I had my daughter at 20, my partner was against it (he loved me just how i was and was worried about the impact they would have on my health, plus he didnt know anyone else that had had a BA), but i really wanted one, like really Really wanted boobs! So in about april 2016 he got on board, his sister had had hers done the previous october, she was alive and so so happy, so his fear dissapated and he offered his support. That made a huge difference, so together we saved and i had my surgery august 2017. Best decision ever!!! I finally feel like the me i was meant to be. My body feels more balanced and i honestly have to remind myself that iv had them done ?

  118. Wow that a big result. I gonna get my first implant soon! Cannot wait for it 🙂 It will be done by Dr Martin Huang

  119. This was so inspiring! Thank you for sharing! It is so amazing when women share their experiences, it speaks so much! I am so blessed and thrilled that I got mine done as well! It was a journey, but I am the happiest I have ever been, and it was by far the best decision I have ever made! I got my breast augmentation done in Seattle, but the kindest and most skilled plastic surgeon in Seattle! His name is Dr. Javad Sajan and he is incredible. Without him I wouldn’t be the woman I am now, and he played a huge part in my journey. I highly advise looking at his website or watching his live surgeries on snapchat or Instagram @realdrseattle if you are interested in getting a breast augmentation. Check him out, because I am so grateful that someone told me to!:)

  120. Thank you for sharing your journey! I hope you don’t mind me asking, I was wondering if the implants are teardrop or round?

  121. Your story is really inspiring. I have also undergo breast enlargement, bu it was to expensive for me in the UK. I was looking for something cheaper abroad.
    Finally decided to go with Beauty Poland I did my boob job this year and I am really satisfied. Your story was kind of inspiration, it was worth doing.

  122. In general, breast augmentation does not affect your ability to nurse your baby. In most procedures, all of the natural breast tissue is kept in front of the implant

  123. Thanks for sharing! I’m going in for a consultation soon and I find myself deliberating between what size I want. Your’s look like super great natural boobs!! What bra size did you end up with? Also, I have a bunch of xs triangl swim suits! What size top did you switch to after your surgery!? I’m only a 32 band size so I’m worried that a bigger cup will fit but the band might be too lose!

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  125. Very good personal story about a boobjob. Personally I was to afraid for a surgery so I use a breast augmentation cream The results were not very fast because it took me 6 months to get my desired breast size.

  126. Thanks for sharing. I’m reading a bunch of personal stories and sharing with my girlfriend who is dead set on getting her implants done by a cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles and any perspective helps!

  127. Great reading. I like reading plastic surgery experience of other people, i always find something interesting there. I had bob job 2 years ago and after few months of searching and hesitating i traveled abroad. Did have few skype consultations before i ended up at Forme clinic. Surprisingly all the staff spoke English so no language barrier because that what i was scared of. I had my breast enlarged just in one size that i was happy with and yeah i love them.

  128. Good post. So my girlfriend of 2 years has saline breast implants placed just as you did a few years before we met. She was a 34C cup and went to a 34DD. I’ve been with women who have implants prior to her which were so obviously different to feel and I think it was 4-5 months in before I found out she had implants! So natural, yet so amazing to feel. The only thing that tipped me off a little was her side profile. Just incredible how they didn’t sag down as she is now 40 years old, but does a lot of cheat workouts. There’s just the right amount of drop if u know what I mean. I am hearing now how the new silicone ones look even better, but I can’t see that possible as her saline ones are absolutely perfect. You are right however, do this for yourself, not for any man or anything else other than for you. She is drop dead georgeous with a heart of gold that just lights up every room she walks in, so that took a little getting used to with her. One, her always being the “main attraction” at events we go to other than me, and two, dealing with the stares from guys and lesbians fantasizing about her. I struggled at first because this was something I wasn’t used to, but I just had to realize that SHE CHOSE ME. She could have picked a richer man, a more attractive/endowed man, or a younger man, but she wants me. So I had to say to myself “Michael: don’t question this and enjoy every moment of the journey you are on”. So that is exactly what I’ve been doing and I am more in love and happier than I’ve been in all my 40 years.

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  130. That is awesome you are willing to share your experience with your breast augmentation surgery. Sometimes cosmetic procedures like these are shed in a negative light. Very informative and detailed write up. It sounds and looks like your results went very well! I’m glad that you had your positive journey.

  131. Thanks for sharing your experience and shedding a positive light for those looking into undergoing a boob job. Our practice offers the best plastic surgery Tampa has to offer. Your post op pics look great!

  132. Thanks for sharing your experience, check out how I increased my bra size-

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  134. Appreciate your realness. You look so perfect. And I completely agree with your opinion regarding breast implant. Many women feel bad after surgery, but it takes time to heal and after a time the results would be fab. After seeing you I got faith to go for surgery.

  135. I’m 41 years old and I had “a little work done” on mine last year. I didn’t necessarily want to go bigger, but just to give them shape and definition and to correct a slight imperfection. And like you, I can play them up or play them down. For example, no one at work knows I’ve had work done because I have to dress rather conservatively. But I like the way they look when I’m wearing a bikini.

  136. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m nobody special but your really inspirational!

  137. Great!! I was so insecure of my breasts until I found the link below sent by a friend of mine!! I did some investigation and finally got the breasts that I wished for my entire life!

  138. this post is really nice and interesting.. i’m eagerly waiting such a blog like this. really enjoyed the blog. thanks for sharing this with all

  139. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing your Story, in such a real way. I made an Appointment for my breast but in constant doubt between the size. I have 34B now, So a small B. I Can have 280cc or 320 cc, anatomic shaped So no housewives breasts! I want them to look as Naturally as possible.. What do you think? I read So much about going bigger because you feel they’re too small once you’re out of surgery. But I’m a size 34 and weigh 52kg So I dont know if 320cc would be to big! Any advise?

    Thank you So much!

  140. This was one of the most interesting and at the same time hilarious blog posts I’ve ever read. You are very honest and straightforward with your thoughts and comments and it makes me love your writing style. Keep it up, Lauryn, you are a great author 🙂

  141. Hi, I suffered from breast implant illness five years after my silicone implants. I didn’t put two and two together and lived another five years in h3ll… eczema, weight gain, insomnia, nausea, inflammation, joint pain, CONSTANT fatigue.

    I hope you aren’t suffering from any of these effects. Silicone is a foreign object and the body rejects it. Best thing I’ve evrr done – I’ve never felt better. Be safe!

  142. I really want a boob job but I’m nervous that it will have complications and ruin my chances of breast feeding. I’m 27 and I don’t plan on having kids over the next 3 years (at least) but I want boobs. Did you have any complications?

  143. After breastfeeding I considered having plastic surgery just to get my breasts looking young again. I am an a cup but went to a c cup while I was pregnant and back to an a which stretched my breasts a lot and boobpop enhancement serum helps more than exercise ever did. I haven’t finished the bottle yet but I noticed results within the first week. I have been using it for two weeks once in the morning and once at night.

  144. My name is jessica and I’m a transgender woman who is going to be getting breadt augmentation in a few months. My question would be how big is too big if you’re 5’9″ and 138 pounds?

  145. Why do you think they will need replaced once you have kids?? I’ve been so convinced for so long that I want this procedure, but the cost is painful. I keep justifying it by saying “it’s one fee for a lifetime!” But what if that’s not the case? Can you shed some light

  146. Thank for this! I’m considering getting one because my boobs are uneven and different two years after having my daughter. It’s weird to say that boobs make us feel confident and womanly, but it’s so true. I want to be able to wear a bikini without worrying about my boobs. My only problem is I’m having trouble finding a good surgeon, because I hear so many horror stories. If you could help with that, that would be amazing.

  147. I feel your story in how you felt was the same as mine! So I am 3 weeks post surgery today and my question for you is, how long until you can wear a tight shirt that kind of squished them together? They don’t feel as tight like the first week but When will I be able to wart a tight shirt and pushing them together and it not hurt?

    1. i would consult your doctor! it definitely depends person to perspn 🙂

  148. Congrats for aligning your energies & focus in going after what you wanted.
    As (much older) male w/too much experience(s ), I’ve noted “how to” tell the difference between augmented & real.
    Girl’s w/tune-ups are maximizing cleavage (awaiting usual male falldown) response of staring at the product.
    Also the insecurity level ramps up postoperative.
    Btw girl’s w/augmented breast are 3x more likely to go suicide. Dark energy unfolds, perhap a causation in the increaing number of female adult performers suicides.
    All The Best in Your Journey….and may your results exceed your dreams.

  149. I’ve breastfed two babies in two years, my breast size is fine but wanted fullness and firmness on top where they have lost some volume. It feels silly to say I felt a difference after a couple of uses of boobpop serum. It dries much quicker than I thought it would and is easy to include in the morning and night routine. The husband hasn’t said anything about smell or feel. I don’t even think he knows I’m using it. However, he did say he noticed I seemed fuller and bought me a couple of new bras. Love it!

  150. Please read the following with kindness.
    Invest 4 years of savings in your education. Boobs should not be a goal in anyone’s life. Get out of yourself. Getting a surgery on yours dad’s b-day was selfish. Getting it without telling them in advance too. You could have died. All surgeries have potencial complications. If you die the doctor legally would be safe but your parents would have a dead daughter. It is very inmature to think ( and still say) that you could do it because you were 18 and had the money. To be 18 years old don’t make you an adult person instantly. Live a true life. Not a life ruled by a mirror. I wish you the best.
    P.S. your parents are amazing parents.

  151. I’ve gone back and forth for like a million years over this. I’m 25 and I basically have a B cup at best. I’m tiny and I actually don’t want huge boobs. I hate the way huge boobs look. However, my boobs have zero roundness to them. They are so perky that God forbid I don’t have a bra on, I’ve pitched two perfectly rain-resistant tents, and that’s just not ideal. I want some natural looking side boob. I also want like five kids. So, do I wait? What do I do? Do they make tiny implants to weigh the bottom down creating more rounded shapes? Are portable glass cutters becoming cool? Should I not do it? HELP!

  152. So I am not a tiny girl I am 5’2 and 130 lbs. My boobs are a 34 DDD according to VS however it is damn near impossible to find lingerie that fits. Any suggestions??

  153. I wear a 30H (no breast implants here). It runs in the family on both sides. Everyone who doesn’t know me assumes that I have breast implants. In a bikini or when I show cleavage, you can tell they’re not implants. I can ALWAYS tell when a woman has implants. Not having them replaced every 10 years is STUPID. Why wait until there’s a problem?

  154. Hey girl! I totally just discovered you and I’m in love! Ty so much for the honesty! It was just what I needed. My story is. . I’ve saved alk my money! I’m 40 and done with my kiddos! I’ve never been more than 90lbs and NEVER had bigger than an a cup! I’m really ready to you know “feel like a woman”! But I’m not gonna lie I’ve read some stuff that scares me! I want saline! Just like you but I’ve read some women hear “sloshing” (oh Fuck no!) And that rippling can accure more w/saline. Can you tell me your experience? Thanks a ton doll! And keep on doing! I think it’s really cool and super informative!

  155. Thanks for sharing your experience, such an inspiration for those who did it too but doesn’t have the the courage to tell. Because they are afraid to be judge.

  156. And that is the nose I have now, lol. Getting a nose job was easily one of the best decisions. It made me feel so much more confident about myself, and I don’t find anything wrong with someone doing something for THEMSELVES to make them feel confident. I know some of you may not get this, and that’s fine, but I have never looked back. (

    1. So happy to hear that your confidence is up! Such a stigma sometimes :/

  157. I had mine find at 47 yrs and I opted for the “twilight” “AWAKE” procedure. DON NOT RECOMMEND. ITS THE MOST TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! And not super happy with results. Guess what I had in my mind and what they actually look like 2 years later lane what I thought. Would I do again. Yes for sure. Just completely out and bigger and a lift.

  158. Your story was interesting and I enjoyed reading it. I love huge fake boobs (like Wendy Whopper’s and Kayla Kleevage). I don’t know why. Maybe I wasn’t breast fed long enough (mama mama). Greatest inventions ever were breast implants and pleaser high heels. I love women! ❤️

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