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Boob Job Realness | Part II



HA, I KID but for some reason Boone was very much about this video. I feel like he thinks he’s a real star. Pixy made a cameo but she was a bit bored of Boone’s narcissism.

Ok so ya, today we are talking about boobs.

Boob jobs, boob tube, boob doctors, boob sites, boob everything.

Even some nipple talk too.

The main reason is because I did an Instagram LIVE on boobs last week & I felt like I didn’t get to answer every question. I have a weird thing with answering questions- always want to make sure I’m thorough with you guys, you know?

Boob Job Realness 2 | The Skinny Confidential

If you want an instant boob job & don’t want to go through the surgery, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this very amazing push-up bra. It’s the one I wore pre-boob job. Really it’s an instant lift & holds the girls up.

As you remember we’ve talked about boobs before but there were some specific questions- hence the follow-up post.

Some SparkNotes from the first post before you dive into the video:

A question I get asked a lot: How do they feel? Well, they feel like a boob. I wish you guys could feel them through the computer HAHAHA. I’d let you. I mean, in all honesty if you really, really tried to feel the actual implant, you probably could. But I feel like mine feel pretty real. I guess you’ll have to ask Michael that question. He felt my boobs pre-boob job ( 8th grade #TBT ) AND post boob job so I feel like he’s sort of a connoisseur.

Oh & before anyone hops to conclusions about how I’m a hypocrite because of my healthy lifestyle & blah, blah, blah….


CONSIDER THIS: The reason I love wellness so much today is because my journey has paved this path to health. I am a firm believer that my past experiences have shaped my life today. Each & every experience has led me to share the importance of wellness, health, & balance. Without having ‘stuff’ or adversity or challenges, life would be a real bore.

If I were to sit here and say “I’m Miss Perfect who’s been healthy my whole life & never done anything wrong”, that would be pretty damn boring too. LIKE YAWN, YAWN, YAWN.

I’m here to say: I’ve been down & I’ve gotten up. I’ve been unhealthy & I became healthy. I’ve gotten a boob job & here’s what I learned.

This isn’t an excuse, it’s the truth.

boob job realness | by the skinny confidential

Also, getting boobies taught me a few lessons; this sounds weird but wanting something for so long & putting my own money together to get it ( I paid for them in full at 18 from a boutique job I had in high school ), taught me the following: 1.) how to make my own money for something I really wanted, 2.) the drive to get what I wanted when I wanted it on my own terms, & 3.) PATIENCE- because well, shit. I had to save for 4 years.

Also I feel like it taught me how to figure it out- & be resourceful!

Ok so, would I get a boob job today?

I don’t know. Probably, yes. I think I would. But I’d certainly do more research, eat healthier after surgery, & talk more to my family members/friends than when I was 18.

Oh & honestly, after I have a baby I’ll probably have to get new implants.

Everyone says you have to get new ones after ten years, but I’ve talked to a lot of plastic surgeons who say otherwise. I think everyone is different & you should do what works for you. Personally, I’m not going to get to that ten-year mark & be like “OMG IT’S BEEN 10 YEARS, I NEED NEW IMPLANTS.”

Because well, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Trying to be as transparent as possible here because I’ve gotten A LOT of questions & want to make sure I’m giving the full rundown.

If you want a boob job, don’t base your journey off mine. You do you. Everyone is different.

OK! More questions are answered in the video:


OK to recap, we discussed:

Boob tube
Push-up bra I love
Boob job | part 1 post
Boob tube post
Dr. Harry Glassman interview


Top is Nightcap & sold out | similar here
Black snake skin pillows
Lip plumper
Falsie eyelashes
CC cream
White nail polish

The Skinny Confidential on boob tube.


Ok so RealSelf is like the Yelp of plastic surgery.

Basically it’s the largest/most trusted online community for people interested in plastic surgery to learn & share experiences about cosmetic procedures. There’s literally like 9 million people who go to RealSelf each month to find out which treatments and providers are legit.

Plus the experiences are UNBIASED- which I love.

You can find tons of photos with medical expert answers. It’s like an online resource for those looking for the right doctor/clinic.

The best part? It cuts the bullshit out of it because it’s reviews/BTS/support from real people. They share their treatment experiences with photos, along with doctor reviews, costs, & candid, real deal opinions on what’s worth it ( or not ).

By the way millennial women in the US show higher interest in Breast Augmentation compared to any other cosmetic treatment on the site !!

And no, not sponsored by RealSelf- just want to make sure you guys get the 411 before you commit to a cosmetic procedure!

Leave any questions below- happy to answer them all. As you can see I’m very much an open book on this subject.

AND HAVE YOU JOINED TSC SECRET FB GROUP?? THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD, JUICY TIPS. I’m kind of obsessed with it. You guys are amazing to share all your tips & tricks with every girl in the group. JOIN IF YOU WANT A NON-JUDGEMENTAL, COOL SPACE TO ASK ANYTHING.

Alright! Going to bed, I was up at 5 AM today so I am POOPED- 5 AM & I just don’t mix. Anyway, we’re interviewing a rad guest tomorrow on the podcast so be sure to follow along on Snapchat.

Chat tomorrow, x lauryn

P.S. Michael really, really likes them too. HA!

+ read part 1 of my boob job experience.

{ photos & video }

Boob Job Realness 3 | The Skinny Confidential


  1. Am so like you in the boob respect.Got my implants AFTER nursing my first 3 babies.Went from a size 0 body with a 32c bra.To a size 0 body with barely an Acup!!Was a dancer and fitness pro for many years both pre and post kids.Got divorced,remarried,and wanted to be Ms.Fitness.So at 33,got my C’s back.Balanced out as I always had a bubble!Had saline,under the muscle,and when I had my 4 th daughter in 1998,still could breast feed her.Have no regrets,except with the saline,and still a size 0,at 55;bubble has deflated,muscles are scrawny,and so the implants ripple and I no longer have muscles as before.Eventually will change them out.First pair,one had a slow leak,went flat.Was freaking HORRIFIC!Was not the same surgeon as before.Arizona dude was more skilled and half the cost.The dude in Wisconsin,(the second set),the nips are slightly off.Anyway,my hubs fell in love with my ass and legs…Was not a boob guy.Did it for me,and damn if I didn’t win that fitness contest!!Did 3 that year;and placed in 2!Skill and confidence…Yours look great!Are Just gorgeous.Now,am ready for subtle 55 year old face stuff.Any leads on a good one in the Phoenix area??

  2. I talked about him in the video! His name is Dr. Stuart Kincaid, he was in La Jolla, CA. However, unfortunately, he recently passed away :((

  3. Not a boob question…what are your thoughts on eyelashe extensions? I see you use fake lashes but why not do the extensions? I’m just wondering your thoughts, thanks!!

    1. They work for some people! I LOVE using oils though and they don’t mix. Also you have to get them touched up fairly frequently. My hairstylist is obsessed with her extensions. It just depends what you’re looking for. xx

  4. Love this video!! My husband is a plastic surgeon and he sent me this super quick article on why everyone says implants “expire” after 10 years and why that isn’t necessarily true.

  5. I’ve had my saline implants (behind the muscle) for TWENTY years! I’ve also been told to leave them alone since they don’t bother me, still look great, and I’m healthy. I’ll redo them after having kids cuz the skin stretches and then sags (and the nipple too) while the implant stays high and it looks super weird. That’s all!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing and being open about your experience. I have been considering getting a boob job for some time now and this was all such helpful and relevant information! Thank you!

  7. They work for some people! I LOVE using oils though and they don’t mix. Also you have to get them touched up fairly frequently. My hairstylist is obsessed with her extensions. It just depends what you’re looking for. xx

  8. Hey Lauryn!I love your honesty and I wondered if you could give us an update of how your boobs changed after pregnancy. Do you really need to get them redone or are they still looking fine? I am thinking about getting implants but I might also consider having kids withing the next 2-3years… just wondering if I should wait.

    Thank youuuu <3 xx Joana

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