BOO! Happy Halloween!!!

bunny ear mask: boo happy halloweenboo! Happy Halloween: bunny ear mask

Happy Halloween to the BEST readers in the world.

After reading through your comments on my swollen post, I am again reminded of the amazing, motivating Skinny Confidential community— you guys RALLY!

This Halloween is now extra special because of your uplifting advice & kind support.

Anyway, tonight should be fun because we are in Miami…Michael is currently dressed as himself: Panicky Susan ( lol ) with a perfectly crispy pocket square & I’m being a dark bunny ( see above ).

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I’ll be sharing a skeleton look.

Happy Halloween!!

Love you guys- lauryn X

{ mask here }

boo happy halloween: spider hair for halloween



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5 replies to “BOO! Happy Halloween!!!”

  1. Totally love your headpiece, what a great costume idea! I love Halloween but we don’t celebrate it much here in Thailand plus I was sick :0 Have fun in Miami! xo C