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vegan pumpkin cookie dough bites by tsc bombshell body


SHIT, it’s almost Friday. Which we love! Tonight we went to The Sunset Tower Hotel for a quick bite to eat & all I could think about was this post which is themed as TSC BODY GUIDE sneak peek.

A lot of you have asked me via DM for more info about the guide, so I figured I’d give a cute breakdown.

To start, these pictures aren’t from the MEAL PLAN that’s coming, they’re pictures from the MEAL PLAN we have now! The MEAL PLAN that’s coming is very much mason jar themed. You can expect meals for the girl who’s G2G. We themed the whole thing around someone who is running late, on the go but still needs to eat.

Because how many times have you been so busy you forgot to eat & then you ended up stuffing your face later? I mean…I’ve certainly been guilty a time or two. OR 300.

skinny healthy quick thanksgiving holiday meals by the skinny confidentialskinny healthy quick thanksgiving holiday meals by the skinny confidential

BASICALLY TSC BODY IS TAKING A SHIFT: TONS of new, easy, quick, simple, & delicious recipes PLUS updated workouts from my trainer, Kim Kelly.

KIM KELLY has been introduced on the podcast & on IG Stories because she’s literally trained me 5 days a week for the last year & a half. Of course, I wanted to get my ass tighter but ALSO I wanted to learn from the best.

I wanna learn from the best so I can bring the best to you.

My trainer, straight to you- wherever you are. Think of her as your new trainer, just virtual. She is the best of the best. If you don’t believe me, just look at her.

She also has the best energy EVER. Which you know I love.

You can listen to Kim on our podcast: PART I and PART II. After listening you will totally understand why I asked her to sign on as our virtual trainer. Not only is she a badass coach, she’s also spent months with me creating workouts that will tone, tighten, & change your body…QUICKLY.

Meet Kim Kelly:


Who has time to spend 2 hours in the gym every day? NOT ME. AND NOT YOU. Which is why I’m making these workouts with Kim straight to the point.

TSC BODY GUIDE consists of 27 minute workouts you can do ANYWHERE. We’ve included a stretch for you too. Whether you’re outside by the beach or in a home or outside your office, you can stay in shape. Like no excuses. WE GOT YOU COVERED on how to use your body weight with simple exercises.

Kim’s unique workouts are easily adaptable to your current fitness level too. Haven’t worked out in months? Start with the basics. Looking to strengthen & tighten? Push yourself with her modifications. Think you’re too busy? You’re never too busy for your health, clarity, & wellness.


Always on the go? Trying to keep it more productive so you can hustle your ass of? G2G? Yep, I know you are. I GET IT. Me too, actually.

That’s why for this meal plan we made it EASY.

We created meals that can be prepared quickly and taken out the door.

Meals that we eat.

YES THAT’S RIGHT. Not meals that are random. NOT meals we’ve eaten once or twice. Meals/snacks we eat daily. Kim & I are spilling all the details.

SOOOO get your mason jars ready because this meal plan is packed with items like mini breakfast egg frittata, cauliflower pizza, & lots of GG cracker recipes ( FIBER X 320340 ).

Of course there will be other meals that aren’t in mason jars. But I can promise you one thing: they will be QUICK. The less ingredients, the better.

PLUS we’re including our favorite cocktails, carb tips, skinny hacks, a sleep/sex chart, & a full supplement guide.


For everyone who’s a member, you’ll automatically receive access to the BODY GUIDE.



If you’re a blogger interested in reviewing TSC BODY GUIDE for your site, please email & we’ll get you set up!

If you want to be the FIRST to know about the new launch subscribe to The Skinny Confidential exclusive newsletter. It’s your FREE, FAST pass to all things TSC.

We’ve been working REALLY hard on this for the last 8 months & I think you guys will love it- it’s full of value!

The whole BODY GUIDE is created with you in mind to help you live your best life…but like in a quick, efficient way. JUST WANTED TO UPDATE YOU GUYS!


x, lauryn

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++ FOLLOW: @KIMKELLYFIT on Instagram.

skinny healthy quick thanksgiving holiday meals by the skinny confidentialskinny healthy quick thanksgiving holiday meals by the skinny confidential


  1. Shut. The. Hell. Up. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE SO BAD. I am so excited, and so happy. Congrats on this! <3

  2. Energy and focus are a huge advantage during any training session. When is the last time you witnessed someone yawning their way through their sets proclaim that they are having a great workout?! Great workouts are energy fueled and to the point. The days where you are really “on” you are not talking to friends or texting. You are focused on the task at hand. The ingredients below can help with both energy and focus.

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