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Bobby Jean Spears On Makeup, Content Creation & Standing Out

Bobby Jean Spears on TSC

BOBBY JEAN SPEARS is on the blog today !!

I met Bobby on Instagram & found him absolutely hysterical & a very craft, unique content creator. Immediately I liked his energy, his spirit & he was part of The Skinny Confidential community.

Saying that, I decided to kick off a little series where I feature some of the community on the blog. And first up is the man, the myth, the legend, Bobby Jean Spears.

In this post he gets into his favorite makeup brushes, his most loved products, why he loves ice roller, & normalizing makeup for men & all genders.

With that, let’s get into it with Bobby Jean Spears.

Bobby Jean Spears On Makeup, Content Creation & Standing Out

Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential Community.

Bobby Jean Spears

Bobby Jean Spears: What the fuck is up TSC Fam?! I am the one & only WORLD Renowned Super Star ( that you’ve never heard of ) Bobby Jean Spears. I entertain 10’s & 10’s of people online with makeup & skincare content.

I wouldn’t consider myself a typical “beauty influencer” – I’m not, nor do I ever pretend to be rich or living lavishly. And I work part-time from home so I’m someone who hopes driving thru Starbucks doesn’t overdraft my account ( lmao ) & I just don’t have it in me to fake this perfect, glam, “insta life.” 

My “insta life” is just my life. I do promo for brands & different products, but I don’t oversell.  I make real connections with my audience & that’s what is most fun for me. AND I don’t recommend things I don’t like or wouldn’t use. It’s not worth 20% of a $25 dollar sale, ya know? I lean more towards just trying to be an entertaining & relatable personality that my audience can check in with online & escape a shitty day….or sometimes share in mine!

I also am very open about my struggle with mental illness ( Major Depressive Disorder / Severe Anxiety / ADHD ) & feel it’s very important to be just as open about my highs as I am my lows. If it helps 1 person then I’ve made a difference then that’s pretty cool. I never want to create a facade on the internet. On the off chance I were to ever blow up & “make it,” I couldn’t imagine the pressure you feel to keep that facade up at all times. So if I’m going to make it, I don’t want to worry about keeping up with a self created false perfection that doesn’t exist.

You’re SO GOOD at doing makeup. Can you give us your top tips?


My first & the most important tip I can give you involves your mindset.

Do yourself a favor & accept the fact that you are most likely not going to be perfect or great at EVERYTHING. For example: I totally fucking SUCK at eyeliner. I’m shaky, uncoordinated, have hooded eyes, & doing it is the bane of my existence. It used to really deter me from creating ( sometimes it still does ), but I’ve come to realize I can cover that weakness with different techniques, & in some cases an amazing tool will present itself that makes something easier.

I’m pleased to say that just days ago I found a product that could be game changing for me & my fellow eyeliner challenged. Take a look at Guide Beauty! I truly think it is going to be a life saver for me! At the time of this writing I have only used it twice because I just got it, but I have never been more excited for a product. I think it will not only elevate my looks, but give me a big boost of confidence in myself & my abilities.

It’s perf that we are already talking about beauty tools because that takes me right into my NUMBER 2 TIP: INVEST IN GOOD, HIGH QUALITY MAKEUP BRUSHES!!

Less expensive makeup brands have stepped their pussy up over the past few years in terms of quality so you no longer need to spend a fortune on all your cosmetics. Find some inexpensive dupes for a couple things & take that extra money & GET GOOD BRUSHES!!! The best brushes can apply a $12  foundation better than an awful brush can apply a $70 foundation.

The last thing I’ll say to convince you that brushes should be your next obsession is that the durability makes them an INVESTMENT. Odds are that high quality foundation brush will be with you 10 years down the road if properly cared for, saving you so much money in the long run. My HANDS DOWN favorite brushes come from Anisa Beauty they are unlike any others.

+ Pinnacle Foundation Brush

+ Crescent Contour Brush

+ Angled Concealer Brush

are all MUST-HAVES!

They also make amazing skincare brushes that I’m obsessed with. I love them so much that I reached out to see if I could get them to give me a discount code so I can impress you all & bribe you for affection. Well, I am pleased to say that you can use code ITSBOBBY for 15% off! If you try them, let me know what you think!!

I’m writing a novel so I’ll do a third & final quick tip:

If you’re anything like me you take forever to get ready, but even if you are super punctual this tip will help you save & manage some time! If you have an event, party, photo shoot, or anything where you’re planning to serve some glam…DO A DRY RUN!!

What I mean by that is 1-3 days before your event, start  planning out your look, get your inspo, gather all the products you are going to need or use ( I put them all in a plastic shoe box lol ) & then do your makeup. I do this because it helps me save time. When I go to actually get ready on the actual day I already know exactly what eyeshadow color story I’m going with & exactly how to create it.

I’ve worked out all the kinks & mistakes & tweaks I want to make. Maybe not a tip for everyone, but I’m very easily distracted & have trouble making decisions, so if I give myself a day to be creative with no time limit to figure out exactly what I want to look like with no pressure of being late, then on the day of the event I just sit down & do the exact same thing in half the time, because the creative part that can slow my anxious brain down & make me take forever has been done. I can just set myself on autopilot! 

Bobby Jean Spears makeup tips

Is makeup application different for a man than it is for a woman?

BJS: Makeup application is different for every individual regardless of gender. Everyone’s skin is different, everyone has different taste, everyone has different bone structure, everyone has different insecurities they use makeup for.

I’m being repetitive with the word “everyone” on purpose. I really want to get to a place in the world where makeup has no gender. I get asked this question a lot & I understand & the short non-preachy answer is “no” lol. The question can just sometimes feel condescending ( I’m sure it’s never intended & I am not offended nor do I speak for anyone but myself ). My feelings come from a place of insecurity that the world feels like I’m an imposter & that makeup is a cis woman’s game & we as males ( or other genders ) don’t belong.

I want to normalize men in makeup & anytime I can get a chance to explain that its not about gender at all, except to society, I do it. The amount of “no one wants to see a guy in makeup” comments I get are so ignorant & I’d be happy if I could better educate just one reader. 

What are your tips for contouring?

BJS: Don’t contour exactly like that YouTuber you watched. Learn the theory & art of contouring. Your face is a totally different shape than that YouTuber’s. You have different bone structure. Contouring shouldn’t look like a big dark line down your face. It takes practice & an understanding of your own face & how light hits it. I’m being super nerdy about it because it’s really my favorite part of the makeup process because you really get to snatch & transform your face.

I started to give private Zoom lessons during the pandemic & contouring was the number one thing people wanted to learn. They would all say they had watched tons of tutorials & still can’t get it. Once they learn to contour for THEM & learn exactly what contouring does they are always surprised by how much less intimidating & scary it actually is! 

You’re very good at creating content that is funny, while also being educational. What are your tips for other content creators?

BJS: Just be yourself, stop caring about likes, & views & just do it & be consistent. I am still so far from being successful that I still have to try & follow my own advice. I’ve really tried this past year to just remember that it only takes one post, one opportunity or one connection to gain traction & take off so the more consistent you are the better the chance of that happening.

One day I think I gained 100+ followers simply because you ( Lauryn ) posted me on your story, & my highest viewed reel is because you shared it. Never in my life did I think I would even slightly connect with you & now because of one or two posts, I’m answering your questions which is an honor, & also another opportunity to grow & gain exposure.

Do my social media stats & self doubt make me wonder why in the world you would even take an interest in me? ABSOLUTELY….but I have to put that to the side & embrace any opportunity that comes my way, even if I feel like I don’t deserve it. The opportunity you say no to because you’re scared of success or putting yourself out there could be the opportunity that takes you to a new level of success. If it doesn’t….say yes to the next opportunity.  

Bobby Jean Spears favorite skincare products

What top 3 skincare products can you not live without & why?

BJS: 1. My THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT MESS ICE ROLLER & ICE QUEEN FACE OIL because DUHHH! Do we even need to go into how amazing these are? I think we all know by now.

2. Epicuren Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream. This moisturizer is the TITS & not just because colostrum is in breast milk lol. It is truly an amazing moisturizer. So hydrating, lightweight, & colostrum stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity & can help smooth wrinkles.


3. Finally, I love The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Exfoliating Peeling Solution.  I try to use this at least once a week. Your skin is so soft & smooth you’ll feel like you just got an expensive ass facial. The kicker is that it’s only like 7 fucking dollars! The only other comparable product in quality is the Drunk Elephant AHA+BHA Baby Facial, but it’s 80 bucks. If you can choose to spend $7 on The Ordinary & not sacrifice quality why wouldn’t you? 

What top 3 makeup products can you not live without & why?

BJS: Gerard Cosmetics Clean Canvas Eye Base. In my opinion there isn’t a better eyeshadow base on the market. It’s self-setting, the perfect amount of tacky, & a little goes a long way. It comes in 4 universal shades: Fair, Medium, Cocoa, & White.

I use all of them at different times for different purposes. For example, the white is amazing for cut creases or making pastels POP ( as is the Fair ) & the Cocoa can be used to create a deeper, smokier look. If you just need one for everyday use though, I recommend the one closest to your skin tone. 

Gerard Cosmetics Lip Pencils ( my fav shade is Sugar & Spice ). Their Lip Pencils are a gel formula & I’m just totally obsessed. They are my go-to liners. They apply like a dream & forget worrying about your lipstick bleeding. The gel formula can also be used as an all over color! You can shop all their amazing lip products at & use my code ITSBOBBY anytime for 30% off! 

Lastly I can’t super narrow it down but I am a blush WHORE!! I absolutely love blush so much. There are so many ways to use blush & get different effects with different colors & placements. Ugh I LOVE it! Some of my favs are The Scott Barnes Cosmetics Chic Cheek Palette which is currently sold out 🙁 but he has beautiful blush singles as well.

I also love Trixie Cosmetics Blush Palettes, Made by Mitchell “Blursh” Liquid Blush & Moira Beauty Ombre Blushes.

makeup tips for men

What is your advice for a man who wants to start wearing makeup? Where should they start?

BJS: If a guy wants to start wearing makeup, whether it be a minimal amount just to enhance & look natural or you want to walk around with your face snatched & beat for the gods, my advice is to just do it.

Start by grabbing some basics ( foundation, concealer, translucent powder, bronzer, some brushes ) & get to practicing. I learned a lot of my basic techniques from Wayne Goss videos on YouTube. He is such an idol & inspiration of mine. He has a newer cosmetics line carried on Beautylish & it’s all amazing! ( BTW, circling back to amazing brushes, his are top of the line, legit amazing! )

Anyway, he is a great resource for ANYONE, regardless of gender, ready to start their makeup journey 🙂 !! 

Tell us why you love ice rolling & the benefits you’ve noticed.

BJS: OMG I love my HOT MESS ICE ROLLER. The fact that it stays colder than a witches tit is amazing! It is a gem of a product! I use it morning & night straight from the freezer. It’s amazing to depuff, especially my under eyes & talk about a WAKE UP!

I love how it constricts the pores the same way cold water does, helping to reduce their appearance & seal in my skincare at night after applying. Not to mention it is so aesthetically pleasing & SOLID. 10s across the board A++++. Can’t wait to experience the longer term benefits from using it consistently!

What is your morning routine when it comes to skincare, makeup & wellness?

BJS: Biiiitch I cannot even sit here & pretend I have it together enough to have a morning wellness routine. Like your ice roller I, too, am a HOT MESS. I envy those that can stick to a routine. It is definitely something I would like to improve on for the sake of both my mental & physical health. Working from home most of the time can put you in a rut especially if you already have some mental health issues you are dealing with already.

I do my skincare every day after I shower ( but girl that’s not always the technical “morning” lol ) & again after I wash my face at night. If anyone wants to help me become a functioning human with a wellness routine hit me up & perform your magic! I pity my potential life coach that tries to tackle that with me!

What is one tip you think everyone in the beauty space should know?

BJS: Only compare your skill to that of past versions of yourself. If you see improvement in your own work then it’s not important how you compare to others. I really believe that making it in the beauty space doesn’t ultimately mean you have to be the BEST at makeup. Be yourself…. bring a unique perspective, a fun personality & be honest with who you are. People are really starting to crave more authenticity & transparency from Beauty Influencers & they want to be entertained so don’t be boring.   

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out!

BJS: I am most active on Instagram @itsbobbyjeanspears  & love to interact so please find me over there!

I have TikTok although I could stand to be more active, but follow me anyway @BobbyJeanSpears

I’m on YouTube too, just search Bobby Jean Spears. I stopped uploading when I had to have spinal surgery last year but I am currently brainstorming ways to come back in a different, more fun capacity. The million dollar idea just hasn’t hit me yet. I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. I’ll think of something!

I’m starting over on Twitter so I could use all the followers I can get….My old account got permanently suspended because I called Anne Coulter a “C U Next Tuesday” so what can ya do? My new Twitter is @bobbyjeantweets (

Lastly ( if anyone has gotten this far ) for anyone who is interested in online makeup courses tailored exactly to your needs & what YOU want to learn. DM me on instagram or email me at & we will discuss all the details. Mention discovering me through The Skinny Confidential & may just have special prices or bundles for you 😉

AND, ok, this is actually lastly, you can listen to my podcast, Hey Girl With Bobby Jean Spears on Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, & Podbean.

Thank you, Lauryn, for this amazing opportunity & I’m still blown away that I was of any interest to you at all! I’m humbled & extremely grateful!


Bobby Jean Spears

Bobby Jean Instagram

Be sure to stalk Bobby on Instagram @itsbobbyjeanspears – he’s fucking hilarious. Watch this video of him impersonating me & Zaza. LOL.

Hope you all loved this post & LOL’D as much as I did.

x, lauryn

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    1. Love me some

  1. Lovin this! So much great info on products! Bobby is truly a makeup queen and full of tips and giggles💓love him💞

  2. From the first time I discovered Bobby I instantly loved his content and humor. He’s truly unique and a breath of fresh air. I was tired of influencers when I found him and he made makeup truly fun again. He’s going to blow up I just know it.

    1. You have supported me since I can remember. So you must just be crazy 😝 lol. Love you my dear 🥰

  3. I love you and have to say thank you for being so honest and thank you for being you and shearing tips and tricks and your fave products.
    Because you I started using the Anissa brushes and clean canvas and as you said one post one day will make a big difference in my life 🙏
    I so cared how many followers I hade a day but now nope I see a improvement in my work and I’m more confident day by day and reading this I found my self in it if I may say . and thats how confident I got that I even do story’s on IG watching you made that gave me more confidence so THANK YOU .
    And yes being honest is the best thing you can do
    So I will leave it at THANK YOU and keep being you and giving us a Bobby goodness ❤️

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