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The Blogmopolitan Quiz by The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.

Let’s get all nostalgic for a sec: remember celeb Cosmopolitan quizzes? Welp, I made my own ( with a little twist, naturally ).

And after making this quiz, I gotta know: what do you think makes a guy unattractive?

This burning question made me laughhhh because let’s face it: I have a scroll. Anything to add to my list above? Tell, tell.

Happy Friday!


{ I’m tagging Erica, from Fashionlush & also my partner in Blog-Doo, to share her Blogmolitan quiz }.

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  1. Hi Lauryn! Loved this post/questionnaire. Saw that you like skinny margheritas- do you have a recipe you can share? Thanks!!


  2. I love this quiz!

    I think what makes a guy so so unattractive is: 1, if he’s a drunk, because there’s really nothing more gross than a guy who can’t drink responsibly and is falling all over himself, and 2, a guy who doesn’t work out or take care of himself. That is so disgusting to me, and thank god my fiance is responsible and works out like me!

  3. Hey Lauryn,

    Love this! I was totally going to go off on the guy thing, but then I got concerned it might sound like I was talking about someone I know. LOL!


  4. Guys who have bad hygiene make me sick. Please brush your teeth and put on some clean clothes. Seeeeeeeeriously. Nobody wants to snuggle a guy who hasn’t taken a shower all week.

  5. Ugh, what makes a guy unattractive… how can I count the ways? The biggest thing is someone who is un-intelligent and/or not ambitious. I want a guy who knows a thing or two, not necessarily book smarts, just, common sense you know? Someone who is able to hold a conversation and knows a thing or two about the world. Also, he’s got to have some motivation and ambition. I find it very unattractive when a guy (or any one for that matter) doesn’t have dreams or goals.

  6. Biggest turnoff: When men brag about fights they’ve been in or try to pick fights with other guys! Gear down Rambo, we don’t need that.

  7. What makes guys the most unattractive to me is when they call women, bitches. Like do you call your mother that or nah? It irritates me how men these days don’t know how to treat a women with respect, especially with gentle care. Oh…, & another thing…when they lie! Us ladies know that we only ask questions to men (which we already know the answer to lol) just to see if they will lie, most fail all the time!

  8. When a guy snubs another dude who is totally being a good Dad :/ Like if your out and about and you see a guy really looking after his child and being playful with them and the dude your with is like “Wtf is he doing?” NOT COOL or attractive!

    Loving the quiz 🙂 really inventive!!

  9. The biggest turn off for me is when a guy is too into his looks. He takes longer looking in the mirror than you. I also like guys with ambition and a sense of adventure! Love the quiz 😀 Check out my blog in Spain (if you have time!), I have only just started out though x

  10. This post is amazing. I live a solid majority of my life by TSConf & Lauryn is a babe and a half! The most unattractive thing EVER is a guy that makes rude // immature comments to their friends that spend time with their girlfriends & treat them with respect. There is a time and a place to act like an immature douche, but that is not one of them. If a guy is spending an ungodly amount of time with his significant other, then sure, give him some playful grief, but a few of my boyfriend’s friends love to call him and his married friend a “pussy” for not living the single life anymore….gag me.

    Keep up the amazing work Lauryn! xoxo

  11. I agree with most of the posts above, but I also find a man who always has to be the loudest person in the room very unattractive. If a guy NEEDS to be the center of attention all the time, then there are some other underlying issues. Oh and bad teeth/smile, that’s basically an immediate dismissal.

  12. When a guy talks to much about himself and his acheivements & one-ups you when you talk about anything awesome that you do = so unattractive!

    xo- R

  13. So, this is pretty awesome that you took this and made it your own. Loving your answers and the way you used pictures! Just wanted to let you know that I’m the one that made it haha. Threw me by surprise to see it on your blog as yours.

  14. This is really cook that you took the quiz and made it your own with all the pictures and stuff. Loving your answers 🙂 Just thought you’d like to know it came from me back in December. Pretty crazy to find it on an insanely successful blog like yours. You can check out the original post here.

  15. I find a man most ” unattractive” when he lacks passion. I believe passion is the spice of life and a man lacking it is simply put not my cup of tea!!! … I always enjoy the Cosmo celeb quiz, and I would love to have something like this on my blog too.

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