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A Blogger’s Christmas List, xx. TSC

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and fashion.

Being a blogger means ya gotta be prepared.

Like, at all times you can find me lugging my laptop, camera, iPhone, iPad, & Kate Spade day planner around town.

Sometimes it sucks to be a total bag lady, but if I have cute accessories I really DGAF.

Here’s some items I have & some items I want ( hint, hint, Michael ):

I.} This plaid laptop holder is a swoon x 10 gift. Need. Want. Have to have.

II.} Chic pencil holders ( my pref: white ). When my desk is organized, I feel calm— LOL.

III.} Clipboards are my latest obsession. They’re kind of a throwback, but they keep me so organized.

 IV.} Glitter glue pens are perfect for a DIY post. LOVE.

V.} A Kate Spade pretty, gold dotted notebook that lives on my desk is a blogger essential. These notebooks are great gifts too.

VI.} The cutest, little deer stamp— absolutely adorable for ‘thank you’ cards. This wishbone stamp is pretty to-die-for too.

 VII.} Henri Bendel’s iPad cases are perfection. I just bought one & I’m in lurveeee.

VIII.} Cameras can be pricy, but this one won’t break the bank + it’s so cute it could be subbed as home decor.

IX.} I love collecting books by fellow bloggers ( AKA: The Man Repeller, Cupcakes & Cashmere, & Blog, Inc. ). Pre-order the The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide here.

X.} A blogger necessity: a ‘Cross Your T’s Stylus & Pen‘ ( can be used on iPads or paper ).

XI.} This knockout pink computer case ( << on sale too! ) is the perfect summer accessory. I mean, naturally I need this one for fall & this one for summer ; ).

XII.} Duh! Because every blogger needs a feather pen.

If you’re a blogger: what’s on your holiday list? x.

  1. Oh my gosh, we are so much alike. And I agree… when my desk is organized, my world is peaceful lol.
    You also gave me some great ideas for gifts for my girlie friends!

    Visit me: {{ Chelsi Elle }}

  2. I totally thought that deer stamp was a snow globe! I WISH and will PRETEND that it is, because I am totally jonesing a snow globe right now! I remember how amazing those were and I also remember how people would tell me that the water in the snow globe was toxic so if I ever broke one, I would flip out! LOL!

  3. What are the best gift ideas for the “hard to buy” for who loves fitness? Do you have work out must haves? (sports bras, pants, something?)

  4. Love the feathery pen! 😀 This year I really would like to have a SLR camera or a gucci wallet I love (but they are both kinda out of the budget for this year :(..) So I asked my santa for a drawing tablet, otherwise I have no clue what I’m getting!!

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