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blogger shelves | by the skinny confidential

blogger shelves 3 | by the skinny confidential

All giddy & excited today because TSC blogger shelves are DONE!


I’ve been wanting to get all my blogger gear organized & put away for a million years so a few weeks ago we took a quick trip to The Container Store. Which obviously really inspired me to JUST DO IT.

The Container Store does that, doesn’t it? One second you walk in & your life is in complete shambles and the next second you walk out feeling like Martha Stewart on crack cocaine.

Like suddenly you have this overwhelming feeling to just get shit done.

Ok so, I spent a full Sunday dedicated to cleaning UP MY SHIT.

On a side note, have you guys read that one book that helps readers transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity & inspiration?

It’s called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.


blogger shelves 3 | by the skinny confidential

blogger shelves | by the skinny confidential

blogger shelves | by the skinny confidential

If you don’t believe me, you should really read the book ( this is not sponsored, I just LOVED the book ) because it did WONDERS for me. I’m not even joking.

There’s no longer ANYTHING ( & I mean anything…including Michael’s dusty DVD collection, his 329587 pairs of old slippers, or my glittery, puffy, painted high school graduation cap ) that’s in my house that either 1.) doesn’t serve me or inspire me or 2.) I don’t LOVE.

Basically the author says that your house should be clean of clutter & there should be nothing in your house that you don’t love, love, love. She helps you fight the war on clutter.


Besides, why the hell would you surround yourself with anything BUT things you love? The more I started giving away/throwing away/donating, the better I felt.
( Makes major sense though? AND like hello? Why didn’t I think of this 5 years ago? )

This might sound crazy but cleaning is almost a form of meditation for me. So to have everything organized IS JUST LOVELY. Especially my work area.

SO! My space/home now only has things that inspire me & bring me ( oh, & Michael— I let him keep his PEZ collection ) peace.

blogger shelves 3 | by the skinny confidential

blogger shelves 11 | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, back to the blogger shelves ( weird I got off on a tangent…? HA ). So it’s been bothering me that all my shit was all over the kitchen/in my office/in random areas. And instead of not doing anything about it, I took action.

Introducing TSC blogger shelves.

It may not look like much guys, but man-oh-man do I feel..well…relieved.

Now there’s a place for everything I use. I can see it clearly. It’s all in a specific spot & it will live in that specific spot.


Birds are literally like chirping, Cinderella-style.

Here’s my go-to’s:

♡ Anthropologie Raised Bloom Whisker 

♡ Kate Spade Coaster Set

♡ Anthropologie Serving Bowls

♡ Mini Aqua Strainer

 Pink Spatula Set

♡ TSC Book

♡ Royal Albert Roses Mugs

♡ Gold Dust Champagne Flute

♡ Gold dots tumbler

 Polka Dot Cupcake Liners

 Yellow Strainer

♡ Gold Striped Thermal Mug

♡ Dot & Bo Straws

♡ Anthropologie Latte Bowls

blogger shelves 4 | by the skinny confidential

There’s nothing I love more than giving you a peek behind the curtain so today I’m sharing a few tips that keep my blogger space in order:

♡ Keep it white, it’s cleaner. Plus black gets dusty.

♡ Simple is better. You don’t need 2389275 green cups.

♡ DONATE. Donating is so awesome, avoid throwing away anything that others can use.

♡ Stack. Stacking is efficient. I like to stack plates, cups, papers, etc.

♡ Focus on your niche. If you’re a fashion blogger, make blogger shelves full of jewelry/accessories. If you’re a food blogger, keep it food related. Mine is kind of like lifestyle shelves. It’s very TSC-inspired.

♡ Don’t over do it. Keep the clutter to a minimum. Make it an experience to show your friends & family. Not some dusty, cluttered, ugly space— make it pretty! Show it off.

♡ Clean as you go. If you’re doing posts daily, put things back in their ‘home.’ I always clean as I go & it makes the process easier.

♡ Have lots of different colors/prints/patterns/textures. I love mixing it up. Don’t stick to one set theme ( you don’t want all stripes, throw some sparkles, burlap, fabrics, glass, etc. on your shelves ).

♡ Rep your brand. As we know, I’m a huge fan of branding so it was a natural addition to add TSC books, business cards, return address labels, etc.

If you’re a blogger, I highly recommend dedicating a space to just blogging. And at the end of the day, it was actually a fun project! Unfortunately I didn’t have enough room so I had to also steal some shelves in the kitchen. See?

blogger shelves 2 | by the skinny confidential

Do you guys have any tips to avoid clutter?

I’m off to drink some peppermint tea & read. By the way I’m reading The Pomodoro Technique which was recommended by some of you! Apparently it’s GREAT for people who need help with focusing on one task AKA over compulsive multitaskers like myself.

Chat tomorrow,

=) lauryn

blogger shelves 12 | by the skinny confidential

    1. Yes donating is seriously the best. It feels good getting rid of things not only to satisfy the inner OCD but also because you know someone else is benefitting. Thanks for reading

    1. Hi Andreea, do it like this!!

      LMK what you think, you do have to keep them clean LOL!

  1. Your organisation skills are enviable! I might need to invest in that book you suggested to up my skillz!
    Elle Bloggs

    1. Hi Lauren, DO IT. The book is seriously GOALS. Game changer for sure. LMK if you read it what you think. xx

  2. What a lovely post, Lauryn! I love how your organized all your stuff. It looks so pretty and clean! & I love all the tips you shared. Keep it simple and donation are my favorites!

  3. That book!!! ? I read it one weekend my hubs was out of town and put it in full practice over two days. OBSESSED. I think the folding of clothes may be my favorite!

    1. Hi Mallory, LOVE that part. It’s seriously the best book. If you commit and actually follow through it’s a total game changer. Thanks for reading

  4. I love this idea…I feel like I have a thousand and one things that I want to blog about/inspire me to blog, but they’re all over the place. This weekend is devoted to de-cluttering and re-organizing! PS – I’m almost finished The Cartel and I am OBSESSED…thank you so much for the recommendation!!! xo

    1. Hi Carly, let me know how your de-cluttering goes! And SO glad you like The Cartel. I was hooked. Thanks for reading

  5. Did you get those business cards from Moo? If so, how did you customize them like that? I’m in the market for some new ones and I LOVE those!

    xx Brittany

  6. Lauryn, you just inspired me to tidy up my desk. As someone who works – and blogs – from a remote home office, it’s super important to stay neat throughout the house. Looking forward to checking out the book.



  7. I only heard someone talk about that book and made me instantly get up and de-clutter my closet haha.

    Love your blogger area!



    1. Hey, if that’s all it took good for you! Thats amazing! How do you feel now that you’re de-cluttered?? Thanks for reading Tamy

  8. Ahhh I love your shelves and your dishes and all of the awesome colours!!! I am also someone who has trouble focusing on one thing (clearly)… I might have to check out that book! Thanks!

    1. Yes, definitely check it out. It was life changing for me. I feel relief when I come home as opposed to stress.

  9. It looks amazing, I love it if everything is just clean and well organized.
    I think I must read this book! 😀

    Liebste Grüße ♥
    Mai von Sparkle&Sand

  10. Definitely going to look that book up! I’m obsessed with Tidying up and the book is a game changer. Still can’t seem to keep my clothes organized using her method though.

    1. Hi! For clothes, I seriously find the setting aside some time every two days is a HUGE help. I don’t worry about organizing the moment, but then every day or so I set aside 20-30 minutes to just organizing my clothes. It’s totally enough time if you stay consistent :))

  11. Wow organizing envy! I did a capsule wardrobe the other day, it took me 6 months to work up to get rid of 2/3 of my closet, but it feels good. I should try to do it to my bookshelves, but I’m such a reader it makes me sad.

    1. Hi Lauren, why does it make you sad? You can find tons of super cute ways to organize your books. Pinterest search book shelf decor. There are so many cute ideas!! Thanks for reading

  12. I am so inspired to do this! My stuff is stashed everywhere and I end up not using it because I can’t get to it!

  13. Legit your care and attention to every part of your life never ceases to amaze me, ha. I want your effort and style for SHELVES.

    Ugh, you rule – for real.

    Feeling inspired,

  14. I literally fell in love with the actual shelving unit! I’ve been looking for shelves in white gloss forever – can you tell me where you bought/found yours? Thanks!

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