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Blogger + Model Natascha Elisa on Health, Diet, & Exercise

Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.

This babe.

How hot, right?!

Not only is she gorg, she’s a real go-getter. Natascha Elisa is a full-time blogger, model, & world traveler. Her lifestyle is simple: eat healthy, work out, & most importantly be positive!

Because no one likes Negative Nancy’s.

Positive Penny’s are so much cooler.

Anyway, meet Natascha…I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did:

+ Introduce yourself.

I’m a model & a blogger; I run two blogs- a fashion blog In Search of Sadie & a food blog called Clean Cooking.

I’m also a travel addict, health food fanatic, sun chasing, palm tree-loving, happy, easy going girl.

+ Quick skinny trick?

Natascha Elisa: I don’t believe in getting skinny quick- I think any weight loss should be a healthy process. I’ve honestly never dieted, however, I was definitely brought up in a healthy household. I’ve been vegetarian by choice since I was ten years old & that’s definitely played a part in my healthy lifestyle.

I’ve learned a lot about nutrition & I make sure to include all the nutrients that I need in my diet daily. I also eat a lot veggies & drink a lot of water!

+ If you had to do a bikini shoot in a week, how would you prepare?

NE: Uh-oh…a bikini shoot in one week?!! I actually have a bikini shoot next week so I’m making sure that I walk or run everyday. In saying that, all of my eating & exercising habits are things that I genuinely enjoy & I think that’s really important.

If you’re enjoying your work out you’ll do it more often. You’ll also do it happily- & let’s face it, there’s nothing that prepares you better for a big day than positive energy.

So be positive! Confidence will show in the pictures & you’ll look good, if you feel good.

Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.

+ Weekly workout schedule?

NE: As I am often traveling I can’t maintain a regular schedule but I’m home right now & I’ve just started kickboxing ( which I absolutely love! ). So I’ve been doing that three times a week at the moment!

I also really enjoy yoga. I walk most days, whether it be walking with a purpose- to get to castings, get coffee, &/or groceries. I enjoy walking to get somewhere & I always take the stairs. I’m not really a gym girl but I love hiking & a beach run. I’d choose fresh air & scenery over a gym any day of the week.

+ Favorite go-to healthy food?

NE: Easy question! I love healthy food, bananas, raw nuts, energy balls, green smoothies, &/or oatmeal! These foods give me tons of energy while keeping me full in between meals…not to mention they’re all delicious!

+ Motivation to stay in shape?

NE: To feel good & to have energy! Again, when you feel good, you look good!

Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.

+ Favorite beauty product?

NE: My favorite beauty product is sunscreen ( << love it!!! ).

My favorite cosmetic product is ‘Radiant Touch Touche Éclat’ by Yves Saint Laurent. It’s the ultimate highlighter/quick fix magic stick!

+ Go-to natural beauty remedy?

NE: Coconut oil– I literally use it for everything. It’s an amazing hair mask, makeup remover, & moisturizer. A total one stop shop!

+ What’s in your purse?

NE: I actually don’t have a purse right now; if I head out at night I’ll just take my key, credit card, & phone. When I do need a bag, I carry a bottle of water, wallet, lip balm, & my portfolio- usually in a backpack!

+ Secret model tip for diet and health?

NE: Breakfast!! It’s so important & my absolute favourite meal of the day! Also eat healthy fats in your diet ( coconut & avocado are my daily fixes! ), regular balanced meals, & healthy snacks.

Be positive!! Happiness leads to healthiness & vice versa.

+ To follow Natascha on Instagram, click here.

Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.

Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.

  1. This is a great feature piece! She is stunning!
    I’ve been reading a lot about coconut oil lately, I need to get some.

    1. Coconut oil is great stuff. Use it to cook your chicken, soften your feet, moisturize your face, and I use it on my dog’s skin problems. It kills germs in addition to softening. It fades age spots. I never thought about trying it as an eye makeup remover.

  2. Great interview! Nice to know a models perspective on eating healthy and exercising!


  3. I love her focus on being positive! I think my biggest health blunder is getting too negative with myself. It creates a lot of stress, and we all know that stress = not beautiful. She seems really moderate in the way she approaches food and exercise. I’m a big believer in moderation. I think Natascha is one of my favorite girls you’ve interviewed so far. She’s healthy in a healthy way, if you know what I mean! Not to mention gorgeous.

  4. Proper foods and regular exercise are key features to healthy bodies and minds. These key features help to control our stress levels and to focus on a positive life. The information on “How to Get Skinny Quickly”is a great post. The coconut oil is also a great tip. I believe Natascha is a beautiful person inside and out. She understands the requirements to achieve beauty and a healthy body. I think the interview shows her strong values and is an inspiration to others.


  5. Nice interview! It was great to read that looking good and healthy is a lifestyle, and it can’t be achieved with a “wonder diet”. You got to enjoy it, eat well, exercise and make it a way of living!

  6. Great interview!

    I was revealed to read “I don’t believe in getting skinny quick”, because it’s not the norm today! Everything needs to happen quick, easy and cheap.

  7. very very interesting I like the coconut oil to which in my view has some very strong kick onto my body I think if not or all small products are really good for the body. I also look into this one small website ( I tried only the two that are listed in the website which did had some powerful out comes to my body.

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