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blogging branding tips secrets by tsc fashionlush

ABOUT 4 YEARS AGO Erica ( AKA @fashionlush ) & I were sitting at the DMV.

We, of course, were brainstorming.

It’s really something we’ve done since we were 12 ( CRAZY, we’ve known each other since middle school ). We would sit around for hours thinking of creative ideas. But this specific day, at the DMV- something was different.

Something was brewing.

Both of us saw a gap in the market for bloggers- there were all these cheesy-ass eBooks promising bloggers to GET RICH QUICK. Yawn, yawn, yawn. And what a crock of shit- there’s no get rich quick scheme that I’ve ever seen. Building a blog or brand requires patience, work, quality content, & a lot of slow, strategic growth. There was this HUGE hole in the blogging market. We wanted to help bloggers shine through the noise with a VERY specific, clear brand.

We’re talking FRESH, UPDATED, blogging & branding advice. None of that out-dated 2010 shit.

Anyway. So the DMV- we were on the floor charging our phones talking about how we could create something that would bring value to bloggers who were just starting out. We wanted something voodoo-ish, something dark even. Enter: blog-doo

YOUR #1 BLOGGING RESOURCE– by bloggers, for bloggers created by Fashionlush & myself. For four years we’ve helped bloggers create their brand online with mood boards, Instagram inspo,  & blog design. FUN!

When we first told Erica’s dad about the idea, he laughed. He said it sounded like doo-doo as in shit. But we stuck with the idea. We had a vision & no one was stopping us ( stop focusing on what other people think & do you at all times- I like when people laugh actually, it gets me off, LOL ).

We’ve helped clients like Audrina Patridge, Kaitlynn Carter, Weslie Christensen,  Becca Tilley, & Child of Wild launch their blogs ( check out our portfolio ). The business now has a team of 6 people who are all EXTREMELY creative & work full-time to give creators their dream blogs.

Our overall mission is simple: to bring bloggers/content creators everywhere VALUE! Resources! Tips! Tricks! Secrets! YOU GET IT.

And lately, we’ve been working on a lil somethin’, somethin’.

Something to switch it up you know- we never want boring. A little spice never hurt a flea.

SO TA-DA: BLOG-DOO: Secret Tips Ebook.

Just your one stop shop to help you get on the road to turning your passion into a profession. Blog design is expensive so we wanted to create a resource that all bloggers, everywhere could use.

Since we get asked tons of questions about blogging we figured it was time to answer everything in one place. We have meticulously compiled many of your guys’ questions throughout the years to make a comprehensive, ONE STOP SHOP resource for bloggers & aspiring content creators.

THINK: the latest and greatest tips & tricks for bloggers who want to take their brand to the next level.

It will provide you with essential tools, tips & top blogger secrets. Just all the fun stuff.

Whether you’re just starting out, or already killing the game, this eBook will be your guide to building a cohesive and successful brand & blog.

blogging branding tips secrets by tsc fashionlush


+ coming up with your brand ( blog name, branding, niche, etc. )
+ photography & editing
+ collaborating with brands
+ case studies
+ social media guides
+ & much more!

+ You’ll receive interactive worksheets, case studies from industry professionals, tips to monetize your blog, photography tutorials, SEO hacks, & tips…plus SO much more. Are you ready to take your blog to the next level?

blogging branding tips secrets by tsc fashionlush

JUST SOME HIGHLIGHTS FROM blog-doo Secret Tips eBook!


The eBook includes a ton of interactive worksheets to help you brand your blog, create content, choose a blog name, find your niche & more- all of which will help you determine your brands vision & refine your mission.


We share tips on how to secure partnerships, determine your rates, & give a brand’s look at working with bloggers.


Learn the blog photography basics, the editing process, blogger favorite cameras, iPhone photography tips, visual photography examples, & more.


Tips on how to efficiently use social media & SEO to help grow & expand your brand- but in terms you will understand!


Some of our favorite brands, PR executives, & top bloggers share their expert insight into the blogging industry.


A comprehensive list of the best photo editing software & apps, design tutorials, blogger networks to join, & more!

blogging branding tips secrets by tsc fashionlush



The first step in choosing a name is determining your blog’s essence.

Write down the answers to the following questions to help figure out your brand.

What is your niche?

What are your passions?

What makes your blog stand out?

What do you intend to write about?

Who is your ideal target audience?

What is the tone/vibe of your blog?

How would it look on the cover of a book ( think big! )?

+ If you’re delaying pulling the trigger because of a name we’ve got ya covered. DO NOT LET A NAME HOLD YOU BACK- PULL THE TRIGGER. Launch fast & adjust to consumer feedback. Ultimately when it comes to a brand name, it’s what YOU make of it.

blogging branding tips secrets by tsc fashionlush

The price is $89.99. Why are we charging? Good question. Because there’s a lotttt of out-of-pocket expenses to run the program behind the scene. blog-doo has to cover specific costs of running the separate web portal, hiring a team, video/photos/etc., graphic design, & time/labor. Plus, there’s been a team of people working on this for the past YEAR. We made sure the price was more affordable ( & hopefully more valuable ) than all of the other blogger eBooks on the market.

OK SO – how many of you are thinking of starting a blog or are ready to take it to the next level?

Share your blogs below so I can stalk all of you ; ). & SCOPE THE EBOOK HERE!

x, lauryn


++ OUTFITS BY: @shopvandevort, MESSAGE them on Instagram for deets. 

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blogging branding tips secrets by tsc fashionlush


  1. Just got my copy and it’s A-MAZING! I cannot wait to start executing right away after I finish exams – so many cute worksheets I’ll be printing out! My blog is and I’m using squarespace at the moment! x

  2. I’m soooo tempted to buy this ebook! Your biz articles are always the shit and I know there is more I can learn BUT I’ve been blogging for 4 years total and 2 years trying to work my way into a blogging career… is there enough value in there so if I pay full price I don’t already know half the info?? Love you and Erica!

    My blog is I would be so flattered if you looked at it <3
    Instagram is @rachelcossette if you want to go full stalker =)

    1. This book covers topics & tips we have never/ will not ever cover in our articles. It is full of value

  3. YAY! I’ve been so excited for this e-book to come out! I followed a lot of your advice when launching my blog last September. I know what I’m buying myself for my next splurge. You can find my blog at:

  4. What an amazing idea! You both are so talented! I’ve almost been blogging for 6 months! It’s been amazing but still majorly struggling with SEO & getting noticed through organic search traffic, might have to check this book out!


    I’m JUST starting out – look up to you big time and am LOVING your podcast. I listen to you daily on the way into work. Keep it comin!! E book is a great idea, I’m going to give it a shot. Hoping to peruse my passion for chasing a healthy lifestyle as a career one day – I need to kick start!

    Insta: sayJessplease

  6. Just started it and I love it! I’ve been wanting to do a blog for so long and was letting my lack of tech skills hold me back but I’m inspired and ready to go!

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