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blog-doo Giveaway Winners

The Skinny Confidential talks blog-doo giveaway.


Winners of the blog-doo giveaway have been picked!

The grand prize, which includes a serious gift basket x a FREE blog make-over (!!!) by blog-doo, goes to Christa Larken from Mean Lil’ Mix!

& the lucky runner up, who will receive some insaneeeee goodies adding up to $500, goes to Jodi Duncan from The Balanced Traveler.

Thanks to all of those who entered & don’t worry— there’s more cool giveaways coming up! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to get instant access to future opportunities to score some major blogging swag.

xx, Lauryn & Erica

{ pics by: Katherine Rose }

The Skinny Confidential talks blog-doo giveaway.

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