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Bloated? Hungover? Puffiness? MEET THE ACTUAL CURE.


To be TOTALLY transparent, I’m blogging from an iPhone currently because for some annoying, dreadful reason our Internet has decided to go KAPUT.

It’s always something.

Regardless, I’m over it because I literally just ate 1/3 ( 1/2? ) a container of raw almond butter…& raw almond butter always makes everything better.

Ok let’s talk about my BEST BEAUTY TIP.


HEARE YE, HEARE YE, we are gathered here today to discuss: ICE ROLLERS.

( Firstly, if grammar isn’t an A+ & punctuation is MEH, remember to give me a break because WELL, I’m on an iPhone. Bear with me, k? ).

Ok so, we’ve all been there: went overboard on the salted half rimmed margaritas, one too many slices of late night pizza, & just an all-around late night.

The cure? A morning ice roll.

I swear it like primes my face for makeup. Plus it freezes my wrinkles, no joke AND shrinks pores. If you’re a swollen mess from the night before, have no fear— an ice roller is here.

Here’s the deal. I’ve been doing ice facials since Sonja Morgan from RHONY recommended them after a brutal hangover circa 2014-ish when noble Countess LuAnn was yelling at Heather Yummie Tummie about being ‘uncool.’ It really wasn’t until my brutal jaw surgery that I discovered the IT beauty tip ( AKA MY LIFE LINE ).

So I was like, “umm, yes. This will make life easier PLUS give me a little lymphatic drainage while I’m rolling downward on my swollen jaw.”

Added to cart……..& then shit, the rest is history.

Not only did I fall absolutely HEAD OVER HEELS in love with my ice roller , I also entered into a committed relationship with my ice roller. Let’s put it this way: I use it every ( EVERY ) day, once sometimes twice a day for as long as it’s cold ( usually 2 to 3 minutes per time ). In fact, I’m grumpy if I don’t get to use it first thing in the AM!

This may very well be that I’m still a bit swollen ( YES, I KNOW— highly annoying ). Regardless I’ve been saying for years how amazing ice facials are ( WHAT UP, KATE MOSS— the supermodel does ice facials every morning ). Ice facials ARE most definitely insane but let’s be real: ice rolling is just more convenient.

What’s an ice roller you ask?


Maybe not the most eloquent way to describe the tool, but it is what it is.

According to this source, the tool “is incredibly simple, intuitive, and low-effort. The fun part is that it lives in your freezer, so you just keep it in there to ensure that the roller head is always cool. Each morning, when you want to wake up and energize your skin, roll it over your cheeks, eye area, and neck. The tightening effect makes your face and jawline look slimmer, like a great contouring job in the form of a pleasant and cooling spa-like experience.”


If this hasn’t transformed your beauty routine yet, let me tell you why you NEED one.

The benefits are endless really:

♡ A cold massage that tightens up pores/wrinkles while giving you kind of a lymphatic drainage.

♡ Minimizes redness, swelling, discomfort, &/or irritation while fighting fatigue.

♡ Prevents wrinkle formation & lifts your face. YES.

♡ Roll it on your eyes: puffy eyes are a bitch. This literally helps so much with any eye puffiness. If you just had an eyebrow wax? Use it on your eyebrows to fight any swelling or redness.

♡ I also roll it on my neck & chest. It seriously revitalizes & lifts EVERYWHERE.

If you’ve been happy hour drinking alcohol and got a messed up hangover in the morning, try this awesome routine using the Ice Roller.  You’ll love this!

How To Get Rid of Hangover Puffy Eyes & Face:

Hangover Puffy Face

Roll the Ice Roller across in upward motion across your face, across your cheeks, pushing it away from the center of your face.   On your forehead, roll it starting at the top of your brows up to the hairline.   The upward strokes give the lifting and tightening of the skin.  Don’t forget your chin, where some lymph nodes are located, roll it in an upward motion.   This is really going to relieve all the blood vessels and broken capillaries on your face as well as all the toxins.  With it’s ice anti-inflammatory features, it will definitely take off those hangover face.

The only thing you consider downward motion is on your neck and the back of your ears where most of the lymph nodes are located.  You will definitely feel good after a soothing ice roll.

Hangover Puffy Eyes

To de puff and get rid of those dark circles, roll it under your eyes.  Start at the corner of your eye and roll it in outwards motion all the way to your ear where a lymph node is located.  You can also roll it on your eyelids to help relieve those red eyes from those happy hour or those movie marathons you’ve been binging.

Using sheet masks, eye creams, or even tea bags can help relieve your hangover puffy eyes and face but it can be a little bit messy so an Ice roller is much more efficient.  The ice roller is also perfect for dry skin that can help shrink the size of your pores, making your skin appear more even and reduces the possibility of clogging your pores.  Just place it in your freezer for a couple of minutes and it’s ready to go!

Taking care of your Ice Roller is easy, just wash it with mild soap and water (hot or cold water), towel dry completely before returning it to the freezer.  Ready for next use!

None of this is sponsored. Just buy an ice roller & prepare to FALL IN LOVE. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

BOYS: you need this too, especially after shaving.

Have you guys tried an ice roller? Do you love? How CRAZY is it? Especially when you’re hungover. It’s like magic.

That’s all.

Talk later! lauryn x

Side Note: The Skinny Confidential HOT MESS ICE ROLLER is live now since April 2021- find the links below- hope you love it. Reasons we love it: the quality is like no other, it is sturdy, heavy, and silicone.  It keeps cold for so long due to the aluminum roller instead of plastic.   Want to know more about The Skinny Confidential Ice Roller? Drop us your e-mail for new product drops, discounts, & hot tips!

+ on a beauty related note: today on Snapchat I shared my entire day time make-up routine. It will be live for 24 hours! Check it out: @laurynevarts. Product info is also on my Twitter.

++ Episode 7 of TSC: HIM & HER PODCAST is live: delegation, independence, SEX, & relationship advice. Enjoy!

  1. Yes! I’ve been waiting for this post after seeing you rave about the ice roller on SNAP. Now I’m really intrigued!

    Xo, Nicole at

  2. This sounds amazing, RHONY is one of my favourite programmes so I know Sonja knows what’s up when it comes to skincare. Thanks for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. You READ MY MIND with this post. I wake up so puffy in the mornings EVERY DAY from allergies and it’s impossible to wake up all the way when your eyes are puffed shut. I definitely need this in my life!!

    1. Hi Dana, this ice roller will help SO MUCH. Honestly, I really think you’ll benefit a ton from it! Let me know if you try? xx

  4. Whenever I have swollen eyes I get an ice cube, wrap it in a paper towel and hold it on my eyes for as long as I can stand it. It works every time no matter how swollen my eyes are! So this eye roller sounds pretty cool.. I’ll have to try it.. thanks for the tip!

  5. Whenever I have swollen eyes I get an ice cube, wrap it in a paper towel and hold it on my eyes for as long as I can stand it. It works every time no matter how swollen my eyes are! So this eye roller sounds pretty cool.. I’ll have to try it.. thanks for the tip!

    1. However long I can both stand & have time for honestly! I’ll bring it in my car if I need to leave the house. Usually it takes just a few minutes to notice a change, I would recommend just using it until you notice any puffiness going down. Or use it until you feel good! Everyone’s body and skin is different.

  6. I suffer from what might possibly be the WORST facial puffiness and water retention ever on an almost daily basis. This is all despite the fact that I drink, literally, a gallon of water a day. I’m not kidding. I look great when I go to bed and then something happens overnight and I wake up looking like I stuffed my mouth full of marshmallows. Needless to say, I just placed an order for one of these ice rollers and I will practically be waiting on my doorstep until Sunday when it is scheduled to arrive! Thanks so much for the amazing beauty tips, Lauryn! Keep them coming, you’re the best! ♥

    1. Hi Brittany, I’m so sorry you suffer from extreme puffiness! Honestly, if that’s a recurring issue for you you should do everything you can to reduce it. Inflammation and stagnation in the body can create a lot of problems. What skincare products are you using? Also are you doing enough to keep your body flowing & moving? Make sure you’re drinking at least 80 ounce of water per day PLUS getting a ton of walking in or work outs a few days per week. It sounds like you need to create movement if you’re having a lot of stagnation, water retention, & inflammation. I hope this helps! xx

  7. This is perfect for me right now! I’ve been wondering about this same problem and I have had no idea what to do. Thanks so much!

  8. So my boyfriend is Korean and I’ve seen his Mom doing this for AGES. Like, she sits in front of the TV and just ice rolls her face. Seeing as how she’s almost 60 and only looks 30, I’m assuming it works haha.

    Also, I imagine that if you use this in the morning when you wake up, and you’re a groggy person like me, this will definitely be a good wake up call.


    COFFEESLAG New In: Chanel Mini

    1. WOW, your boyfriend’s mom sounds like a smart, beautiful lady! I hope it works for me as well as it sounds like it works for her! Thanks for sharing! Your story just motivated me to grab my ice roller and roll away! LOL! xx

  9. Okay you 100% sold me on this. I’ve been intrigued on your snaps and I love how easy it is to access aka just keep in the freezer. In fact, I could of reaaaallllllyyy used it this morning… ugh

  10. Just went to Amazon and placed my order, so excited to try it. You have converted me! Thanks for always sharing your awesome tips.

    1. Hi Tory! YAY! So glad you’re going to try it. Honestly, I think you’re going to love it. LMK your thoughts after your first face rolling experience?? xx

    1. Hi Kari, I totally get it! The roller is so much easier & WAY more comfortable. You’re going to love it!

  11. Literally thought I was the only one that ALWAYS woke up with a puffy face. (From food, drinking, lack of sleep…like hello chubby face. Not cute.) bought my roller a month ago after seeing it on your snap story. Obvs in love. Keep the recommendations coming!

    1. Hi Danielle, OMG no puffiness is a problem for so many of us! I can’t stand it! This ice roller makes a huge difference though seriously. Have you noticed a big difference? How does your skin look?? Is it reducing puffiness for you overall?? Tell me! xx

  12. I just wrote about this on my blog a couple days ago! Ice facials make such a difference, it’s unbelievable. It also helps your skincare products penetrate your skin. Love your blog & can’t wait to read more! 🙂

    1. I just wrote about this on my blog a couple days ago! Ice facials make such a difference, it’s unbelievable. It also helps your skincare products penetrate your skin. Love your blog & can’t wait to read more! 🙂

    2. Thanks Kimberly! Do you get ice facials often? Would love to know more about your personal experience with it! xx

    1. Eeeek! So happy you love your ice roller Sydnee! That seriously makes me so happy! Keep me posted on how it affects your skin? Would love to hear more! xx

  13. Decided to finally buy this! Excited to try it out–thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  14. I am OBSESSED with my ice roller. It is literally my favorite part of the day. I love using the Hansderma QiRex and my favorite rose water facial mist while ice rolling. It’s seriously amazing. Here is the article I wrote about my ice rolling experience too if you or anyone else is interested. Seriously I can’t get enough too girl!


  15. Have you ever tried the jade ice roller? I’ve seen it before, but wondered what the difference may be between the one you use and this one (besides price). I think I just like how pretty the jade is! haha.

  16. Hey Lauryn!

    Just read through this article and I’m wondering, Is it odd if men use this product? I battle with some redness issues along with periodic breakouts, hoping this helps!

  17. I love my ice roller thanks to you!! Do you use yours before you put on your oils and CC cream? or do you roll as a finishing touch?

  18. Just bought this for my momma and I! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing love!

    Taylor Jean

  19. Do you do this before or after washing your face in the morning? And before moisturizing I’m assuming?

  20. Alrighty Lauryn, I am going to try it. I suffer from migraine headaches and I really hope this helps stop these nasty monsters before they begin. Thanks for the recommendation!

  21. Lauryn, I just got this one in the mail and love it but I noticed you recently IG storied about another roller with just a white handle. Which one is that one, and do you like the new one better?

  22. Bought one of these off amazon last week and I’m already OBSESSED. Immediately ordered a couple more for my mom and friends. I need to share this with everyone its too good. On top of everything you listed as benefits, damn it just feels SO GOOD. Thank you Lauryn!!

  23. I am ordering this bad boy today! I just received my jade rollder that you use & I LOVE it. It’s so refreshing & my hubs loves it too. Win, win!!! Can’t wait to see your makeup routine. Definitely taking notes. ❤️

  24. I recently got an ice roller and I really love it but I’ve actaulyl broken out since I started using it. Should I be using it in between using it? I’m worried it’s picking up germs in my freezer…

  25. The one you linked it out of stock. Is there another similar one that you might recommend?

  26. Just discovered you/your blog/podcast last week, and I’m obsessed! I suffer from morning puffiness in my face and eyes all the time, so this sounds like it would be right up my alley. Just purchased this on Amazon today – can’t wait til I get it! Thank you for your recommendation! Next up in my shopping cart: jade roller 🙂

  27. Hi Lauryn! Should I use the ice roller before or after my morning moisturizers / makeup!?

  28. Hey,

    What a great post! On your Website.

    This is full of useful information I can’t wait to dig deep and start watching the sources you’ve given me about.. Very ingenious.

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