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My Moody, Modern Wedding Invitations

Modern Wedding Invitations 1 | by the skinny confidential Surprise, surprise I became the pickiest bitch on the planet five seconds before my wedding invites needed to be sent out…so THANK GOD BLISS & BONE commented on a pre-wedding Instagram pic.

I had looked all over the Internet to find a wedding invite that didn’t look like a wedding invite.

Nothing was working for me.

As we know I’m very specific at the last-minute always.

The invitation sets the scene. It sets the tone. The vibe. AND OF COURSE the invitation needed to start the story off.

So we couldn’t go with white, bridal, glitter, etc.

Literally after looking for gothic invites EVERYWHERE, I stumbled across BLISS & BONE on Instagram.

Here’s the deal I know what I like the second I see what I like…HA. And BLISS & BONE were it. Immediately. No questions asked.

Cindy, the founder, hopped on a call with me & I told her I wanted dark, Calla lilies with a twist. Then we asked you guys…and then…….

…BOY. Did she deliver.

Here’s the thing: sometimes I’m not the best at communicating exactly what’s in my head ( is anyone else like this? ). But Cindy immediately got my vision. In fact, there were no changes when she presented the custom invitations. Which is very rare in my case. Usually I am overly specific.

It was nice to work with someone who GETS IT!

We ended up mixing black snake skin invitations ( very heavy, nothing light ) with a huge Calla lily. There was a custom foil on the front with very simple details & sultry font. Each invite was wrapped in thin black string with a black & white save date and snake skin itinerary:

wedding invitations | by the skinny confidentialwedding invitations | by the skinny confidential

The envelope was grey & thick & BIG with beautiful calligraphy. On the top left corner we added huge vintage-inspire George Washington stamps…a detail I went CRAZY FOR. Inside the envelope we lined it with a super dark purple velvet print.

Honestly I was so happy with the outcome. It was the most beautiful invitation ever ( THANK YOU CINDY ).

I also have to mention Jess from Bohemian Ink Calligraphy. Her handwriting is absolutely insane- so cool & up to date. Highly recommend. She was able to really put together the entire invite experience by personalizing each one. Another special touch: Jess painted the envelopes with watercolor & gold ink splatter details. YESSS PLZ. I will be a FOREVER fan of her unique calligraphy. We loved them so much we’re framing the invite AND The Nanz’ envelope too.

Just see for yourself:

wedding invitations | by the skinny confidential wedding invitations | by the skinny confidential
Also you should know BLISS & BONE also did our wedding website. The whole experience was quick, easy, & stylish in a non-wedding way. On the site we had pictures of me & Michael ( not too many, didn’t want to over do it ) with an itinerary of the four-day wedding festivities. We had hotel/plane rates plus a registry.

For the registry, we decided to nix gifts & make it about experiences with a honeymoon fund and a place to donate to The Nanz‘ favorite charity or The Humane Society. 

The whole site was laid out efficiently & very much to my invite’s aesthetic.

wedding invitations | by the skinny confidential

Since I loved the invitation/save the date so much, BLISS & BONE & I decided to share it with other brides…or YOU! That’s right, anyone can purchase my custom wedding invites for their wedding. Fun right!

On top of that, if you’re more of a white girl: you can choose white snake skin instead of my black snake skin- it’s whatever your vibe is. The whole process can be found here.

Ok so I hope you guys liked the invites! Been very excited to share them with you. I’ll be Snapchatting them tomorrow too- @laurynevarts.

With that, have a happy Tuesday!

– lauryn x


++ be sure to listen to the latest podcast…it’s with Ally Hilfiger & by far one of my favorites!


  1. i absolutely adore these invitations! they’re just SO different and unique from every other wedding invite out there, they’re stunning!

  2. Absolutely LOVE the vintage Washington stamp – that is srsly dope! Also, obsessing over the VELVET (velvet > glitter, always) lined envelope – love the aesthetic so much! x

  3. Such a fan of these! Every time I get a wedding invitation from someone it’s always lacey or covered in pearls and white even though that rarely matches the vibe of the wedding. I’ve been to a fall-themed wedding (everything was red and orange and they got married underneath a beautiful maple tree that’s leaves were all red and orange and yellow) but the invitation was white and traditional. So weird that people do that and I love that you stuck to your guns and got what you wanted!

    1. LOL I know I never understand that either! It was SO important to us to stick with the theme through everything. Thanks Lex! xx

  4. I LOVE these. When we got married I got so frustrated seeing so many old fashioned invite designs (we were not getting married at Downton Abbey!). These are great 🙂

  5. I’m obsessed with these! They’re stunning!

    Question for you though: were there any issues with sending these to your guests with their names & addresses being in such incredible/dramatic calligraphy (which is breathtaking, btw)? I’d be so worried the post office would be unable to read it and deliver it to guests on time!

  6. These are so cool-looking! Sorry to be the annoying editor but I think there’s a typo in ‘restaurant’ in Breeze restaurant. for before you frame them 😉

  7. As others might have noted, “restaurant” is spelled incorrectly for the “Let’s Drink Margaritas” event. As you’re so detailed oriented, surprised this got past you. Hope you get a corrected invite to keep with the rest of your momentos.

  8. I wish I knew about them when I got married! They’re so chic and gorgeous!


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  9. LOVE love love your invites. Thank you for sharing with us – definitely good insight for when it comes time for me to do my wedding invitations! ; ) The invitations definitely fit with the mood and theme of your wedding. Plus they stayed true to you guys, which is the most important thing!

  10. Absolutely love these, looking at them it’s exactly what I want, but I’m not sure how to do it, and reading this was like reading something I wrote and forgot about, lol, anyway, beautiful, just beautiful.

  11. This is definitely not your average wedding invitation! I like the whole ensemble and gorgeous handwriting might I add, I feel like I’m opening a sultry perfume with that envelope. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. where can I get those president stamps?? I need them for my invites!! which i followed in your footsteps and ordered from bliss and bone… ugh loveeee

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