Blackout Bites [ Soy Butter Modified PB&J ]

Healthy PB&J
One of my modified PB&J favorites – an open faced soy butter & jelly sandwich

Yesterday, I came home from getting a mani [ I chose OPI’s “monsooner or later” ], only to discover the power was out…I was hungry, thirsty and had high hopes of making the night productive. After an hour of reading, I grabbed a blanket and fanned it out for a “blackout picnic.” Some essentials were water, Pinot Grigio, a scented candle, a snack and a scrapbook of skinny tips & tricks that I have been compiling throughout the years [ blog inspiration! ]. I decided to get my buzz going; while working on the scrapbook.

The snack I picked is definitely one of my favorites & easy to make: a low calorie PB & J. I use soy butter [ it tastes very similar to peanut butter, it’s made from soybeans that have been roasted [ soynuts ] & then crushed & blended with soybean oil for a slightly nutty taste, significantly less fat than peanut butter yet with many other nutritional benefits as well ], organic raspberry jam [ I prefer Cascadian Farm’s jams ] & one piece of Oasis Low Carb bread [ 60 cals, 8 g. carbs, 6 g. protein]. A quick diet modification is to make sure the sandwich is open faced [ it lessens the carb count ]! Although I ended up having to toast mine on the stove because of the blackout, it still ended up being a romantic & fun evening.

San Diego Blackout
Working on TSC recipe, health and diet go-to guide
Jo Malone Candles
A Jo Malone candle – the nectarine blossom & honey scent is yummy
San Diego Blackout
The Essentials – this Pinot Grigio hit the spot
San Diego Blackout
Late night bliss w/ candles, red wine & Pixy Bean





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5 replies to “Blackout Bites [ Soy Butter Modified PB&J ]”

  1. Wonderful. That Oasis bread may be a little difficult to find but everywhere it’s sold, sells out in a flash. It’s that good and still so great for you.