Blackberry Bubbles With Burlap & Crystal: Part II

The Skinny Confidential x Burlap & Crystal Thanksgiving.

The Skinny Confidential x Burlap & Crystal Thanksgiving.

Happy Wednesday!!!

It’s a very happy Wednesday indeed because tomorrow is THANKSGIVING. The best holiday ever right? I mean? Eating, drinking, relaxing? Ya.

Yesterday my stepmom, Julie from Burlap & Crystal and I shared how to set a thanksgivs table ( part I ) & today we’re sharing a TG cocktail that will knock your F-ing thigh highs off ( part II ).

Basically we like to call this purple-ish, delicious heaven: Blackberry Bubbles. MMMM hmmm. Enjoy:

The Skinny Confidential x Burlap & Crystal Thanksgiving.

Julie found some super cute purple, cocktail sugar & we lined our glasses ( using a lime to wet the rim of the glass ) with the pretty sugar. Then Julie invented ( ok, maybe not invented but basically ) THE BEST THING EVER: putting a scoop of blackberry sorbet in the bottom of the champs glass.

UMMMMMMMMmmm. Is there anything better?

Caution: when pouring the bubbly, go slow. Slow & steady definitely wins this race. You don’t want the bubbles overflowing.

Lastly add a blackberry for garnish & add a DIY wine charm for a fun added touch.

So ya, don’t worry if you’re crazed right now— we always got ya covered if you’re big hurry. Here’s a quick video to sum it up FAST:

Also, I should mention: if you guys want a last minute recipe, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS BRUSSELS SPROUTS RECIPE. It’s my favorite Thanksgiving recipe ever ( besides homemade cranberry sauce, corn bread, & fresh turkey— LOL ). I guess I just love Thanksgiving in general though so I’m bias.

Are you guys liking the extra video on the blog? Let me know! I hope so because it’s a fun way to connect with you guys & keep it really real. Thoughts?

Ok, happy Thanksgiving cuties— enjoy some blackberry bubbly ( w/ an extra scoop of sorbet )! Hashtag your pics on Insta as #theskinnyconfidential so I can check your Thxgivs out too.

Love/love/love, Lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential x Burlap & Crystal Thanksgiving.

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14 replies to “Blackberry Bubbles With Burlap & Crystal: Part II”

  1. Blackberry and peach sorbet are my favourites to add in bubbles! So good. I need to find some coloured sugar for next time though.

  2. I totally needed one more way to drink champagne!! (wink wink) LOVING the videos & the music choices! Your blog is the bee’s knees.