Little Black Favorites

The Skinny Confidential talks makeup and fashion.

1.} I literally wear this black bra by EGLUX four times a week. It looks HOT with everything. Plus a little peek of mesh? DIE for it.

2.} These boots are kind of insane. Suede boots are different ( leather is fun, but suede is more fun ) & sassy. AND THEY’RE ON SALEEEEE! WHEEEW.

3.} I know. Every blogger on the planet blogs about these black beauty’s BUT they’re just that good. My friend, Erica ( fellow blogger ) recommended them & I’m hooked.

4.} HATS!!! They’re so chic. This one has the cutest detail. And it’s priced right!

What’s your little black favorite?

– Lauryn, x


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19 replies to “Little Black Favorites”

  1. Awesome post! Black is the best, and a total wardrobe staple when you are working with a budget. Not only does it make it less obvious when you re-wear things, it looks super chic when you wear it from head to toe. LBD’s are a cornerstone in my closet for that reason!

    xx Jill

  2. I am huge into hats right now since I am trying to grow my hair out and not washing it too often! Thank god for hats Especially chic ones like this! Thanks for sharing xI C

  3. I’m confused… Do you wear a real bra under the mesh one? It looks like there is no support at all not to mention nothing covering the nips! How do you wear this? I need support even if I’m just lounging around. Seriously curious! Thanks!