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Birthday Real Talk



Going basic B here & doing a birthday blog post. You know the usual: what I learned this year, blah, blah, blah. I feel like these yearly posts are necessary because they keep my ass accountable & hopefully provide YOU ( yes, YOU ) with value. Who knows? Maybe you’ll pick up a tip or two…or even share one with me below.

First of all you can expect some fun content over the next couple weeks because I’m back from Cannes & ready to ROCK. I have blog posts to execute on, THINGS TO SHARE. The whole time I was traveling I was writing notes. Seriously I found a bunch of new products that I conveniently found on Amazon & I’m really narrowing down on what you guys want to see. It seems like it’s very beauty/wellness/real life focus. So your wish is my command. Juicy, valuable content is coming your way.

Ok kind of off track there but I felt like we needed to touch base? So hi.

With that let’s get right into the top three things I learned this year.



For sure at the point in my life where I only have so much energy to give. Most of my energy goes into my business & my relationship/family/friendships/pets. Some of it goes into working out, hobbies, reading, yoga, traveling, cooking, creativity, cleaning, etc. And usually? There’s really nothing left after that.


Which means I have no energy, & I MEAN NO ENERGY, to give to toxicity. Toxic friendships or work relationships are out. I don’t even question it anymore- if it doesn’t feel right, it’s out. Nothing against anyone, it’s just that I simply don’t have energy for negativity.

So yes, this year I’ve learned to cut the fat & cut it for good.

I have no interest in wasting energy on relationships that are unhealthy. Anyone else?



Instead of only creating content this year, I feel like with the power of Snapchat I’ve been able to provide a raw view of the behind the scenes. Our podcast launched about a year ago & I definitely think it’s a behind the scene look too. While creating content will always be a part of The Skinny Confidential, the BTS is just as valuable. I think it allows us ( like me & you ) to develop an online friendship.

At the latest NYC meet-up ( post coming this week ), I got to really connect with TSC readers. That’s what I get off on- the community.

The community had grown since Snapchat, Insta Stories/LIVE, the secret girls only FB group, etc. has revealed more of a BTS look.

Instead of pale yellow macaroons & the latest Gucci slides all day, I’ve found such value and depth in sharing all sides of life- AKA the good, the bad, & the ugly.



This year I have been 100% myself, UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Because REALLY, that’s what this blog is all about: beating to the tune of your own drum…no matter what anyone else thinks. I hope when you leave The Skinny Confidential that you will leave wanting to be the BEST version of yourself- whatever that looks like ON YOUR TERMS.

Not everyone is going to like me & that’s OK- I’m not for everyone, you know?

That’s the beauty of the Internet. There’s a bazillion people on it so sometimes you connect & sometimes you don’t. For those of you who have connected with TSC, it’s apparent that you too, want to be yourselves UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Put those blinders on & block out those opinions.


Do you- always.

OH AND I have to acknowledge the GORGEOUS flowers that Isari Flower Studio set-up. The creative owner, Tam, is so, SO talented & as you can see she really gets my aesthetic. Tam came over today & just covered our dining room in big blooms- different pinks, purples, & whites. Then she even pulled out my white kitchen lacquered tray & did a full on birthday flat-lay. What I love about Isari Flower Studio is they come in your house & use what you have around your home to create an experience. It’s not just a vase of flowers. Actually it’s so much more than that- she really set up this lovely birthday experience by using my pink vases, some candy, champagne gummy bears, wine, & a tray. VERY HAPPY with how it turned out. If you’re in San Diego & want the perfect flower experience, check Isari Flower Studio. She did my bridal party too- lavender everywhere ( see: PART I & PART II )!! YES PLZ.


Also you should know my friend, Jana, got me this MORE Rosé sweater ( LOVE you Jana ). It’s so soft & perfect- I felt like I could live in it. These rose gold aviators are another fav too. They really cover the face which is fabulous when you’re too lazy to put makeup on.

Ok now to be very honest with you it’s 8:17 PM & we are in bed. That’s right guys, jet lag is a real bitch. I feel like I have the flu. Ya, lovely when I have to get my whole life together. Between e-mails, content, editing, shooting, unpacking, getting my house/life in order…I am just kind of screwed this week. So I guess it means early nights…& EARLY mornings ( like today I was up at 5 AM which is very early for me ).


Before I go, I’d love to know: what kind of summer content do you want to see on The Skinny Confidential? Want to produce newness that you’ll love.

Thank you for all the sweet birthday messages- love you guys!


Big hug from one jet lagged B- lauryn x

+ added more answers to the updated ASK LAURYN section– hope you enjoy!

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  1. This post was so beautiful! Happy Birthday Gorgeous, Fierce woman! I follow you daily because 1) you feel like my friend 2) your posts absolutely make me go for what I want. 3) I’m a consumer of information , i just love reading and learning everyday and you provide that on topics i love, health, fitness, beauty. So thank you for all of your hard work. XOXO Tiffany

  2. Happy birthday!!!! This post really hit home this morning and was something I NEEDED to hear. Thank you for showing girls that’s it’s expected to be confident and selfish sometimes and work on being the best version of yourself! I’d love more content on not settling in relationships . Have a fabulous week!

  3. I love the straws for the champagne! Love a straw. Also so glad you did one of these posts. Even if they’re a cliche everyone has a totally different perspective on them and I love reading them. P.s. Happy birthday!!

  4. Love love ! I love the lessons you’ve absorbed this year. Definitely feeling you on the “do you + put your blinders on”.
    It’s hard to do, but it’s always nice to be reminded.
    You’re rocking it, lauryn! Can’t wait to see what this year has for you guys.

    Summer vibe content :
    + Poolside or pool workouts.
    + Plumper lips.
    + Hair health.
    + Weekend surprise trips for the Mr.

  5. Happy Birthday Lauren! Honestly, I’m loving the direction your brand is shifting. Catching a glimpse of your true life is what attracts me to reading your blog and listening to your podcast — I hope you will continue to keep it real and honest.

    The podcast is probably my favorite part of what you have going now. I love hearing the stories about your fitness journey, building a brand, your sister’s addiction story, etc. The episodes put a familiar voice to your content. Also, I love learning about your favorite products. I started using Tula brightener because of one of your posts. 🙂

  6. Instead of pale yellow macaroons & the latest Gucci slides all day, I’ve found such value and depth in sharing all sides of life- AKA the good, the bad, & the ugly.

    yo this was so beautifully written babe. for real.



  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAURYN!!! I personally LOVE these types of post, I don’t care how basic they are! Your advice is dead on and honestly something I really needed to read & really absorb, especially from someone who constantly inspires me to be my best self. I love the idea of “trimming the fat” – as I’ve gotten older, I noticed people get flakier & my energy level for it is just totally depleted. It’s refreshing to know that it’s okay to remove yourself from it. I also really respect how you prioritize your relationship & business, it truly shows! That last tip is golden too esp in the blogging world.

    PS – RANDOM but that Guacamole starter sounds AMAZING! Happy birthday again & may this be your best year yet 😉

  8. this was so nice + i never thought to consider my birthday as a “what i learn” cause i normally avoid my birthday! (but my friends + fan won’t let me haha…) but alas thanks Lauren this was really inspiring.

  9. Happy Birthday beautiful!!! Obsessed with you blog the most! I have been here from the beginning of your launch of this, and I truly feel like we would be best friends if I lived in Cali… me, you, and Erica would have so much fun! JUST SAYING!! LOL

    I would like to see some posts this summer of some fun date night ideas that you and your hubby do. Me and my fiance moved to a different state for his job, and we are now in a new city away from all of our friends and family. So, I would love some ideas on what we could do just us that would be different and fun!

    Also, I love your posts on your beauty regime. All the products you post on anti-aging, reducing wrinkles, etc. However, I feel like every post you always have new products. Do you really switch to new products that often? I feel like I can never keep up lol

    I hope you had a great Birthday!! You rocked that Cannes look 🙂

  10. I love your advice on not putting any energy into negativity…my sort of motto in life is, “if you’re not happy, it’s not working”. I think we should apply this to literally EVERYTHING – relationships, friendships, jobs, books, tv shows, whatever, life is too short. I think we all need to hear that reminder every now and again. Cheers to another year of positivity! xo

  11. I love seeing these types of posts from you! Your realness and authenticity is so inspiring – these are all definitely great life reminders 🙂 (& happy birthday!!!)

  12. Happy Birthday Lauryn! Thank you for always empowering women and being honest! Love your blog 🙂

  13. I would love to see summer skincare! Like how to prevent or treat sunburns, how to keep your skin from drying out. Also- does everyone have to purchase a summer foundation and powder since their face gets so much darker? I’m thinking of skipping it this summer but then I look tired all day long.

  14. Happy birthday!!! I follow TSC because it encompasses everything I love .. health, beauty, wellness, posts that aren’t ALL sponsored. Just real life stuff. Also, because I feel like we’re friends. I literally say to my husband “Lauryn is blah blah blah” and he knows exactly who I’m talking about. Thanks for sharing your life with us! With Summer coming in HOT, I’d love to see some fitness focused posts/snaps/BTS. You post pictures from your beachside grass workouts frequently, I’d love to know what you DO during those workouts, because your bod is on point!

  15. Such pretty flowers!! Makes me want to go make some creations of my own to have around the house. Hope you enjoyed your birthday!! I love the content you are coming out with recently. It’s so amazing getting to see the BTS and knowing it’s real and legit. I love getting your skin care recommendations and the (taboo) wellness posts are always awesome to read and learn from.

  16. I would like to know your easy & quick beachy snacks. The heat and swimming in the ocean makes you hungry & thursty! What type of to go meals or snacks and drinks do you recommend for a day on the beach? Cheers!

  17. Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Lauryn!

    Love these kinds of posts where you share your wisdom with us!

    As far as content I would love to see for summer – More wisdom! Affordable summer accessories, how to summer-proof/melt-proof make up, outdoor exercises, beachy hair, how to find motivation when you feel stuck, how to get organized after traveling!

  18. Happy Birthday! These pictures were to die for, and those cupcakes look AMAZING.

    I’m 100% with you on the no time for toxicity point. I think one thing we can all agree on is that life is WAY too short to waste time on those things.

    Hope you enjoyed your special day!

  19. Happy Birthday! ..and so much yes to that. I don’t have time or energy for toxic people or situations. But not in a dramatic way. Brush it off. Move on. Be nice about it (no toxicity goes both ways). Life is so much better this way. In terms of content for the summer: honestly, your content is unexpected and you keep surprising me! So my requests would be lame in comparison. But here goes: I’d love to hear your take on retinol and retinol products you like, if you use it. Also, skincare routine for summer (I don’t really change mine throughout the year and probably should?) and of course: healthy and easy recipes for summer, maybe new ideas for summer parties that do not involve too much work, recipes decorations ect. (I can always use new ideas).

  20. Happy late Birthday Lauryn!
    Such a nice post. I really like your blog. We have very different styles of living but reading your blog regularly encourages me to “do me” more and more. For instance, I am planning my wedding and I never knew I could be as specific (/picky?) in terms of what I want or don’t want. Same for the way of living and my job. I am changing country (again) in 2 months because of a better professional opportunity- I am really happy and excited, and even though some people don’t get it, I don’t care and I stopped apologizing about what I want to do with my life! We need more girl badasses like you on the Internet. All the best, Sandrine

  21. Lauryn,

    I agree – cut the fat and don’t feel bad. Definitely, distance yourself from toxic relationships – but HOW do you do that? I mean I know there’s no guide to cutting out toxic people, but how can I minimize hurt so that we can at least be on somewhat okay terms? Like wave at each other at the grocery store, or something? Let me know. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. I LOVE your podcast and I think it’d be great to hear an episode on toxic friendships.

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