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My Favorite Sale ( FOR STAPLE PIECES!! )

The Skinny Confidential talks sales.


Ok so, besides the Nordstrom Anni sale, this is definitely one of my all-time favorite sales.


Well, because Shopbop has the best STUFF!! It can be pricey so I typically wait until they do their yearly sale to stock up on goodies.


Did I mention it’s 25% off…everything.

Just use code: BIGEVENT15.

My absolute favorite purchase were these athleisure ( yes, this is a word now ) sweats. They’re meant to be worn in like a chic, work-y way…but you can also wear them to workout or lounge in.


Also, my beloved/huge-ass sunglasses are on sale too. Just saying.

Here’s what I bought ( note: when I’m shopping Shopbop’s sale, I only buy staples!! Nothing trendy. If I’m investing in a piece, it’s ALWAYS a staple ).

Check it ( use arrow to scroll ):

  1. I definitely agree. Shopbop is the place to go to stock up on staples since the merchandise is typically steep in price. I also love their annual sale where they add an additional 25% off sale stuff. CHA-CHING!


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