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The Best Tips For Making Your Teeth Look White AF

jenna webb x TSC | pink lip graphic

{ art by: Jenna Webb }

Can we all acknowledge this lip TSC-ish print by reader & artist, Jenna Webb?


If you’re a part of TSC Secret Facebook Group you know we discuss a medley of different topics. Everything from orgasms ( vibrators were the hot recommendation ), to black nails ( they’re a YES ), to skin care ( oils for the win! ), to even palm reading ( waiting on my analysis ) to name a few. All the women are STRONG, FIERCE, & in charge of their future. I couldn’t be more excited to talk with so many badasses in one spot…day after day after day. I JUST LOVE IT.

Anyway, on Saturday I did a Facebook Live for the secret group only & the hot topic was teeth. Of course I’ve blogged about teeth before but I wanted to put it all in one spot. Tonight I’ve sort of scoured the Internet to find every trick in the book & I’m ready to projectile all the tricks on to you…because who doesn’t want white teeth?

( So you know…typical reasons teeth are yellow: genetics, food & drink choices, &/or how well you practice oral hygiene ).

OK YOU READY? I’ll get concise about it & leave it to five tippity-tips for ya,


1.) Be manipulative!

That’s right. A spray tan tricks anyone. Get a spray tan ( sans orange tones ) & your teeth will look just like Jim Carey’s big-ass white teeth in The Mask. Remember that movie? Yessss, a spray tan makes your teeth appear wayyyyyy whiter. Every single time.

Another way to get manipulative? Opt for cool tones in your makeup- don’t go with reddish-orange lip liner- it brings out reddish-orange teeth tones. Avoid orangey foundations. Leave the overly warm blush at home. Instead go for white eyeliner, cool nude tones on the lips, a cooler foundation, & cool pink tones for blush. Make sense?

I feel like I need to do a whole blog post on cool-toned favorites?!

So get a spray tan & go for non-orange/red makeup! Those two things alone are going to make a HUGE difference.


2.) Charcoal toothpaste for the winnnn! SO MANY PEOPLE SWEAR BY THIS TRICK.

Basically charcoal toothpaste is “a great, natural alternative for your entire family to promote healthy teeth & gums without toxic ( nasty-ass ) ingredients.”

The one I like contains “no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), no artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners (such as saccharine), and no fluoride.

It does contain activated bamboo charcoal: an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powder that’s excellent for gum health & sensitive teeth. Other natural ingredients like bentonite clay, organic orris root powder, myrrh gum powder, organic hibiscus petal powder, organic stevia leaf powder, organic peppermint essential oil, & organic cinnamon extract.

Anyway, I’ve tried three different charcoal toothpastes & this one is by far my favorite right now ( not spon ).

Need more info? Ok, ok- read this“I did some research and found out that even though it temporarily makes the mouth look extremely black- it has the same effect as it does when ingested: it pulls toxins from the mouth and removes stains. ( Fair warning: when you open your mouth, it is completely black and rather scary looking! Right after I did this the first time I was intensely worried that it would stain my teeth! ) To my surprise, all of the black washes away and it makes your teeth feel extremely clean and smooth. After a few uses, my teeth were noticeably whiter too. Further research I’ve done on this showed that activated charcoal can actually be helpful in changing the pH and health of the mouth, and as such is effective in preventing cavities and killing the bad bacteria present in tooth decay and gingivitis. For this reason, I now suggest and use it as part of my re-mineralizing protocol for teeth, along with my re-mineralizing toothpaste.”

PEOPLE SWEAR BY CHARCOAL TOOTHPASTE ( also I think it tastes good- it’s not gross at all, in my opinion ).

More on charcoal toothpaste for ya.

3.) THE ON THE GO Teeth Whitening Pen:

Let’s just say there’s a reason it’s sold out on

Why, you ask? Well it IS the ultimate secret weapon that every bad B should carry in their clutch..

It’s this little silver, efficient pen that’s clinically proven to WHITEN with a multi-use brush pen. Convenient for use anywhere & NOT UNCOMFORTABLE. I’M TALKING TO YOU, CREST WHITE STRIPS.

Simple, portable, efficient, effective— JUST HOW I LIKE IT. The ON THE GO Pen is safe on natural & artificial tooth surfaces. Once you’re done applying, pop the cap back on, & you’re good! No need to rinse. That’s right: use it on a date, in the car, wherever, whenever!

Lauryn Evarts and Erica Stolman talk oil pulling and its benefits.

4.) Oil pulling FTW:

I’ll say it once & I’ll say it again: oil pulling REALLY whitens teeth. It just does. Sure, it’s a pain in the ass. Like who has time to workout, work, have a social life, clean the house, keep a fresh mani, do the dishes, have sex, &…oil pull. No one really. HOWEVER if you’re looking to realllllly up the whiteness of your teeth? This works.

My friend, Erica of Fashionlush, swears by oil pulling. Remember when she said “So far, I have noticed my teeth are a lot whiter…which may sound like NBD to most of you, but for me it’s HUGE. I have never had any luck w/ those annoying white strips that always leave my teeth soooo sensitive ( literally, I won’t be able to drink a cold glass of water for at least three days!! ), so that was pretty exciting for me. I’ve also noticed less sensitivity, my jaw is doing really well ( I’ve got some seriously bad TMJ ), & my skin is looking great– which I am 100% contributing to the oil pulling.”

Whiter teeth, less jaw pain, & better skin? SIGN ME UP.

I like oil pulling whenever I can- usually while I clean the house. Because let’s be real, I always gotta be multi-tasking. I like this specific unrefined, virgin coconut oil right now.

More on oil pulling.


Baking soda- I know, not shocking but it works! Sodium bicarbonate scrubs away stains to make your teeth whiter. It’s also very alkaline so it could help balance out the Ph! Also you should know it reduces the acidity of the lemon juice, which acts as a natural bleach of sorts. This may be just shocking because people automatically assume lemon makes teeth yellow. BUT try this:

You will need…

+ 3 teaspoons of non-GMO baking soda
+ Enough lemon juice or water to form a paste
+ A toothbrush


Mix several teaspoons of baking soda with enough fresh lemon juice ( or water ) to make a paste. Wipe your teeth & any extra saliva off of them with a paper towel. Put a good amount of paste onto your toothbrush & apply ( via ).


FUN FACT: Americans spend over $1.4 BILLION DOLLARS a year on over the counter teeth whitening gimmicks. So do me a favor & save your cash for something more fun & utilize these cheap-o tips?

& of course, if all else fails you can always use the whitening tool on Facetune, right? The ways we can get efficient in 2017. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Okkkk, I’m off to brush my teeth. If you’re wondering I have this princess pink electronic toothbrush that I’m just IN LOVE with. I highly recommend. Also a big flosser over here. I’m lazy & use the ghetto green OG sticks but shit, they work. They’re ideal to throw in a handbag too.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous Monday.

Chat soon, lauryn x


  1. Thank you wooooo much for sharing this 🙂 I’ve been making a conscious effort of how well I brush my teeth etc.. As I really want to up my oral hygiene game and have some pearly whites haha. This post has given me so many new ideas – I really want to try charcoal tooth paste, the fact that it has no fluoride in it is an absolute winner for me. Oil pulling is something I heard about the other day, I may go and get some today and start actually practicing it as it sounds like it makes a huge difference 🙂

    Have a great week!!

    Chloe @

  2. I really need to try oil pulling! It sounds like such a game changer! Also I love the idea that it removes the bacteria in my mouth! Thanks for sharing, babe!

  3. Hi Lauryn,

    Love the blog and your honesty and that you’ve created a space for discussion. I’m in my last year of dental school and really think the best thing people can do for their teeth is brush 2min, 2x/day (using an electronic tooth brush really helps, even just an inexpensive one) and floss daily. Really the amount of time you spend oil pulling-if you just spent four minutes brushing well, with proper technique, you could achieve better results. Oil pulling is very trendy but really not backed by good, solid, independent research. It is also dangerous to aspirate the oil into your lungs. I think a great way to whiten your teeth is also to make sure your gums are healthy-nice pink healthy gums make your teeth look better than red, inflamed, spongy ones. Really I think there is no great secret to healthy white teeth, just good hygiene and regular visits to your dentist for cleanings and check-ups!

    1. I love following your blogs and tips religiously, Lauryn, but another 4th year dental student here. Elle is right- a lot of these ideas are trendy and seem like they could work, but many of them are not backed by any significant scientific evidence (oil pulling), and some are absolutely dangerous for your teeth. Acid (i.e. lemon juice with a pH of 2) is one of the worst things to put on your teeth, and baking soda (pH 9) is not enough to neutralize the severe acidity of the lemon juice. The acidity of the lemon juice will eat away at your enamel, and the abrasiveness of the baking soda will only harm your teeth and make them more sensitive, not whiten them. Please don’t do this! Elle is correct that great hygiene and regular cleanings at your dentist will give you a brighter smile. Your dentist will have ideas about professional and safe whitening. I always recommend people to drink everything through a straw (iced coffee, tea), and to drink sips of water in between sips of coffee or red wine to prevent staining.


    I use a water flosser and LOVE it, perfect for the lazies! Have you heard of it?!?

  5. The toothpaste linked above says it uses dead sea salt but doesn’t include charcoal – is it linked to the correct product? I may have misunderstood but I took it as you like the charcoal toothpaste. Just want to make sure I’m getting the right one to get my teeth white AF!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Amanda! Accidentally linked the wrong one. Loving this one: x

  6. Ben and I are OBSESSED with whitening our teeth. Oil pulling is SO worth it (in spite of it’s inconvenience). But we’ve never tried charcoal toothpaste. I love that it’s a better alternative than the sketchy stuff we use now them. Buying some immediately!

  7. I have been very very very lucky with my teeth! They straightened out on their own when I was little, I’ve never had a cavity, and I have room for all my wisdom teeth. Naturally I try to do everything I can to keep my teeth nice since I am so fortunate to have just been given good teeth, but OMG whitening strips are so very painful! I have to take advil when I use them just to keep some of the pain away. If I plan on eating anything hot or cold that day..forget it! Also the fact that there is a suggestion on the box saying you should only go through two boxes a year, kinda scary to think about how, while it is whitening them, it could be doing major damage to your teeth. I have never tried oil pulling, but I totally plan to! A cheap way to whiten my teeth? I’m ALL for that! A couple times a week I like to rinse my mouth with peroxide. It helps to clean and also whitens a bit. I am (slightly) OCD when it comes to my teeth – AKA drinking out of straws (I actually stopped drinking coffee for months because I was afraid of the stains!) & feeling so gross if I eat something too sweet and can feel it on my teeth. I am so down to try this! Can’t wait to see the results! Thanks for the post Lauryn!

  8. That’s pretty interesting how you can use makeup and spray tan to make your smile appear whiter. That’s a wonderful temporary solution. I’ll have to try this until I’m able to make some time to go to a cosmetic dentist.

  9. I would be very careful with charcoal and teeth brushing, I had no idea that it was so abrasive and could actually damage my teeth until my last visit with my dentist in Pearland, TX. He let me know the reason I was having more tooth sensitivity was due to charcoal and over-the-counter teeth whitening products, since I got professional teeth whitening in Pearland, I haven’t had a single problem. I would much rather pay a bit extra and not have painful tooth or sores on my gums!

  10. I had no idea what oil pulling was until I stumbled across your blog and I just had to try it! My dentist in Pasadena, TX even asked what I had been doing differently at my last appointment and I explained it to him! He also told me a secret about strawberries and their ability to help whiten teeth but I haven’t tried that one out yet. Have you ever tried strawberry teeth whitening or any other “natural” methods? I’d love to hear about your results! Thank you again!

  11. Very well written blog. It will surely help many people dealing with teeth issues. How do you have this kind of knowledge in so detail I am are you a doctor or dentist ? Your blog shows how much good knowledge you have in this area.
    Do share more stuff like this Thanks

  12. These are some great whitening remedies! Making sure to protect your teeth and provide them with nutrients while whitening is essential. Check out the link below to learn more about great ways to get the best nutrients for your teeth to avoid sensitivity and damage!

  13. My dentist at Katy Dental Experts told me and my husband that we should avoid teeth whitening with charcoal or baking soda, mainly because the two materials are pretty abrasive when you’re scrubbing your teeth, and could actually cause long-term damage.

  14. My Houston dentist actually recommended that I avoid using charcoal or baking soda to try to naturally whiten my teeth. The reasoning behind that is, these ingredients can actually be abrasive on teeth, and wear down the outer layer of the enamel over time. This could lead to increased tooth sensitivity in the long run.

  15. My local dentist near me at Charm Dental Care in Spring, TX offer free take-home whitening trays. I recommend contacting Dr. Shah at Charm Dental Care for assistance with teeth whitening in Spring, TX.

  16. Dr. Nguyen at Town Square Dental in Pasadena, TX offers great teeth whitening services. I highly recommends that anyone looking for a dentist in the Pasadena, TX area give him a call. My teeth have never been whiter!

  17. I am going to have to ask my local dentist near me about these tips. I have my doubts, but maybe Potomac Crown Dentistry in North Potomac, MD 20878 will recommend them!

  18. Some of these tips seem rather off-putting to me. I think I will run them by my local dentist in Sugar Land, TX 77479 at Sweetwater Dental Studio before I start trying any of them.

  19. Really useful! I tried all the tips she recommends and it really works! Even my dentist at Mirabella Smiles in Cypress, TX noticed and complimented me on my white teeth!

  20. Sweet tea and genetics. My two biggest foes in my journey to whiter teeth. I tried the charcoal, I tried the strips, and I do my routinely whitenings at Plaza Dental in Peoria, AZ. Alas, I feel defeated and drained, until my dentist recommended me something new, the pens! I only tried them for a few weeks, but I can see a bright difference in my smile, hopefully with these I can achieve my final goal for the perfect smile.

  21. These are some of the best tips I have ever heard! Of course, I’ll be sure to run them by my family dentist near me at Islands Pediatric Dentistry in Gilbert, AZ before doing anything.

  22. You know, I seen my girlfriend use the charcoal toothpaste for awhile, and it is daunting. It looked unnatural. I brought this up with my dentist from Floss 365 Dental in Kennesaw, GA, and she mentioned how it is totally fine. She assured me that it is a good way to whiten your teeth if regular methods aren’t enough. I guess I just got to get used to it. At least it is good for her.

  23. These are great ideas for at home teeth whitening! If you ever want a professional whitening, Vayner Family Dentistry in Fairfield, CT does an excellent job.

  24. These are all some great whitening remedies! Using natural ingredients on your teeth is much safer than some of these harmful, chemical-filled whitening products. To learn more about an amazing, all-natural whitening system that really works, check out


  25. These are awesome tips! My dentist in Windsor, Ontario, Dental Health Centre has helped me out a lot with whitening my teeth, too! Love having shiny-white teeth!

  26. Professional teeth whitening is another option! Depending on your dentist, they can sometimes offer great deals on teeth whitening. We offer this service at Ocean Dental Center in Huntington Beach, California.

  27. I decided to have my teeth whitened professionally because I’m a bit too lazy to DIY it. Got it done at Dr. Jeff Levman in Mississauga, ON, and it was not pricey at all. Turned out great, and I felt better having a real dentist do it than if I did it myself.

  28. I’m so much in love with the super cool graphic by Jenna…great job!! I am myself a big fan of flossing and always carry floss along. Your tips are amazing – I keep checking your page often for such amazing tips. WRT teeth whitening, I am not into DIY whitening stuff, I prefer to pay a visit to my dentist at One Brilliant Dental in Katy, TX for professional teeth whitening 3 times a year.

  29. I’ve been going to my dentist at Bayside Dental in Rowlett, TX for teeth whitening treatments and I like the result. I came across your blog and I am love with it now! I am so gonna try the baking soda tip tomorrow. Looking forward to more such updates. Thanks a lot!

  30. Thank you for sharing these great tips. I am surely gonna try some of that. I however go to my dentist at Smile Dental Wellness of Suffern in Suffern, NY regularly for professional teeth whitening – what is your take on professional teeth whitening?

  31. I decided to have my teeth whitened professionally because I’m a bit too lazy to DIY it. Got it done at Royal Dental in Pearland, TX, and it was not pricey at all. Turned out great, and I felt better having a real dentist do it than if I did it myself.

  32. Our Oral Irrigator now comes with Rechargeable Lithium batteries, which gives you much more power and battery life. Daily irrigation helps reach places brushing simply cannot, promoting cleaner teeth and healthier gums.

  33. hey could be gauged by the relent they produced. Whereas you did my thesis regarding the French monarchies, I could minus put the five joggers angular finishing it. It was burly lovely correspond persuasion’s presented were option devoted.

  34. Charcoal toothpaste is really effective in whitening up teeth. I have tied this and it gives positive results. You have provided new tips for teeth whitening. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  35. I really enjoyed your post. Charcoal helps whiten teeth while promoting good oral health by changing the pH balance in the mouth, helping prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease. Thanks.

  36. The best way to whiten your teeth naturally — though maybe not always the easiest — is to simply brush your teeth with an appropriate toothpaste after eating or drinking something. Hydrogen peroxide is an antibacterial agent and works great as a total mouth and gum cleaner and keeps the mouth free of germs.

  37. It’s an easy and effective way to refresh your mouth and get your teeth and gums clean.

  38. Thanks for the amazing information Lauryn! I did try the whitening pen but didn’t quite like the results, which is why I feel I’d rather stick to going to my dentist at Durrett Orthodontics in Tampa, FL for whitening treatments. Your other ideas are worth giving a try I guess. Thanks again!

  39. That’s like some real research work!

    I do not know of someone that doesn’t want whiter teeth and a beautiful smile, but that is not all about wanting one – you really have to out in some efforts. Also, I know of people who have spent or are willing to spend huge sums of money to make things work for their yellow teeth – but, here’s you making things easier.

    While I do agree on the one that mention baking soda (because I heard someone saying it works, even though I never tried this one). What I really want to know is if these are all harmless and will give me the results just as good.

    Looking forwards for someone answering this one for me.

  40. Charcoal toothpaste is the best one that helps in teeth whitening at home. You can also go with your dentist in McAllen for whitening procedure as it is merely inexpensive. You can try mentioned techniques at home and these don’t have any negative impact on your enamel.

  41. The problem of discolored teeth is a major concern and a majority of people would agree when I say that they are all looking out for solutions that really work and are cost effective. Most even agree to see a dentist for teeth whitening but let’s just agree that you need something on a regular basis – which is why I searched the internet looking for something really good.

    And, this write up is it – offering the right kind of information and not being too dramatic on cost – ensuring that is this is a solution for everyone reading the piece.

    I think ‘charcoal toothpaste is any day a great idea after everything that I have read about and everything in here is a perfect takeaway. So, if you are too looking for some really great ways of teeth whitening then this is the piece of information for you.

  42. My teeth started to be yellowish due to drinking coffee, and I have been looking for ways on how to whiten it again. I never knew that there is such a thing as charcoal toothpaste, wherein it pulls toxins from the mouth and removes stains. Well, that seems fascinating, although, if this trick won’t work, then I’ll probably start looking for a dentist who can whiten my teeth.

  43. I really want to get a whiter smile soon because I don’t like how my teeth look in photos. Picking up some charcoal products seems like a great natural way to whiten my teeth over time. I’d like to get it done a little faster than that so I’ll visit a dentist that can help.

  44. I have used lemon and charcoal to whiten the teeth As lemon and charcoal can remove the yellowish and makes it bright, kills the bacteria and cavity. The above tips are also beneficial and I am gonna try those next weekend. Thanks!!

  45. Thank You for sharing such a nice and informative blog and your knowledge with us. Loved your blog and learned a lot from it.

  46. I found the blog more descriptive and useful for the teeth whitening patient. Thanks for sharing the information. If you want to read more visit my website for more information. I have also share some tips that will boost the whitening of the teeth.

  47. It is interesting that you recommend using a charcoal tothpast for oral health. I have mostly white teeth but one of my teeth looks yellow near my gums so it looks like I have food stuck there. I may consider reaching out to a dentist for recommendations as well.

  48. I found it interesting when you said that charcoal toothpaste is good for keeping your teeth white. My wife told me that she would like to find a way to have a great smile. I will tell her to look for a local dentist in this new area where we live so that we can get teeth whitening treatment.

  49. I’ve always been insecure about my yellowish teeth. That’s why I’ve been thinking of ways on how to have it whitened. Surprisingly, charcoal toothpaste is a natural alternative that whitens and promotes healthy teeth and gums. I hope this is effective because if not then maybe a cosmetic dentist would be able to help me out.

  50. Certain beverages like coffee and red wine can stain your teeth very easily. Avoiding these types of beverages will help tremendously in preventing stains and/or discolorations in the teeth. Cigarettes play a huge factor in staining the teeth as well, so get the patch! If you absolutely can’t stay away from these types of drinks, try drinking them through a straw. This helps eliminate contact with the teeth, hence reducing the chance of staining your teeth!

  51. Thanks for these wonderful tips. I have tried charcoal toothpaste and trust me it works like miracle. You can also go with professional teeth whitening treatments. Its not an expensive procedure and is really effective in boosting up self-confidence. Teeth whitening will help you get lighter shades in case you have dark teeth due to discoloration or staining. I will surely go with other mentioned points in the blog for sure.

  52. We feel more confident and enjoy more positive wellbeing with a healthier and dazzling smile. Thanks for sharing your tips for making teeth look white. I found them interesting, very well discussed!

  53. It’s very informational post for us, smile is a the first impression, When it comes to choosing a dentist is able to reconstruct your smile it is important to pay attention to qualifications and experience rather than prices and the cost of their procedures. Nice information for our better smile.

  54. I really need to try oil pulling! It sounds like such a game changer! Also I love the idea that it removes the bacteria in my mouth! Thanks for sharing.

  55. Excellent article, this blog has greater aspects on dental services, with a nice article on it. Thanks for the post!

  56. Having white teeth makes you feel confident and happy. You can smile properly in public places and be brave and confident. The Smile Collective has taught me how a smile changes your personality and makes you feel confident and gives a boost to your personality.

  57. Looking to receive teeth whitening near you? Professional teeth whitening will provide brighter results immediately compared to store-bought kits. Whitening is a great option to enhance your smile for an interview, special occasion, or to make you feel confident in your day-to-day life. Please contact us if you would like to receive teeth whitening in Red Deer.

  58. This is a vibrant blog with great tips about getting a brighter, whiter smile. One thing that everyone should do to maintain a white smile is get teeth cleaning in NW Calgary. Visiting your dentist regularly for teeth cleaning near you will not only keep your teeth sparkling but also ensure that your oral health is in tip-top shape.

  59. Thank you so much for sharing this! 😊 I’ve been focusing on improving my oral hygiene, aiming for those pearly whites. Your post has given me many new ideas. I’m especially interested in trying charcoal toothpaste since it’s fluoride-free, which is a big plus for me. I also recently learned about oil pulling, and I think I’ll give it a try – it sounds like it can make a significant difference.

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