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The Best Summer Sheets & Outdoor Blankets to Keep You REAL Cool & Cozy 

Oh boy. This post has been a long time coming. You’ve heard about my all-time favorite bath towels, & how the best sheets ever help me wind down, but let’s discuss the weather change. 

In LA there’s been a major change in the weather & I love adjusting to each season. With that comes SUMMER sheets. 


Michael turns the air up to 5 million so I want to make sure our sheets pivot with the climate. Naturally we use heavier sheets in the winter & white, lighter sheets in the summer.

While we’re here, I also want to discuss the best outdoor blankets we’ve been using. Since quar ( I’m calling it quar now instead of quarantine because I think it’s a more positive word, right ? ) we’ve been using our rooftop patio a lot. Reading, working, BBQing, drinking, eating- we’re just using the shit out of it, you know. Now, I have white patio furniture that I want to stay white & clean so I use these really cute outdoor blankets to cover everything. So we will get to that too- lots to do today LOL.

Let’s get into the summer essentials, shall we?

summer sheets by the skinny confidential

The Best Summer Sheets And Outdoor Blankets

♡ Summer Sheets

First up is the sheets. I’m a huge white fan which is super annoying when you have a baby, but I just can’t help it. I love everything white, especially when it comes to sheets. These are the ones we have. The bundle comes with a sheet set, duvet cover & 4 pillowcases. 

They are just effortless, but elegant & have a ‘Shutters on the Beach’ kind of casual style. They’re ideal for a warm day but are also perfect on a cool night. They don’t get messed up in the wash either ( highly recommend washing the sheets on cold & line drying if you can to preserve the fibers & elasticity. If you can’t, go for a tumble dry on low heat ). 

These sheets are so gorgeous, you’ll literally feel like you’re in a bougie hotel. They make your bed feel so summery in the best way ever. Like I am telling you they have that scrunched up feel that makes your house feel lived in but also very Architectural Digest. You really can’t go wrong. 

& holy shit !! They have 57,774 reviews that are almost all 5 stars. You can customize them too. You could do a nautical stripe, pastel pink or olive green. Like I said, I’m a fan of the white. They come in full, queen, king sizes or cali king ( we have a king ) & my husband is super obsessed too. You probably guessed right away that they’re from Brooklinen- they’re called the Hardcore Sheet Bundle. This thin blanket is made of long staple, linen quilt, 100 cotton.  They also have those weight blanket which is made of breathable, textured cotton, with a quilted interior layer of tiny glass beads. They are just the best guys, & I highly recommend switching to these for the summer, especially for those hot sleeper. 


♡ Outdoor Blankets

These beach blankets are so ideal for summer. We can’t be getting peach & pear baby food or greasy chihuahua paws on my white patio furniture.

We really wanted something light & vibey for our patio blankets so I got the pink ones with pops of white & the blue ones with pops of white. You can use these at the beach, at a park or on your patio. Personally I use them on the rooftop while eating homemade pizza & drinking chilled rosé…you gotta try it.

This size blanket ( or towels ) is made in Turkey of 88% Turkish cotton, but the big Beachside Blanket in the bundle is 97% Turkish cotton.  These summer blankets are great in temperature regulating especially for hot summer nights.  It is also good for wicking away moisture, perfect for retaining body temperature, and feels cool to the touch. This organic cotton blanket recommended machine washable on warm & again, tumble dry on low. I like to separate them from everything else I wash. You can also be totally psycho & iron them, but that’s Michael’s job. Seriously, he loves to iron.

Anyway, they’re plush, magical- they look so so so cute on Instagram Stories ( especially against white outdoor furniture ). I highly recommend them, & again, yes they’re Brooklinen. Oh, & they’re also so cute to use when you breastfeed if that’s your thing. Like, they’re that cute you guys.

Been a big fan of Brooklinen for the last 4 years. They’re products are HIGH quality & really maintain their integrity over time. 

Since I wanted to do a ‘one & done’ post for summer essentials, I’ll just share with you some other outdoor things I’m loving right now:

Funboy pool floaty.

Recently we got the heart-shaped Funboy & blew it up in our living room & filled it with these pink & white balls for babies. It’s like a McDonalds-esque ball pit at home. It’s such a fun way to engage babies. The heart one I have I sold out but I highly recommend getting their backyard cooler for your baby. I found a cute one with banana leaves too that you could also fill with balls. You could screw the ball idea & fill it up with water & let your kid splash around in it. Another fun thing to do is fill the whole thing up with ice & display cocktails around it. You could even do the Funboy convertible car  & let your baby hang on that too. 

pink cooler for rosé. 

There’s nothing cuter than a pink cooler. The one I have is by Igloo, it’s vintage & I got it off ebay. I did find one for you here that is literally so cute for all kinds of wine. Think about it now… you could fill it with crushed ice ( I just got a crushed ice machine that makes ‘coffee bean’ crushed ice & it’s to die for ) & Summer Water ( you can get the cutest mini bottles ). You can take this cooler  to your parents’, the beach, or on a mini getaway trip. 

these insane outdoor candles. 

Everyone needs outdoor candles for summer, they’re kind of an essential. I found these delicious ones from Target that are big white & beautiful & come in the right colors. I bought 3 & they’re only $12. 99. They’re round, ceramic candles with a very simple design. Like I said I got 3 & they’re all outside on my patio table. They burn for a long time & they smell like ylang ylang & eucalyptus which is just divine. 

If you’re in a colder climate, I got you covered. Be sure to stalk this post

If you have some outdoor stuff you think is cool this summer, please do share them in the comments section. I love to hear them out.

How are you guys switching it up for summer? Anything you do to keep it on brand as the weather changes? Tell, tell. 

x, lauryn

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+ this post is in collaboration with Brooklinen. As always all opinions are my own.


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