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THE BEST Summer BBQ Outfit

best summer bbq outfit | by the skinny confidential

Can you believe this year is almost half way over?

So weird. Time goes by so fast! I feel like I blink & it’s summertime.

Anyway, it’s almost JUNE!! Which means BBQ season is fast approaching. So let’s get right down to it & discuss attire, shall we?

For me, there are really only FIVE essential Summer BBQ outfit items:

ONE: Gorgeous White Maxi

Honestly, the great thing about this white maxi is you can dress it up or dress it down. So if you show up to a BBQ & your host is all done up like Kyle Richards from Housewives, you’ll be totally fine! Add a leather jacket for some sass.

TWO: Black or Tortoise Sunnies

I don’t go anywhere without oversized sunglasses— the Nanz & I even wear them inside. She thinks it’s fab. Sunglasses are an obvious essential for a BBQ. They especially come in handy after a few glasses of rosé.

THREE: Straw Handbag

Carry your SUNSCREEN in a straw handbag & you’re golden. You’re going to need to reapply throughout the day, ESPECIALLY if you’re down to get in the pool. I also like to bring water, watermelon jerky, a phone charger ( hey Mophie ), & a few other items, so a bag is 100% essential. Great to throw all your shit into really.

FOUR: Striped Slip-ons 

Slip-ons are a chic summer addition. Heels at the pool are just way too much, but that’s me. These are cute, comfy, & best of all, EASY.

FIVE: Rad Silver Choker

Accessories!! I’m loving chokers lately. Has to be the right one though.

BTW guys, Michael is taking me on a surprise B-DAY trip & I still have NO IDEA where we’re going. Follow along on Snapchat, hopefully he did good? We’ll see. Username is @laurynevarts.


  1. Living in SF, I always also bring a sweater or a leather jacket to throw on over my sundresses. You never know when the fog is going to roll in!

    1. Exactly! Layers are such a necessity.
      Thanks for reading Kari!
      What are some of your favorite places in SF?

  2. Love those striped shoes. It has gotten so hot here lately (I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia) and I am DYING for more summer clothes. My work wardrobe is melding in with my outside-of-work wardrobe (not down for that), so it’s about time to look for some new summer pieces. I also love that maxi dresses are so versatile!

    1. Maxi dresses are the best for summer! Can easily be played up or down.
      Thanks for the support Holly :))

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