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The Best Spray Tan Routine EVER: Spray Tan Tips & Tricks


Today we discuss SPRAY TANS. Something I have a real love/hate relationship with. You know I sure love how that ‘Island Kiss’ makes me glow but the whole process is a real bitch, don’t ya think? Ugh. It’s cold, uncomfortable, & just so awkward.

Nothing hotter right!

Again, I am big on spray tans. Ya, ya, ya you know I don’t have a great relationship with the sun so spray tan is what keeps me bronzed. Since I’ve been spray tanning since literally 11th grade, I figured I needed to do a video breakdown of every single, little tip & trick.

spray tan tips tricks youtube video by the skinny confidential

You can see here the tan is a tan but it’s not overly tan. Like no carrot-y, spotty situations are happening. Although I do have to admit that they’ve happened a million times.

But you know what they say? PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

AND THIS MY FRIENDS, is why I am a master spray tanner.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m kind of a professional. I mean, after 176 years of doing it basically once a week I know my spray tan shit. I know the tips & tricks for the best spray tanning results. Which is why a video was necessary:


So as a recap, before you tan always make sure to shower, dry brush, and shave all the hair as part of prepping your skin.  I avoid using barrier cream because sometimes it leaves white spots.  You can use Vaseline as an alternative to barrier cream which can also make your skin hydrated.  For a perfect tan, avoid moving a lot to avoid streaks in the crease lines.  Use loose clothes after you spray tan so it can dry really well.  Use wet wipes where tan fades such as in between toes and fingers – in areas where the fake tan is visible.  There are regular spray tanning solutions that need to be left on the skin for eight to ten hours or overnight before your body wash. To make your tan last longer do not use oil afterwards for 24 hours or at least 3 days for it will take the tan off – stick with a lotion of your choice.

If you’re not going to do the sun OR sunless tanners / spray tan, another tanning solution I recommend is TanTowel. They’re quick & efficient and very much get the job done when I’m traveling. They take 5 seconds. Plus they’re slogan is LOOK GOOD NAKED. Which I’m about? Also, the tiny towelettes are infused with a clear self-tanning formula which works with the proteins/amino acids of skin to give you a nice healthy tan within hours. No lie, I like them too. But if given the option, I spray tan.

On more tanning products, I go nuts for a Mystic Level 3 with violet tones ( AKA ‘Island-Kyssed’ ). Actually they just released the kind I like ( << the exact one I use ) for at-home use, which is very convenient & I may switch from the towelettes. I think it’s that good.

We go over why I’m so fucking specific in the video.

I feel like you NEED to get specific when it comes to a spray tan or it’s an entire disaster.

A spray tan is like a bad date- because we’ve all had a shit date. A bad spray tan happens to the best of us, you know? But have no fear these TSC tips will save your ass. Literally. But really, a good spray tan always makes my ass look tighter.

spray tan tips tricks youtube video by the skinny confidential

Spray Tan Tips And Tricks


+ dry brush
+ coconut rose lotion
+ white blouse ( similar )
+ caffeine sunscreen ( post here )
+ sex candle
+ mystic tan ‘island-kyssed’


dry brushing
manicure tips
+ MORE spray tan tips
+ facial massage
+ everything skin care

It’s been a long day of work ( + house work- we are painting half the house right now ) & I must go! Tomorrow’s TSC BODY GUIDE Meal Plan shoot is at the butt crack of dawn- so I need my beauty sleep. TONS of fun meal ideas for the girl on-the-go are coming your way. I especially love our to-go breakfasts. I hope you’re all having a productive week!

Also,  I can’t talk about self-tanning without pimping out gradual + hydrating self-tanning cream, Nº32. This formula works after decades of trying shitty self-tanners that left me streaky, orange, smelly, & dried out. Nº32 is the opposite of all of that: it smells like Rosewood, has clean ingredients, provides a natural looking color, is super hydrating, & very easy to apply. It doesn’t transfer on your bedding or clothing either!

If you’re in hot weather – like when we visited St. Tropez, take it easy on your spray tan – It’s 100 degrees and you don’t want it to sweat off.   You may prefer the natural way for aside from giving you suntan, your body will shed dead skin cells and replaces them with new ones.

OH, & PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, calling all tanning experts, leave any spray tan tips below ( get specific ).

See you tomorrow!

x, lauryn

+ BE SURE to listen to the latest podcast with Amanda Cerny where we discuss Instagram, social media, fitness tips, & haters. It’s a good one.

++ more beauty tips.

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    1. maybe work while you’re at work though lol and listen when you’re free?

  1. It would be awesome if you transcribed your videos, I love your posts but, whenever it’s a video post – i don’t watch it. For one, I just don’t have the time in the middle of the day, especially at work, to sit and watch a ten minute video (and to be real, it’s not like i can just play a video with sound in the middle of the workday in an office setting). Same goes for the commute to and from work, and then once you’re home, there’s so much to do that you’ve forgotten about the aforementioned video and it just never gets watched.

    I can’t be the only one!? anyone else here see a video post and just skip right past it because you know there isn’t going to be a time you can watch it/you don’t have the time watch it? Most of us can read faster than we can watch a video so it’s just not an effective use of time, right?

    Having the videos transcribed would be SO helpful to people who don’t have time sit here and watch something 10+ minutes long, but, who still want the content.

    1. Absolutely! I can’t watch the video while at work, and I’m too busy/forgetful when I’m not at work to watch it otherwise, and of course, there’s the time watching vs. time reading, too. A transcription would be awesome!

    2. So much yes to this!!! I wish everything from this to the news could be transcribed! It would be so helpful to us viewers.

  2. I used to have to get airbrush tans weekly or sometimes bi-weekly for cheerleading in college. Yes. literally 20 naked girls that look crazy dark in a locker room walking like zombies while the spray tan dried. You learn a few things especially like what to do if something gets messed up. I always recommend having a bottle of mouse at home in case stuff gets out of whack. if you somehow spill, get sprinkled on, walk through water and flick water on yourself with flip flops take a makeup brush like a kabuki brush with the mouse and blend in the area. Don’t worry if it looks splotchy, it will blend in. If it is still not blended when you shower do it again in that area. I also highly recommend the loving tan exfoliating mitt. It has two sides and it helps scrub off spray tan so you don’t look blotchy when you get another tan. Also, if you have to do something that is sweaty or its hot, put baby powder in your bra in your underwear, anywhere that will rub. You can do this after you shower too if you are trying to keep your tan as long as possible for a photoshoot etc.

  3. Ok, this tanning thing looks great! I’ve never fake tanned before, but I’ve been looking so pale recently that I feel like I need to get some colour on me!

    Ciara |

  4. This tanning thing sounds really interesting, thanks for the tip! Also – where did you get that super cute candle!?

  5. Thanks for the tips! When it starts to fade/rub off, do you then start exfoliating and then get another tan while you still have some of the old one or do you wait until you’re completely white again?

  6. These are great tips,I may need them if I ever decide to get a tan. (I’m scared that it will be a disaster for my skin haha)

    Nina’s Style Blog

  7. Such great tips!! I was told that when you moisturize after a spray tan to only use moisturizers without mineral oil because it will actually take the tan off if it has mineral oil in it. Love the idea of washing your hands after because I hate the orange hand look, I just would be worried if any water got on my arm lol! I’ll have to try it though! What is the name of the place you go to in SD? I need to find a good one where I live. Xx – Cami

  8. I love your sun-kissed glow always! I love a spray tan booth though! Le Beach Club Level 2 – stay in the booth for a minute after you’ve been sprayed and then rub your body until dry to avoid streaks and an overall even glow!

  9. You should try sticky feet instead of putting the towel down at the bottom of the booth, the way the mystic had booth is set up with the metal feet can throw off the spray!

  10. Thanks so much for doing this post! I had been hoping for it! 🙂 I love spray tans and I’ve been getting them for years as well. Though I have to be honest, there’s always a part of me that feels like it’s not good for my health (after all, our skin is our largest organ), even though the spray tan I get is organic. What are your thoughts on this Lauryn?
    Also, what do you do to avoid fading in specific places (for me the inner elbow and around the chest fades first)? I moisturize every day and then exfoliate there so it doesn’t look so obvious. Do you have any tips?
    Thanks! xx

    1. Of course, thanks for your kind words Alessandra. I usually just exfoliate daily and try to get a tan weekly. Hope this helps! x

  11. Hi! Googling where I can get one of these tans – thank you for the tips. Something I have really struggled with is staining my clothes after a tan. Do you have any tips on how you keep from getting tan on your clothes, especially that gorgeous white top? (This is gross / probably just means I’m a sweaty monster, but the armpits of shirts or the bra line of dresses seem to be the most problematic areas). I’m assuming you wear the muumuu dress until you shower? Would appreciate any tips thank you!!

    1. avoid white clothes altogether if you can !! & wait til fully dry before you put clothes on !but maybe some baking soda for the stains??

  12. So I use a magic eraser on my splotchy spots (particularly ankles) and it comes RIGHT off!!

  13. What did you do for your wedding?! This whole just paint job for a mani is throwing me off!! 🙂

  14. Can I work out after my tan (like the next day)? I have a trip booked for Thursday and the only time I can get a tan is monday. Will I still be a bronzed goddess for this trip do you think? I’m a total NEWB!

  15. I love watching your videos on YouTube. Looking forward to the news ones, cuz I think I watched all of them already. Lol

  16. Lauryn where do you go for tanning in San Diego? Also how do you go about bathing/showering after so that the tan will not come off?

  17. Loved this, I am a spray tan expert from Northern Ireland, So let’s face it we are all pasty as hell here and need all the help ae can get! The best tips I have are to make sure you don’t use an oil based exfoliator before your tan, as it will create a barrier. Also after the tan to allow it to fade evenly, avoid spraying perfume on the skin or using body oils (until you want to take the tan off) as these will only dissolve it and create patches. ? x

  18. i know you are into skincare just as much as me so my question: how are you able to continue your daily facial skin care routine without the tan exfoliating off? (retinols, vit c, ect) id love to go for weekly spray tans but could never give up my exfoliation ?

  19. I’ve read not to shave on the day before the tan because you end up with all these brown freckles where you shaved. Looks like razor burn. What am I missing?!

    1. huh ! will have to try & see which is better. for right now i like to shave first so i don’t lose color by shaving

  20. Hey girl! What body SPF do you use? I love spraying but the oils in the SPF always remove my tan & it gets all blotchy :/ recommendations? Thanks! Xo

  21. Wow great post. It is very useful post. I am searching this information form few days and and I found this information on your blog. Your blog is very informative.

  22. Hi there, some very good tips here, delivered in a rather funny fashion! love it! :)You speak about spray booth here, have you tried one of those home spray tan machines? I wrote an article about them recently, ( ) a buying guide with also some useful tips.You viewers might find that interesting! and hopefully you too as well! thanks

  23. Wow great post. It is very useful post. I am searching this information form few days and and I found this information on your blog. Your blog is very informative.

  24. Get a cheap men’s shaving cream brush and after you get out and baby wipe your palms, use the brush in tiny circles around the edge of your hands/wrist. It blurs any lines and helps it look more like a natural tan. And for bottoms of feet, I like sticky feet disposables.

  25. When I spray tan I use the foot protector things for me feet. I fold them in half, it covers my toes and the sides of my feet. I use the barrier cream on my nails and my knuckles. I also use the boosters in my spray tan, but I’m super white so if I wash my hands after I have a beautiful glow and arctic white hands, ha ha. After I get done from the dry session I use the wipes on the nails, palms of my hands and knuckles. I also wear chapstick on my lips because I hate how the solution feels on my lips, and I use the nose things in my ears. I also leave the door open and try to time my breaths so I don’t breath in all the chemicals.

  26. How long do you leave it on before showering? What do you wear/do while its dry but still will ruin my whtie couch? thank you,love your content soooo much esp during quarantine

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