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A Shower Cap To Preserve Your Blowout

As most of you may know, I’m not a fan of washing my hair. So much so that sometimes I go a week & a half ( eerrr…. two weeks ) without washing it.

Over-washing your hair takes the shine out of it, makes it thinner & is just overkill in my opinion. I’ve never been a hair washer, ever. Even looking back on my childhood I’ve just never been someone who washes my hair all the time.

It’s worth it to preserve the luster of your hair. We all know about dry shampoo ( shout out to dp HUE apple cider vinegar dry shampoo ), & of course the silk pillowcasemore on that here ). Hopefully everyone is sleeping on one ( is so good for the skin & definitely preserves a blowout ), but do you have a shower cap?

Yes, I’m referring to a shower cap that your grandma probably wears. Ya ya, I know they’re so ugly. Not cute at all. Not flattering at all. & you probably have one stuffed at the back of your bathroom cabinet.

But today we’re here to bring the shower cap back. Not only bring it back, but bring it back in a cute way. I mean, a girl’s gotta preserve her hair, right?

You should know that when we talked to Alli Webb ( she owns Drybar ) on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast, she HIGHLY recommended a good shower cap to make your blowout last longer.

Ok, so let me state my case as to why everyone needs this shower cap:

Who wants to wash their hair everyday? No one.

We all know that over-washing equals oily hair, but we also wanna be cute while taking a shower. There’s this shower cap called the Shhhower Cap ( big fan of the leopard kinda one called The Tortuga ).

So the best thing about this shower cap is that it’s the shower cap ‘reinvented.’ It’s made with this nano-technology fabric that repels water, which means it also keeps the humidity out of your hair. They say “it’s not only waterproof, it’s hydrophobic.”

It’s worth mentioning my favorite thing about this shower cap is that it dries super fast. So as soon as you step out of the shower the water it’s dry. You won’t be standing there like a wet rat trying to take a soaking wet thing off your head.

This one also won’t get gross with mold or mildew or other bacteria. You know how sometimes you take off a shower cap, crumple it up & it ends up smelling like a nasty-rat butthole at the back of your cabinet? Well, this shower cap is made with some special antibacterial fabric so that WON’T happen.

The reviews say that this shower cap has changed people’s lives & totally transformed their morning routines. LOL. But seriously, it’s just that good. A lot of customers say they thought it was a little pricey for a shower cap, but SO worth it.

Before I get in the shower, I do a low bun & secure it with a Drybar alligator clip, then I throw on the shower cap. When I get out of the shower & take the cap off, my blowout is perfect.

You want to make sure the cap goes over your hair line so no humidity seeps in. Another great thing about this cap is you won’t get that annoying indent from the elastic on your forehead. So great when you’re running out the door & always G2G. No one wants to walk into a meeting with a huge indent on their forehead.

Whenever you feel your shower cap needs a wash just throw it in the washing machine on a cold/delicate cycle then hang it to dry. Easy.

Other quick ways to preserve your blowout:

♡ avoid touching your hair.

♡ sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase.

dry shampoo it up.

♡ use an anti-humidity spray ( also love In Common Magic Myst ).

♡ & of course, always use a shower cap.

♡ OH !! & the sleep bun…

If you haven’t got on board with the sleep bun, you need to. We’ve been over the sleep bun a few times on The Skinny Confidential ( years ago ), but it’s worth a mention here because it’s a LITERAL life-saver for your blowout.

Here’s what you do: when you get home from your blowout, & before you go to bed, whip your hair downward & grab your cute alligator clip. Twist the sleep bun on the top of your head & add your clip while your hair is spilling towards the ground ( make sure every inch of hair is secured ). Result: you should have a super high top knot on the very top of your head. Sleep with that in, & when you wake up take out the alligator clip & you will have perfectly wavy ( but not wavy, just bendy ) hair!

Anyway, a lot fo you guys ask how I workout every day without washing my hair. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of sweat in your blowout, in fact it gives it some nice movement. But this shower cap is the main answer — it makes all the other tips & tricks easier.

Let me know in the comments if you guys have any other hot tips to preserve your blowout.

x, lauryn

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  1. How do you recommend preserving a blowout with shoulder-length hair? Do you ever re-blowdry your dry hair? How do you remove build-up on your scalp? Thanks!

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