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BEST OF SAN DIEGO: Things To Do In San Diego

san diego wellness restaurants beauty travel list by tsc

When Michael & I travel we LOVE asking for recommendations.

Whether it’s from all of you, the concierge at the hotel or locals we meet while out, we usually end up at little gems. 

SO since A LOT of you come visit San Diego and ask me for recommendations, I felt it was about time to share all of my favorite spots with you guys. 

It’s also a perfect time to share because we’re moving to LA. But SD is very near & dear to my heart so I’m thinking we should get a one bedroom somewhere in SD?? This way we can still be here 20% of the time.

Here is my MASTER LIST of the spots I love in San Diego. If you ever visit and I’m in town there’s a good chance you’ll find me at one of these. Just check my snapchat first. LOL.


MENTAL CLARITY, FITNESS, & A POP OF PURPLE | by the skinny confidential featuring Lululemon

+ Kim Kelly Fitwebsite | @kimkellyfitpersonal trainer & studio

Kim has been my trainer forever- but first & foremost, she is one of my best friends & an amazing human. I met her when I was bartending. I have so much respect for her & I really enjoy her company because she balances me out. My life is so go-go-go & when I’m around her she just exudes this positive energy.

I recommend her to anyone who wants to train in San Diego. She also does skype sessions so email her for details: She’ll kick your ass. We are launching the new TSC Body Guide together ( it’s coming soon ) & she’s opening a studio where she’ll be doing BBG classes. Her new studio will be opening this month in the Del Mar Plaza.

Listen to Kim’s workout tips & supplements recommendations on the podcast. Plus get FOUR workouts you can do anywhere, anytime.

+ Studio Barre Carmel Valleywebsite@studiobarrecarmelvalley

I used to work at this barre studio. Barre classes really tone & tighten your body in this perfect way. The studio is also bright, light & really welcoming.

+ BodyRok Encinitas

I’ve been going here forever. Literally like 10 years. It’s owned by my friend Stephanie, & Kim Kelly occasionally teaches classes here. All the instructors are really positive, & they’ll kick your ass in 40 minutes. You can expect a Pilates/spin type class & to leave covered in sweat with your energy levels boosted.

iv therapy vitamin bag shots | by the skinny confidential

+ Gynecologist
Dr. Karen Lee

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lee since I was 18. She is super cool & always makes me feel comfortable. She’s located in Solana Beach, she’s efficient & they also offer great b12 shots. Dawn at the front desk is a real gem too.

Please get your annual exams. They’re SUPER important for prevention. 

+ IV Drip & Vitamin Shots
Spark Health | @sparkhealth

Spark Health is awesome if you’re hungover. They do vitamin shots & I love the head doctor there. She is very knowledgable. I got my blood tested here, had all my levels checked & found out that I had high cortisol. Their whole thing is that they have a truly personal & customizable approach.

+ Cryotherapy
Chilltonic |@chiltonic_sd
Cryotherapy is AMAZING for fighting inflammation & workout recovery. There are so many benefits, so you should really try it. Also, I love Matthew who works there. Tell him I say hi.

+ Botox
Dr. Gwendolyn Henao  | @dolcevitamd

I’ve gone here for Botox for a really long time. Dr. Henao is so great & conservative so she knows how to not go overboard with Botox. My stepmom, my sister & my friends have all gone to see her & always talk about how great she is. She’s based in Rancho Santa Fe & also does micro-needling. It’s amazing for collagen & elastin production which makes your skin look plump & healthy.

+ Laser
Dr. Wu@cosmeticlaserdermatalogy

Dr. Wu is an amazing doctor. I’ve seen him for Botox, but his clinic is primarily based around laser treatments. Dr. Wu knows his shit, so if you’re new to getting procedures, he’s your guy.

+ Acupuncture & Cupping
T©aylor Taylor | @taylormadeacupuncture

I LOVE acupuncture & cupping. They’re both an essential part of my self-care regimen. Taylor Taylor is THE specialist to see for this. He has his own experience with pain so he totally gets it & provides RESULTS.

+ Chiropractor
Fix Body Group | @fixbodygroup

I love Dr. Patrick from Fix Body Group. You may have seen him more than once on my Stories & on the blog. I was in a car accident when I was 18 so I go here to help with neck pain & for adjustments. It’s located in Hillcrest & you have got to go see Patrick. He is so good at what he does & he’s not bad to look at either.


4th of july | by the skinny confidential
swimsuit from Van de Vort

+ Clothing
Van de Vort@vandevortdelmar

I really like the owner of this store, Andrea. I’ve known her forever & the store has the cutest clothes. I highly recommend going here if you need outfits for a wedding, bachelor party or a festival. Pick up a TSC book while you’re there.

+ Jewelry

This is owned by my friend Bree. She makes custom jewellery that is just amazing. I had this idea for a ring in my head & she totally made it happen. I’ve even had my dog’s nails cast & put on a necklace for Michael. She’s so gifted & creative & can make you the ring, bracelet or necklace of your dreams.

+ Home Decor
Julie & Myles| @burlapandcrystal

Julie was just on the blog with my brother Myles. They’re such an amazing duo & can help you  style your home on a budget- or not. Check out their website & contact them if you’ve just moved to San Diego or need some help with your space.

burlap and crystal interior designs san diego by tsc
Burlap & Crystal

+ Blowout
Shawn & Drybar| @hairbyshawnknudsen & @theDrybar

Go here & ask for Shawn. She’s awesome. Make sure you get a purple shampoo if you’re blonde. Also ask for a floater, the head massage. It’s so worth it. I like to go to the one in Del Mar or La Jolla. Make sure you stalk the podcast episode with Drybar founders, Alli & Cameron Webb.

+ Hair
Headlines | @headlinesthesalon

This is a great salon in Encinitas for men & women. Michael goes here to see Sean Danielson. He give a badass cut so stop in for a trim.

+ Spa Services
Renee| @spakingston

This spa is run by my friend Renee. I like to go to her for results-based skin care, meaning: peels or extractions. You can expect to enjoy a boozy Kombucha cocktail or some champagne. They’re really great for couple’s massage & do a really good job of always adding an extra detail. You can also catch Renee on the podcast.

+ Facials
Mo Trezise | @heal.thygoddess

This is Mo who I go see whenever I can. She is the ying to my yang & has the most healing, feminine touch. I need her to balance out my energy. She is so good with reiki, crystals & oils, & the light in her place is great. I like to go here to return emails while I have a soothing, nourishing facial. She always does lots of facial massage on me, so I walk in bloated & walk out contoured. We’ve filmed some videos so check them out on my channel.

+ Brows & Dermaplaning
Lindsay| @browtiquespa

Lindsay has been doing my brows since I was 20 years old. Browtique is by far the best for brows EVER. I’m obsessed. I will drive down from LA just to see her. Ask for the TSC special and she’ll do a double-tint on you & make sure you leave with a youthful brow that frames the face. She also does dermaplaning- I do it all the time. Dermaplaning is extremely efficient while you’re getting your brows done. It takes all the baby hairs off your face & makes your makeup lay on the skin in a perfect way.

+ Nails
Tippy Toes

When I get my nails done I prefer to go to a hole in the wall. I don’t like hoity toity nail salons. I want to get the job done- run in & run out. This place does an amazing job. They have a great gel color selection. The gel is high quality and I always get Shellac on my hands & feet. What’s the point of a normal polish if it’s just going to chip off? I like to have them do my hands & feet at the same time so it’s as efficient as possible. If you do this, remember to tip both of your aestheticians.

+ Spray Tanning
Blush Tanning |@blushtan

If you want an organic spray tan, you have to go to Blush Tanning. I highly recommend this place. It’s super Instagrammy inside & all the girls who work there are so nice. They give an awesome tan.

iTan| @itansunsprayspa

This is where I like to go when I’m running late- which is 90% of the time. I ask for Island Kiss because it has violet tones in it. It’s great for blonde hair. I do a dark, level 3 & it takes 4 minutes. You can call right before so they’re expecting you & just run in & out.

+ Barber Shop
Lefty’s Barber Shop| @leftysbarbershop

This is the best barber shop in all of San Diego. They give badass haircuts that are very on the pulse for men. Phillip, the owner, is super cool. Plus, they have cold beers & a great spot. Definitely check it out or have your bf or husband go there for a cut.

+ Tattoos
Guru Tattoo | @gurutattoo

Guru Tattoo is THE place to get tattooed in San Diego. The owner Aaron is so fucking cool & Michael had his leg tattooed by him. His wife Holly is also amazing & she’s the one who micro-needled my arms. I highly recommend having your bf or husband get a tattoo while you have your arms micro-needled. Their whole setup is amazing & you can expect really beautiful artwork & a bomb-ass beauty situation in the back with Holly.


+ Lawyer
Nico Becerra| @thenewagelawyer

Nico specializes in influencer law & happens to be my brother-in-law. He’s smart & understands the influencer space. He also does business law so reach out if you’re looking for a lawyer. You don’t have to be in San Diego to give him a call.

+ Blog Design
Blog-Doo| @blogdoo

blog-doo is a blog design company I founded with my best friend, Erica. Our design team is AMAZING & can create the site of your dreams. Check out our portfolio & get in touch if you need help designing your blog. Again, you don’t have to be in San Diego to contact us.



+ Coffee
WestBean| @thewestbean

I love their blood orange iced tea & you can’t go wrong with an almond milk cappuccino, unsweetened, add cinnamon. They also make a really good arugula salad & egg salad, so you really must try it.

+ Sushi
Harni Sushi

This is probably the best sushi in San Diego. It’s always really fresh & their nigiri and sashimi are awesome. They have cold Sapporo light on tap & it’s great to bring friends from out of town.

+ Burgers
In-n-Out| @innout

If you come to SD & you don’t go to In & Out you’re making a big mistake. I always get the burger wrapped in lettuce ( no bun ) with fries & a diet coke. There’s nothing better. If you’re really hungover, keep the bun.

Bankers Hill |@bankershillsd

Bankers Hill also makes an amazing burger. Again, I like to get it wrapped in lettuce & I always ask for extra RAW jalapeño & RAW onions. There’s something about their onions that is so good. I love to go here & start with a glass of Pinot Noir & their deviled eggs appetizer.


Las Olas | @lasolasmex

I love this place to get a margarita, chips, salsa & guacamole. They allow dogs outside which is a huge plus.


Fidel’s has the best salsa in San Diego. There’s nothing better than throwing on a hoodie, sitting at the bar with your laptop, ordering a margarita with a half rim of salt, & stuffing your face with chips & salsa.


Piatti | @piattilajolla

Go here for their crack sauce– it’s insane. It’s like this chili flake, olive oil, parsley, garlic sauce that is so good with bread. I put it on everything. I even get them to dress my salad with it. Their pizza is amazing, & they have Domaines Ott rosé. It’s this cute little hot spot in La Jolla- not trendy, but charming.

Home & Away |@homeandawaysd 

This is owned by my friends Lindsay & Frankie. They’ve been in the restaurant industry forever. It’s an awesome dive bar to go for a burger or a cold beer. It’s great for parties or to grab a quick, amazing meal. Make sure you tell them I say hi.

Bang Bang | @bangbangsd

Bang Bang is owned by my best friends Gillian & Mauricio- they are the nightlife king and queen. They really know how to throw a party & everything in this place is on point, from the lights to décor to the food. The drinks are good, & the energy is fab. It’s basically a sushi bar that turns into a club.

El Camino | @elcaminosd

This spot is also owned by Gillian & Mauricio. It’s definitely one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego. The whole menu is good, you just can’t go wrong. The chips, salsa, guac, enchiladas, margaritas- everything is so good. The décor is next level. Gillian & Mauricio are masters of design. It’s a really fun place for dinner, then have it turn into a party.

Herb & Wood@herbandwood

This is where I had my bridal shower. If you haven’t been here yet, RUN to it. It’s so cute & charming with delicious food. The space is just so on brand. They even have a little eatery out front of the restaurant with fresh herbs, drinks and cheeses.

bridal shower themes 5 | by the skinny confidential
Herb & Wood

Ironside |@ironsideoyster

Go to Ironside, sit at the bar, order a glass of rosé & some more bread. Trust me.

Morton’s |@mortonssteak

Morton’s is my favorite steakhouse in SD. It’s where Michael told me to bite the bullet & launch TSC 8 years ago. We were eating oysters & enjoying dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives. It’s pricey, but great for celebrations.

Board & Brew | @boardandbrew

If you go to Board & Brew you have to order the Turkado. It’s my favorite. You can’t go wrong. They have this secret sauce that’s kind of like thousand island dressing. I have no idea what’s in it because they won’t say- it’s top secret. Everyone from high school was all about this secret sauce.

Jimbo’s | @jimbosnaturally

Go here & order the Fat Burner. It’s been a long-time favorite drink of mine.

Sbicca | @sbiccadelmar

Head to Sbicca & say hi to my brother, Myles. This place has a bombass brunch menu. Head there on a Sunday, order a mimosa, sit outside & enjoy the beautiful view. Bring your dog too. ( Don’t forget to tell Myles what up. )

Claire’s | @clairesoncedros

This by far one of my faves. I like to go sit at the bar, order a berry iced tea with no sweetener, pull out my computer & work. I order the Claire Cakes ( get multigrain ) or eggs with their homemade tomatillo sauce. They have the best cookies on the planet & all these homemade jams that you guys have to check out. Claire’s is a total gem, & most importantly, Pixy & Boone love it too ( you can sit outside ).

Oatmeal Multi-Grain Pancakes
Claire Cakes

Postmates |@postmates

Always, everywhere & anywhere. It’s so efficient and saves time- OBSESSED.


The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

+ Dog Groomer
Marie | The Mobile Dog Salon

Marie is a mobile dog groomer who comes to your house. You hand her your dog & she takes them into her state of the art trailer & grooms your dog right in front of your house. It only takes an hour, then you go grab your dog. Michael’s mom recommended her to us & we couldn’t be happier. She clips their nails & has the best energy. Dogs love her & so do we.

+ Vet
Companion Pet Care | @companionpetcare

Pixy & Boone see Dr. Ted Burghardt. He has Chihuahuas of his own ( he’s absolute adorable too ). He cleans their teeth, does their anal glands, & can also trim their nails. He’s a fabulous vet, I highly recommend him.

+ Water Training
AARCSD | @animalacupunctureandrehab

This is where Pixy goes for water training. She has bad knees. When she was 5, a vet told me she needed to have major surgery to break her back legs & put them back into place. We decided against it & instead added some pumpkin, glucosamine & water training into her diet. She’s now 8 & going strong. It’s helped so much. If your dog has any kind of joint problem, this is the place to go.


The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.massage setup at Rancho Valencia

+ Hotels

Pendry Hotel | @pendrysandiego

If you’re looking for a place to stay in SD, I like the Pendry. It’s hip, chic & has great restaurants.

Rancho Valencia@ranchovalencia

This place has amazing food, The Pony Room is awesome for drinks, the energy is right. It’s high-end but in the best way. It’s not snobby. It’s fab for a massage, a girls weekend or a date night. Plus, the rooms are next level.


Ottopilot | @ottopilottheband

This is my cousin’s band, based in San Diego. If you guys need anyone to play at an event, you have to contact them. They’ve played at a lot of TSC events & they usually have a line of girls following them around. Not to be creepy, but they’re very good-looking. DM them on Instagram to get in touch.

As you can probably tell, it would be impossible for us to leave San Diego for good. Every single one of these is a true gem. Have you been to any of these places already? Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you’re at one of my fave spots!

x, lauryn


  1. During the summer months, visit Spreckels Park on Sunday afternoons and enjoy free outdoor concerts. All kinds of bands delight the public with their music until dusk.

  2. Your line – “It’s also a perfect time to share because we’re moving to LA. But SD is very near and dear to my heart so….” is enough to tell about San Diego because of it’s beautiful attractions, Joyful destinations and unforgettable activities. Really awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Several years ago I was sitting at the bar sipping chardonnay with my mom at the Part Hyatt in Aviara (it might have still been the Four Seasons then?), and we were listening to the live music and I saw YOU! I said hi and you were SO sweet, and you said that the band that was playing was your cousin’s band Ottpilot, as listed above!! I’ve been following your blog since 2010 (tried Suja all those years ago because of you) when I was at UC San Diego (back in LA now), and I still love all your inspo. Love to see the awesome community you have built! Can’t get enough! xx Lara

  4. This is spot on!! I’m born and raised (and still living) in SD and love all your recommendations. Also…I just found out we go to the same gynecologist ???

    Thanks for sharing! xx

  5. Thanks Lauren I love your recommendations, I’ve been visiting Dr Patrick and tomorrow my boyfriend is going to see him too! Also reached out to Burlap & Crystal for our new studio we will be moving into next month, I love the style. Thanks again oh and I love Mo need to see her again! ?

  6. Do you have any recs on where to live around the city center? My boyfriend and I are moving to SD this month and would love some fun, safe neighborhood recommendations if you have them! Thank you!

  7. nice post nice memories. You are really beautiful and sexy of course. keep sharing your memories with us. I like your dog very much.

  8. Beauty is the most powerful thing which is seen by everyone nowadays, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture.everyone will notice you by your beauty. so we require day to day lifestyle changes.

  9. This is what I needed! I was about to DM you for suggestions and checked here first….you really think of everything! I’m going to san diago for the first time in a few weeks 🙂 I added ALCE 101 to the list!

  10. Love this guide!! It’s my first time visiting San Diego and I love it!!! Already tried some of your recommendations like rośe and an order of bread an Ironside and WOW, also went to El Camino last night and go enchiladas so good and decor was amaze + going to west bean coffee this am!

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