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The Only Pan You Need In Your Kitchen

We’re talking pans today on TSC.

Now, this may sound weird, but I found a pan that is very much legit. Not only is it $40, but also, shit won’t stick to it, which is my favorite thing EVERRRR. It’s perfect for people who like to make quick, easy meals. You guys, this pan isn’t just any other pan- it’s been raved about across Instagram.

My friend Jule sent me this pan as a gift to try out. It’s not a secret that I’m no fucking Chef Boyardee, but I LOVE this pan. My friend Ingrid is also a huge fan of this pan, & so are a ton of moms around the globe. How do I know? They’ve DM’d me about it. For real, this is the pan for you.

No, really. Just the other night I was making the best veggie stir fry with this pan.

Side note: you gotta try this stir fry from Curry Girls Kitchen. It’s vegan & so filling. Think ginger, onions, jalapeño, onions, Korean spices, you get it. Anyway, you can get the recipe here.

As I was making the stir fry & complimenting myself on being such a good cook, I realized this pan had to be on the blog.

So here’s the deal:

The Best Pan in The World:

♡ is SOOOO easy to clean.

♡ is scratch-resistant.

♡ is free of nasty chemicals.

♡ has the best silicone handle.

♡ works on induction stovetops.

First of all, this pan has 5 stars across the board. Second of all, eggs don’t stick to it. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. How many times have you bought a pan that says non-stick & then you make some eggs & there’s shit stuck all around the edges. UGH.

Third – as I said, it’s easy to clean. Who wants to be in their kitchen for 1000 hours washing dishes with a brand new manicure? Not me.

This pan was just something I had to share. You guys need it. The price is right, it works, it’s healthy, it’s easy to clean, enough said.

The pan comes in 5 different colors: granite gray, coconut brown, anthracite gray, lava black, & warm alabaster. It also comes in 3 different sizes: 8 inch, 10 inch & 12 inch. It’s also super bougie because it has a stone-derived coating from Germany. Oh la la.

BUT the real highlight here is that it’s easy to clean. It’s got thousands of reviews that are basically all 5 stars. It’s also a pretty heavy pan. It’s not like some limp dick pan, ya know?

As I said, my friend Jule gifted me this pan…. little recap on Jule: You might remember her from the blog where she talked all about her best life hacks & shared her motherhood tips & tricks.

Jule & I were introduced by our friend Ingrid de la Mare-Kenny ( who is fabulous ). After watching her Instagram Stories I saw she had a real gift of connecting with her audience on a fun level. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, & she gets it. She’s smart as a whip, she’s fucking funny, & we actually met in real life at The King Cole bar in New York City. Jule tells the story in this post. It’s a good one guys.

Anyway, this pan got the stamp of approval from Jule, Ingrid, & Torie Borelli ( who has been on the blog talking about safe cookware ).

As always, I went to straight to the source to get the entire scoop & EXACTLY why Jule loves this pan so much.


The Skinny Confidential loves a top 10 list. Succinct, to the point, boiled down knowledge. Here’s my Top 10 for why I fell in love, maybe even lust, with “The Jule The Bee Magic Pan.”

♡ It’s Eggcellent:

I fell head over heels in love with the basic 10 inch pan after I discovered that it could turn two whole eggs into silken creamy eggs a la Francaise ( ahem Countess LuAnn de Lesseps ). Somewhere between a frying pan & a saucepan the 10 & 12 inch pans have a gently sloped edge allowing for the perfect wooden spoon stir. A bit of warm water, a pat of grass fed butter & you’ve got the ideal hangover cure, worthy of a Sonja Morgan morning after moment.

♡ Easy BEEsy Cleansy:

There is nothing worse than cleaning up stuck on, caked on, cooked eggs. With your new “JTBee Magic Pan” you can flick a slender middle finger to those moments & say “Buh Bye” to scrubbing. A warm, wet, sudsy paper towel is all it needs. I kid you not. Sexy, right? Mental note, send a pan to The Countess.

♡ BEE Quiet! Dame Doom!:

Ever think about what’s coming off of your non stick Teflon pan & leaching into your food while you whip up some kitchen magic for you & your kiddos? Well, let me introduce you to “Dame Doom,” as my husband Bazz likes to call me. I am the ultimate pro when it comes to thinking up every worst case scenario that could possibly happen. Finally a non stick ceramic pan with no heavy metals or chemicals. Free of PTEE, PFOA & APEO, your hormones & your boobs can breathe a sigh of relief. BEE quiet Dame Doom!

♡ Not Your “Mom Jeans” Kinda Pan:

You know your favorite jeans? Like your soft as shit jeans that also somehow seem to sculpt your ass? The ones that are fashionable enough to run errands in, but are also perfect for slipping into a drooling nap on the couch? Meet your favorite jeans in cookware. Stylish & functional, it’s not your “mom jeans” kinda pan, & given that you only need a smidge of oil, who knows, your ass might even look tighter as you turn out the perfect omelette. I tell my fellow “Jule The Bee” followers to treat their pan with love, to cook with joy & to clean it with ease For those reasons this is the perfect pan for the busy mom on the go. No “mom jeans” required, thank GD.

♡ All The Things:

When I was in culinary school in New York City many moons ago, there was no such thing as non stick cooking. You suffered, you endured an occasional burn, & you learned to turn out the “GuaranBEEd To Get You Laid Omelette” (click for reciBEE) with a pat of butter, a gleaming stainless steel pan, & a prayer to the almighty above that it would not stick. You practiced. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Who the fuck has time for that? “Not I,” said the fly. “Not me,” said the Bee! I am a mother, I am a writer, & I need ease combined with options. 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, oh my!, & my personal favorite, the mother of all saucepans, my meatball pan extraordinaire, the one that comes with a glass lid.

♡ JULEry:

Every girl & all my gays love a good accessory, & I am NO exception to this rule. The fact that my favorite pan comes accessorized is next level all together. Each pan comes with its own apple green, soft, felt liner. “Take care of me,” it whispers every time I slip its liner into place & nestle the pans together in their drawer. The liner makes the pan feel like jewelry. And who doesn’t love that???

♡ The Skinny Cowgirl’s Breakfast:

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. A non stick, non toxic, cast iron skillet was launched &, with that, so was “The Skinny Cowgirl Breakfast”. This heavy, black magic pan conjures up memories of my trip to Montana 17 years ago. Hearty breakfasts eaten in crisp morning air, cattle drives ( yes, I drove cattle like it was my job, ok, not really, but I BEEtended it was! ) & finding myself on the cusp of falling in love again. You can follow along in my highlights here for my on-camera antics & also read about my Montana adventures on horseback ( oh yes ) right here… “Real food. Fresh air. Horses. Laughter. Thin. The Cowgirl Diet. & it always started with a Cowgirl Breakfast.” Bee Haw!


Induction Friendly! For all of you fancy home cooks out there who contact me on the daily & say “Hi Bee! Can I use your magic pan on my induction stove?” I get to say, “YES YOU CAN!” I love saying “YES YOU CAN!” That, in & of itself, is magic!

♡ Magically BEElicious!:

When I registered for my All-Clad pots & pans 15 years ago they were probably close to $1,000 all in. Possibly more. And I use them all the time. My large roasting pan the size of a small bathtub is at my fingertips, my pasta pots, sauce pans, sautée pans, all are at the ready. But the ones I use the most?….you guessed it. Magic. And The price, magically BEElicious!

♡ A Pot for Every Purpose:

I learned how to cook, how to REALLY cook, on expensive stainless steel All-Clad pots & pans in my twenties, in culinary school, every night of the work week, after working my day job. And I learned the art of making sauces in shiny, French copper pans that gleamed like new pennies, all in a proper French kitchen. And here’s what I know: there is truly a pot for every purpose. And while I still use & adore my All-Clad, I don’t reach for them nearly as often as I reach for these magic pans. I strongly believe that the right tools, in any form of art, bring joy. I have only found joy in these pans. Joy & ease.

The Bee’s Easy BEEsy Peasy Tips:

♡ Never use a metal utensil on your JTB Pan.

♡ Never clean with anything abrasive.

♡ Don’t be a lazy fck. Don’t put it in the dishwasher.

♡ Treat them with love, cook with joy, clean with ease.

♡ Keep your husbands away from them.

Xx Bee

Big fan of cooking zoodles or lentil pasta in this pan. It’s hard to explain, but there’s something about it. It just cooks things right. So if you’re in the market for a pan that’s affordable, safe, healthy, & non-toxic, this one is for you.

The 3 of us LOVE IT, so you can buy with confidence. It’s also worth a mention that this makes a great gift. Pair it with some penis pasta & a cheeky apron & you’re good to go.

Seriously though, this pan makes my life so much easier. Now I’m on the hunt for a good spatula. Anyone?

Would love to know any of your recommendations. Do you guys have any affordable finds on Amazon that we need to try? Share why you love it below.

Until next time, lauryn.

+ another amazing hack from Jule: baby wash cloths.

++ fiber-filled peaches & cream oatmeal to make in your new, healthy pan.

+ all illustrations by @courtneycoloring.

{ pics }


  1. This article has been so helpful in my search for a new set of pots and pans! I’ve always used nonstick but wanted to try something different this time around, as none of my pans usually last long. Chipping, warping, nonstick surface just disappearing… Now I’m feeling as though it’s been mostly my own doing! Apparently I haven’t been treating them right. I’ve learned so much! Maybe I’m finally ready for some big-girl stainless steel. Even if I go the nonstick route again, I feel absolutely sure they’ll last longer now that I know how to take care of them better. Thank you for this article! ?

  2. I have the fry pan. How or where do I buy more I love the one I have bought it at Home Goods could never find that brand again

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