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SUPER QUICK, Spicy Guacamole Recipe…Now All You Need Is a Cold Beer

homemade guacamole 9 | by the skinny confidential homemade guacamole 8 | by the skinny confidential

There’s nothing better than a fresh batch of guacamole.


Which is why I feel like guacamole needs its own stand out feature on The Skinny Confidential.

And not only is this a bomb-ass recipe, it’s also a bomb-ass recipe that takes like 5 seconds. Have to host a dinner party but have no time? I got you. Someone’s birthday? Bring this guac, you’ll be a real hit. Football Sunday? This guac needs to get involved. No football Sunday should be without guacamole.

This specific recipe is super quick. You can make this VERY FAST but it will taste like you worked real hard in the kitchen. This combo is usually ideal…right? I mean I’m not too fussy over spending hours cooking- I like fast.

Anyway, you can kind of tailor the spicy-ness to your needs. I mean we all know I like it to burn my mouth off so my jalapeño load is typically intense. And you guessed it: this recipe is filled with a lot of lemon.

AS FAR AS CHIPS: I like to do blue corn chips but I also like a low carb option. My friend, Mike, recommended I add endive lettuce leaves to the equation. Basically I have a bowl of chips & then I’ll have a plate of endive lettuce leaves laying out- my friends love it! Endive lettuce is the size of a chip & it’s very sturdy so it holds the guac ( salsa is good with it too ). Kind of has a crisp texture with a delicious flavor. PLUS it’s crunchy like a chip. YUM.

However…there IS a plot twist.

homemade guacamole 7 | by the skinny confidential

Wait for it…

Are you ready for the actual best guacamole tip ever?

Well, not just the best tip but the quickest tip.


If you don’t know what a guacamole starter is, are you even a real, true avocado fan? I mean I feel you can’t really be committed to the avocado fan club if you’re not using a guacamole starter.

But you know what’s even better than a guacamole starter? A SPICY guacamole starter.

The one I’m obsessed with is this one by What’s Gaby Cooking. Gaby is a friend of mine ( & was also a guest on TSC Podcast! )…BUT EVEN IF WE WEREN’T FRIENDS I WOULD STILL BE ADDICTED. It’s that good guys.

She describes it like this: “Whip up the ultimate guacamole with our starter from the kitchen of Gaby Dalkin, the inspiring food blogger behind What’s Gaby Cooking. Her signature recipe blends roasted tomatillos and poblano chiles with lime, garlic, jalapeños and chives – just combine the jar with five mashed avocados for the best-ever guacamole.”


( For the record her tomatillo sauce is OFF THE CHARTS as well. I eat it on my eggs with hot sauce all the time & whenever there are chips around, I become a total tomatillo crack addict. You can’t help yourself from eating a million chips covered in her sauce. REALLY THOUGH, I’M TELLING YOU- salty tortilla chips with the tomatillo sauce & a crisp light beer and life is good. This is one of those things that you try & then you’re like “oh I get it” ). 

homemade guacamole 4 | by the skinny confidential

Oh, ya…the recipe. Well it’s easy- see?


5 organic avocados
What’s Gaby Cooking’s Spicy Guac Starter
1/2 organic lemon
Chile flakes ( optional for an extra zing! )

+ directions: mash avocados, add the starter, squeeze lemon, & sprinkle chile flakes to taste…yes guys- it’s THAT easy. Grab a bowl of blue corn chips or endive lettuce pieces, crack a cold beer, & enjoy!

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

I should mention it’s always fun to sex up your guac: you can always add mango for mango guac! Corn or tomatoes are a fun addition too. Sometimes I add cilantro too- BECAUSE YUM. True Foods does a kale/grapefruit guac, that I LOVE. That’s next on my list to try.

If you’re a guac lover: anything I’m missing? Anything I need to try? I love getting creative with avocados so get specific with your tips & tricks.

We’re off to Austin, Texas today for a podcast interview- in & out in a day & a half. Michael is already pacing because it’s 11:06 AM & he’s worried we will miss our 6 PM flight…? Perplexing.

Hope you all have a relaxing but productive weekend!

See you tomorrow, X lauryn

+ I love to support small businesses! The candle pictured is made by Standley’s Handcrafted Candles. their candles are fab- they smell DIVINE! The pink glasses with gold lining are made by Neptune Glasswork– they’re handblown & so fun for kombucha vodkas

+ SHOP Gaby’s sauces

{ pics }

homemade guacamole 3 | by the skinny confidential


  1. Guac is my fave! Love to hear your take on it. And Austin is amazing! Close to my hometown so enjoy the people and especially the food!!

    1. It would be my pleasure! <3 Mexican food is my #1 for sure (True Texan 😉 and I highly recommend Fonda San Miguel if you have time while you're in Austin. Amazing food and the restaurant is gorgeous – some very out-there decor in the best way. If you only have time for cocktails (since it's a quick trip) a stop by Garage is always fun – fabulous cocktails and their live jazz is a soul soother. Moonfire Lounge is also fun. Hope y'all enjoy every second and safe travels!!

  2. I just love to add black beans to my guac. Soooo good for you & makes it more filling. Yaaaaaas.

  3. I HIGHLY recommend sexing up your guac with pomegranate arils. It’s the best add ever. You’re welcome

  4. I love adding pomegranate seeds to my guac, I had it at a restaurant once and can never go back. Perfect amount of crunch.

  5. YUM! This sounds so good – I need to get my hands on this starter. I love to add garlic, shredded kale, & just a kiss of tequila to mine!! I know it sounds crazy but it adds a spicy lil BITE 😉 xx Shannon ||

  6. Mango in guacamole is the BEST!!!! I was legit about to suggest, until I saw you covered it 😉

  7. I went the extra lazy route and mixed a few spoonfuls of Trader Joe’s Hatch Valley Salsa with their already made guac and it was pretty amazing. The salsa’s ingredients are hatch chiles, tomatillos, lemon & garlic salt. Thanks for the inspiration!

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