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Picture this: you wake up on a Saturday after one too many Pinot Grigios. Things are not hot- like perhaps you left your makeup on. Like yikes, that’s a fake eyelash on the pillow !! You’re cursing yourself & suddenly you look in the mirror & things are even bleaker than you expected: YOUR UNDER BAGS LOOK ALL tired & sullen, like a FUCKING basset hound. You’ve been there right.

Me too.

Which is why I am an eye pad addict.  

Where do I begin: holllly eye pads. Cannot live without them really. I’m serious- they are just LIFE changing. As you can imagine I am very specific about my eye pads. So specific that I have taken a LONG time to vet them for you. After much trial & error these are TSC-approved eye pads. Ones that will make you look like a supermodel after a night of too many chilled goblets of wine.

Every morning is the same old story: I wake up, open the shade, meditate, drink my lemon & fresh mint water, & throw on my eye pads. & quickly here’s a Skinny Confidential HOT TIP for you: keep your eye pads in the fridge. I have a mini pink skin care fridge ( you know this ) but I used to keep them in my fridge– when they’re chilled they really tighten around the eyes which lifts the under eye. Anyway, mine used to be next to the avocado mayo & goji, coconut, acai BlenderBombs in my regular fridge. LOL. The more extra the better here.

Alright let’s break my 3 favorites down shall we?

The Skinny Confidential: EYE PAD FILES


THESE ARE GOOD. Kind of slimy but not to the point where they’re falling down your face you know? They stay put. I love these in the morning while I do my facial massage. There’s something perfect about them because they stay put but also you can do lymphatic drainage under the eyes while they’re on because they’re slippery enough ( what up, collagen & hydra-gel ). I love using my fingers or facial massager to go around the eyes while these eye pads are on. They come in individual packets & they’re fab for travel. Great in the fridge too, of course. THESE EYE PADS VERY MUCH SMOOTH, TIGHTEN, HYDRATE, & reduce fine lines & wrinkles. I notice it.

Pulling out my magnifying glass to inspect the ingredients for you, as always:

  • Plankton Extract: plankton increases the release of adiponectin- a protein which helps to regulate a number of metabolic processes.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: an essential component of skin, hyaluronic acid is VERY IMPORTANT for maintaining hydration levels, improving skin texture, keeping it soft, supple, & hydrated.
  • Chlorella: THIS MY FRIENDS is a green/brown algae with proven anti-aging benefits. It helps support the skin while firming- you can feel it immediately.

You should know this brand doesn’t screw around- these eye pads are free of: artificial color, parabens, SLS, SLES, DEA, & or mineral oil. No testing on animals too which we love.

YES PLZ. Sign me up!


So these are FUN. Not only are they rose gold ( OMG ), they work.

I am a fan of this brand because it’s clean beauty. So I feel good about using their eye pads, k? You know you’re not getting some weird shit by your eyes.

With these specifically, I notice brightening. They brighten you up. This is great before an event, you know what I mean? I feel my eyes appear more hydrated too. I feel like these are fab for someone who has dark circles or uneven texture- you can’t go wrong here.

SO HERE’S THE BREAKDOWN OF WHAT THESE ONES DO: the rose gold foil helps retain heat & prevents evaporation, allowing the maximum amount of serum to easily sink into your skin. YUMMM. There is also a cellulose fiber that delivers key ingredients efficiently, giving you all the skin-loving benefits you want & need. Hyaluronic acid ( one of my personal favorite players ) delivers hydration to help diminish the appearance of fine lines. And then let’s round it out, shall we?? Aloe leaf extract & lavender oil offer a cooling effect, while soothing & calming the under-eye area.

Sleep sound because there are no parabens, sulfates, &/or phthalates. Love this.

These are for the girl on the go who wants to brighten the fuck up. You can wear these under your oversized sunglasses if you want to be extra efficient.


To be totally honest here, I don’t know the ingredients of these. I just like them. They feel good. Especially in NYC when I am traveling. I notice my skin is just not the same in New York City so my friend & NYC-based makeup artist, Nick Scalzo, recommended these & they’re kind of life-changing if you’re hungover or ate too much spicy pasta ( ME ). He’s insane by the way if you’re looking for makeup in NY.

If your skin is sensitive, try these ones. They’re ideal for sensitive skin because they’re soaked in serum powered by algae extract, Vitamin B3, amino acids, & allantoin to provide immediate results under the eye area ( AND I MEAN 911, IMMEDIATE- like you see results right away ). Algae extracts boost skin’s firmness by protecting collagen. Vitamin B3, a natural illuminator, defies dark spots, helping with skin cell renewal. As you can tell you will feel youthful after these ones !! And plus: no parabens or sulfates.

So that’s the eye pad scoop!

AND ANOTHER TSC HOT TIP FOR YOU: ice rolling while your eye pads are on! If you’re like me & get swollen THIS IS THE TRICK OK? Right now I’m using a steel ice roller as opposed to plastic ( I am constantly trying new things so always trying to find what works BEST FOR YOU GUYS ). I like it because it holds the cold for longer.

OK. This post has made me want to go put on my chilled eye pads- I think I will go for the brightening ones considering my eyes have dark circles on them ( we were up late last night working- in Reno for an exciting podcast with a legal sex worker from the Bunny Ranch- long story, just stay tuned ).

I hope you love these eye pad recommendations- I have tried 23094324 of them & these seem to really get the job done.

With that, happy Sunday & see you tomorrow! xx lauryn the forever eye pad queen ( !!! )

Side Note: The Skinny Confidential HOT MESS ICE ROLLER is live now since April 2021- find the links below- hope you love it. Reasons we love it: the quality is like no other, it is sturdy, heavy, and silicone.  It keeps cold for so long due to the aluminum roller instead of plastic.

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++ my pink jacket.


  1. I have never used these before, but they sound awesome! I will definitely have to try out some of your recommendations!!


  2. Interesting post! I haven’t tried using eye pads before but I’ve heard about it. A friend of mine told me to try ” ELEMIS” and I declined it then since I’m not really into it. Though this past couple of months I have been paying more attention to beauty and skincare and I really love everything you said here. It makes me excited. I can’t wait to try it soon! Thanks for the great post!

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  4. ChatGPT
    Wake up feeling less than stellar after a night of Pinot Grigios? Been there! But fear not, because eye pads are here to save the day. Here are my top picks:

    Elemis: Slimy but effective, these pads stay put and hydrate like a dream. Plus, they’re travel-friendly and free of nasties like parabens.
    Wander Beauty Rose Gold: Brightening and soothing, these pads are perfect for perking up tired eyes before an event. Clean beauty at its finest.
    Erno Laszlo: Ideal for sensitive skin, these pads deliver immediate results with a serum packed full of goodness.
    And don’t forget to keep your eye pads in the fridge for an extra refreshing boost! 🌟 Oh, and while you’re at it, check out the stylish leather jackets at Pelle Pelle Store for the ultimate chic look. Cheers to feeling fabulous every day! 🥂

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