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The Best Drugstore Self Care Products: Stocking Stuffer Edition

The Best Drugstore Self Care Products: Stocking Stuffer Edition

HO HO HO, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Today we’re gonna get down to the nitty gritty: stocking stuffers.

Like who doesn’t love a good stocking stuffer? Of course all of these drugstore finds can be gifts too- you can do either. Either way you will love this post because all of these can be found easily online or at your local drugstore & they’re very affordable. Plus they’re all great for self care, which seems to be the trend for 2020.

You could use all of these to make a big gift basket in a Caboodle, or just get a cute fuzzy, hot pink stocking & put a few of these in it to give to your friends or family. PS. add a mini bottle of champagne for a fun touch.

As always, these are VETTED: like I’ve used them, my team has used them- they’re tried & tested. So ya, these are for the babe on a budget, but here’s the deal: THEY WORK. These items are effective & they won’t collect spider webs in the back of your beauty cabinet.

From one of the best sunscreen sprays to a delicious jelly fruit enzyme exfoliator, you’ll find something festive.

The Best Drugstore Self Care Products: Stocking Stuffer Edition

The Best Drugstore Self Care Products: Stocking Stuffer Edition The Best Drugstore Self Care Products: Stocking Stuffer Edition

The Skinny Confidential Drugstore Stocking Stuffer Gems:

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

First things first: SKIN. This has been a ride or die since I was literally in 6th grade. You can’t go wrong- it’s so mild, soap-free & hydrates the F out of your skin. Cetaphil cleanser is award-winning & I like it because it’s fragrance free & formulated for sensitive skin. You aren’t going to get any nasty ingredients. I like to keep mine in the shower & it’s a FABULOUS cleanser to use after you’ve taken off your makeup.

If you, or a friend you’re giving it to gets rashes easily, or has very sensitive skin, this will be so nice because it’s not irritating, it promotes moisture & GENTLE cleansing. I am telling you there are 804 5 star reviews on the Walmart website, sooooo, like I said, you can’t go wrong. Even the man in your life who you’re trying to get into skincare perhaps?

Hairitage Argan Oil

Oils oils oils. You know I love them- they can be pricey though. If you’re gonna do a babe on a budget oil this is your new best friend. It’s free from all the nasty shit like parabens, phthalates, & mineral oil, plus it’s safe for colored hair. Oh ya, so that’s there’s the trick- this is a HAIR oil. Which is amazing because YES your hair needs vitamins.

The scent is insane & a tiny bit of this goes a long way. I give this hair oil a 10/10 for the way it smooths & nourishes your hair. All you do is put a couple pumps in your damp hair, all the way to the ends. It helps fight frizz from blow drying too. This is the perfect addition to a stocking & it also helps that the packaging is super elegant.

COOLA Classic Sunscreen Spray

This sunscreen is one that I constantly go back to. It’s perfect to grab on your way out the door. So if you have a friend who is a total girl on the go, gift her this. Lately I’ve been boxing so I’ll throw this in my bag as I run out the door & apply it to my arms/chest as soon as I get out of the car. This piña colada scent is nice, but I like the fragrance-free one too so I can use it on my face if I’m in a pinch.


Most intense drugstore exfoliants rip up your skin, but this one has soft plant-based fibers that help gently roll away dead skin. It’s super bouncy & leaves you with that beautiful, glassy skin.

Again another find that’s free of parabens & all the usual suspects, plus it’s totally non-abrasive. It’s very hydrating & NOT drying like lots of the other drugstore brands ( I’m looking at you St. Ives ).

The Best Drugstore Self Care Products: Stocking Stuffer Edition The Best Drugstore Self Care Products: Stocking Stuffer Edition The Best Drugstore Self Care Products: Stocking Stuffer Edition Stocking Stuffer ideas


Don’t you just love a good perfume? Not only that but a good drugstore perfume !! So many perfumes I love are from the drugstore ( aka Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue ).

Ariana’s Moonlight perfume is surprisingly amazing. Sometimes celebrity perfume isn’t always as good as you want it to be, but lemme tell ya, this one is. First of all, the bottle looks expensive & also kinda looks like a snowball, making it an ideal holiday gift. The fragrance is filled with juicy plum & rich black currants, but here’ s my favorite part. It has ‘fluffy marshmallows’ in it giving it a very vanilla-esque vibe.

It’s warm, chic, & very pretty to display in the bathroom. Just so pleasantly surprised how beautiful this is & how good it smells. People love it & the reviews are wild- really any friend you get this for will love it too.

Oh, & if you’re looking for some tips on perfume, I got ya covered:

+ Store your bottles in a cool, dry place away from windows so they don’t fade.

+ Use some coconut oil on your body before putting on your fragrance. This will make it last longer on your skin.

+ Add a spritz or two to your hair brush instead of spraying it directly on your hair ( it can be drying ).

+ Grab the sample size for your handbag to refresh throughout the day & night.

Equate Beauty Charcoal Infused Makeup Brushes

If you’re gonna do drugstore makeup brushes these are the ones to go for. For one they’re $9.98 for a 5 piece set. Secondly, they’re infused with charcoal powder which, FUN FACT: keeps your brushes fresher for longer.

The designs are major & I really like these for applying bronzer & highlight. It’s no secret I usually opt for a damp beautyblender but if I’m going to do a brush, these are the ones I love.

My little sister fell in love with these after I gifted them to her. She loved that they came with a little spoolie for brushing your eyebrows up too. Always be brushing up for a youthful brow !!


All things Burt’s Bees make such great stocking stuffers. I’ve been a huge fan since I was in high school because it’s so affordable but seems high end. My addiction to this cuticle cream started after I read an article that Kim Kardashian was very much big on making sure her cuticles looked perfect. I looked down at mine & realized they needed work…like immediately.

My manicurist told me about this cuticle cream because not only does it help repair cuticles, it also nourishes the nails. After looking it up online I saw that it’s all natural & is truly one of the best drugstore recs out there.

This is a great stocking addition for any guy or girl in your life, because let’s face it…we all have cracked quarantine nails. HUGE PLUS is that it smells like lemon butter which is my favorite scent in the world. Sometimes I like to rub some on Michael when he’s sleeping too.

If you’re like me you walk into the drugstore for one thing & walk out with a ton of other things you didn’t mean to purchase. Hopefully this post helps you walk right to the beauty section & get all your Christmas goodies in one swoop. LOL.

Speaking of their beauty section, Walmart has totally been upping their game in that department. I’d love to know your favorite drugstore find? Share the love & if you’re stuffing stocking be sure to include these must-haves. ( AND PS. My favorite pink, fuzzy stocking can be found here ).

Happy holidays ! x, lauryn

+ scope more of the best drugstore beauty finds of 2020.

++ check out these hand & nail care tips to maintain your manicure. 

+ this post is in collaboration with Walmart, as always, all opinions are my own.


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