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The Best Damn Satin Duster For Fall

The Best Damn Satin Duster For Fall | byt the skinny confidential


SOOO… it’s raining today.

I guess this means summer is OFFICIALLY over? Are you guys happy or sad about this?

I’m personally EXTREMELY excited we’re heading into fall. For me, fall means the scent of fall inspired potpourri, tons of time with family for the holidays, & constant Frank Sinatra playing in the house. Plus, fall style is just SO chic. There’s something edgy & bougie about colder weather clothes… Am I right??

My FAVORITE fall trend, is THE DUSTER. They’re very Kim K, don’t you think? Especially loving SATIN DUSTERS. They’re light, edgy, versatile, & BEYOND chic.

Anyway, this badass satin duster is a DAMN good find. Here’s how you can wear it:

The Best Damn Satin Duster For Fall:

ONE: In the earlier months of fall, pair it with black jeans, boots, & a tank top for a casual vibe. This look is perfect for meeting friends for happy hour, a movie date night with your hubby, or just a casual night out in general.

TWO: Throw this satin duster over a blouse & slacks for a totally professional, business casual look. I love a good duster for the office.

THREE: Over a high-waisted pant, a crop top, & SUPER HIGH pumps for a hottie night out. Since dusters are so light you can easily take it off to show some skin if your night gets steamy.

FOUR: Wear this satin duster over a skin-tight pencil dress & heels for date night or a cocktail party.

This duster is just SEXY, but in a super classy way. You know what I mean? Dusters in general are the perfect mix of HOTT & CLASSIC.

Well, I’m off to snuggle Boone & Pixy and listen to the rain.


Shop RAD Dusters:

  1. Hi Lauryn,

    Really, this is best in look. And I would like to prefer it because it comes with an amazing all black view. 🙂 Girls always curious to wear a such great looking dress. I must say that the Duster is favorite fall trend. Raining day are always perfect and well suggested outfit for raining day.

    I much appreciate you for sharing the wearing tip of Satin Duster. The looks of this outfit is impressive and no women can hold herself to wear it. You are looking very stylish wearing this outfit.

    Thanks for introducing it with us.
    – Ravi.

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