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The Best Damn Bride To Be Jumpsuit. Festive!

the best damn bride to be jumpsuit | by the skinny confidential

YEP, it’s finally TIME.

We’re going to start getting REAAAL bridal on The Skinny Confidential. Not like in a gag me way, just in a festive, light, easy way you know?

After all, our wedding is only THREE MONTHS away! AKA it’s time for me to kick my ass into gear. In every way.

( You should know, TSC 7 Day Meal Plan is in full effect ).

Michael & I have been TOTALLY lagging on all things wedding related. HOWEVER, we’re finally getting the ball rolling. Better late than never, right? I thrive under pressure…?

We’ve recruited friends & family to help get the ball rolling. Even went crazy & took Michael dress shopping so as you can see we’re finally locking down all the little details. My friends & family are even hosting a few events for me before the wedding too. Lots of planning going on over here.

Since these events AND the wedding are fast approaching, I’ve definitely noticed that as a BRIDE TO BE…there are TONS of occasions when you’re expected to be in ALL WHITE. Engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, the list goes on & on! I feel like I’ll throw a color moment in though.

As you guys know, I’m a very non-traditional bride. Here’s a look I’m kind of feeling, kind of different:

The Best Damn Bride To Be Jumpsuit:

This jumpsuit is definitely NOT the traditional & typical wedding shower or bachelorette party dress. It’s sleek, chic, but still totally sexy. It’s 100% white so you’re still pulling off that bridal vibe, but with a little bit of an edge.

The plunging neck line is HOTT. It’s feminine but gives off a powerful GIRLBOSS energy. The wide leg pants add a formal & classy flair to this look.

I would probably throw on a pair of white pumps or silver metallic pumps with dark nail polish to complete this look. Maybe even add a super sexy Y-Necklace, a super long one. LOVE the contrast of white/dark colors. It’s definitely going to be a theme around my wedding.

So what is you’re go-to BRIDE TO BE look?

Would love if you guys left some links to cute outfits below. I will be shopping for Bride To Be outfits over the next few weeks! Stay tuned.


+ more wedding posts here! Enjoy. 

  1. I totally went away from the wear all white to everything while engaged trend. I wanted to just look like my best self for the various events, and potentially buy things that I would use again. You will be in white(ish) for wedding day, no need to wear all white to everything leading up the wedding if that doesn’t feel like you! I wore a cute, fitted, valley of the dolls pink dress to my shower/high tea, a sexy white dress for my bachelorette party – but only b/c the dress was sentimental, I wore it on one of my fiance and my first dates when I was 18, 13 years ago!!! – and then a hot little black dress by alice + oliva for the rehearsal dinner. Wedding day, I was a total princess bride, which is not what I planned at all. I’m so happy I did this and shied away from the all white trend, I felt like myself! Good luck!!!!

    PS – our wedding was this past june, so not too long ago.

  2. I’m a newly engaged non-traditional bride (I even have a hard time calling myself a bride) as well. I am highly anticipating anything and everything bridal coming from you! PLEASE keep us updated! I need all the inspiration I can get. I’ve done exactly one thing: hire a wedding planner- HA! Can’t wait to see more!

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