The Best Damn Boots For Fall

the best damn boots for fall by Ivanka Trump. Boots by Ivanka Trump on The Skinny Confidential

It’s not too early to start shopping for Fall… right?

I can’t help myself! Especially now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is FINALLY open to everyone, items will start to go FAST. The deals are just too good to pass up, so I am SHOPPING today, to say the least.

Summer is seriously FLYING by, so it’s definitely a convenient time to stock up on the cutest clothes, shoes, & accessories for fall.

Like THESE BOOTS. How badass are they?

Here’s why these lace ups are the best damn boots for fall:

FIRST, they’re chic & totally IN. The lace up look is definitely trending. We’ve had lace up tops & lace up sandals during summer, so it’s only natural that lace up boots will be trending this fall.

SECOND, they’re EASY. They have a zipper on the side so you won’t have to actually mess with those laces. THANK YOU!

THIRD, they’re almost 50% off! They are just over $100 which is INSANE.

SO…. if you grab these boots, pair them with literally anything. My go-to would honestly be black skinny jeans, & either an oversized sweater or this tee shirt. You can definitely throw on a leather jacket to give off an edgy, rocker vibe.

So, thoughts on these boots? I’m obsessed.

I hope you guys enjoy shopping the Nordstrom Sale now that it’s officially open to everyone!

If you are shopping, definitely check out my favorite items roundup, this UNREAL list, & my favorite white shoes!

Okay, off to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!


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5 Replies to “The Best Damn Boots For Fall”

  1. Wow these boots are super HOT! Since it is still actually hot outside, lol, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing black boots, but definitely adding them to my “want list” for fall wardrobe pieces!

  2. But I don’t like the stereotypical “feminine” things that “women” are supposed to like: shopping, makeup, dresses, pink fluffy things. I like all kinds of things, and that doesn’t make me less “feminine”.