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The Best Cell Phone Case You Need To Know About

As most of you guys know, I have another Instagram account where we discuss the latest & greatest from Amazon. Nothing is sponsored. It’s just amazing products that I can’t get enough of.

& well, when the product is just too good, I like to bring it to the blog too ( ahem fake Gucci headband ).

Recently, I went into Apple for a phone case & found this olive colored one that I loved….but it was like $50. I needed a dupe. You guys, I change my phone cases like I change my shoes. My outfits need to match my case, manicure, it’s a whole thing.

Fashionlush talked about these specific, pastel phone cases on her @the.lush.list account & I had to have. Not only are they the cutest pastel colors, they’re also only like $8 ( depending on your phone model ).

Immediately I got on board by quite literally buying every. single. color. so I could coordinate them on my Instagram feed.

Here’s a quick breakdown for ya:

These cases look IDENTICAL to the million dollar Apple cases, they’re super durable, all matte & smooth. Items like this are so good to stock up on to give as gifts. You can wrap them up all pretty along with a bottle of pink champagne & it’s such a cute little present to give. Seriously, these are thick & will fully protect your phone while also looking chic.

All the Swedish bloggers are using them right now- these cases are all over their Instagram feeds. If you were going to start with 1 or 2, I’d recommend getting the mint &/or lilac.

And maybe this is weird, maybe it isn’t, but I feel like the lilac one whitens the eyes of a mirror selfie, ya know? Maybe it’s psycho, but it’s true. Try it.

I have the iPhone 11 Pro but here are some other phone options for you if you have a different model:

iPhone 11

iPhone XR

iPhone 7/8 Plus

iPhone 7/8

It’s not a joke that I have them in EVERY COLOR: spearmint, baby blue, lollipop pink, candy lilac, buttery yellow, & you can never go wrong with white.

So there you have it. Pastel, candy colored cases for $8. What a great gift for a baby shower or any occasion really. Get them in all colors & make someone an Easter basket – cute !!

They’re just amazing, affordable & perfect for people who like to express themselves through their phone cases. I change mine like I change my manicure- no but really, I match my phone case to my nail polish so these are really working for me right now.

Another fun tip: you can put your TSC stickers or popsocket on your case for some flair. If you want some TSC stickers & a popsocket just share a fun fact about yourself below & we’ll send some out.

Be sure to follow for hot tips & hacks. It’s basically a one stop shop for Amazon goodies, AND now that we’re on the subject… sure to scope my Amazon store here. You’ll find the best stuff from my favorite pen, to the chicest glass mugs, to the best book light on the planet.

x, lauryn

+ the Gucci headband dupe you need.

++ check out the best battery pack ever. 


  1. So excited for my new cell phone case, pop socket & sticker! Congratulations on Zaza! She’s gorgeous. I just had my first baby in December – motherhood is amazing!

    Fun fact: I can crack 50+ joints on my body


  2. i think i need those ?
    fun fact about me: when i take my socks off, i could never put them back on afterwards, even if i only had them on for a minute before! i sometimes go through five pairs a day ?

  3. I’ve had these types of cases before – but does a pop socket actually stick to them? My other one wouldn’t and it looks to be the same material.

  4. I don’t match my phone case to my nails or anything but I do change my phone case a ton.

    Fun fact: I’ve started keeping a book on my bedside table to avoid blue light at night because of your podcast! Right now, it’s You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero.

  5. Just added these to my cart.

    Fun Fact: just turned 40 and about to have double jaw surgery.

  6. I found this as an informative and interesting post, so I think it is very useful and knowledgeable.

  7. fun fact: Ive been obsessed with the color pink since 5 years old, im 22 now. thank you for giving the best pink curated content. forever pink????????

  8. I now have three of these, thank you! The real question is, what’s the pink case on your personal (not work) phone now?? The pink one with TSC sticker. I catch a glimpse in some mirror shots, but I neeed it ?

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