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10 Best Books To Get To Know Yourself

10 Best Books To Get To Know Yourself

Discovering who you really are as a person is a lifelong process. And there is no one-size-fits-all path to get there. 

But, the benefits of knowing oneself through and through are way too good to ignore. Knowing yourself and being at peace with who you are can bring SO MUCH clarity and purpose to your life. 

Plus, it can also help make better decisions, better understand things from different perspectives, and build better relationships. And most importantly, knowing yourself can help you learn to love yourself and all the parts of you that make you YOU. 

These are areas we could all use some improvement in, in one way or another. 

One thing that Lauryn & Michael, as well as the rest of The Skinny Confidential team, like to do to promote self-awareness is READ. Yes, READ. 

Self-awareness books are SO helpful in the journey to get to know oneself. Especially since reading, in itself, is a personal journey in its own way. 

There is so much wisdom and knowledge out there, especially if you know where to look for it. 

So, that’s why we’re sharing a roundup of some of our fave books. These will help you get to know yourself a little better and help you grow in your self-awareness. 

You can find all of these books and more in Lauryn’s BOOK STORE on her Amazon Page. And while you’re at it, be sure to add her on Goodreads, too! 

Okay, let’s get to it.

10 Best Books To Get To Know Yourself

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

Originally published in 1984, this book stands the test of time. Louise L. Hay is known internationally for her leadership in the self-help field. She’s written a multitude of books, including books with affirmations and workbooks. All in the hopes of helping others truly learn to love themselves. 

In You Can Heal Your Life, Hay explains that almost all things in life can be solved with strong mental resolve. She talks about how limiting beliefs and putting ourselves in boxes can really hold us back. And maybe even cause physical illnesses when left unchecked. Use this book to reframe your mind and change your perspective. 

Indistractable by Nir Eyal

Written by Nir Eyal, Indistractable is a book all about building focus and taking control of your life. Eyal is a former professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Hasso Plattner Institute of Design. And he is often featured in Harvard Business Review and The Atlantic. Needless to say, real cool guy. 

Back to the book. Indistractable will teach you how to live outside your own head and focus on what’s most important. It will also teach you how to avoid distractions and how to improve your relationships by giving them the focus they deserve. This book is especially helpful for all the chronic multitaskers out there. 

Best Books To Get To Know Yourself

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert 

Reading this book, you might not think it’s about getting to know yourself, but it is. City of Girls is written by Elizabeth Gilbert, who is also the author of the bestselling novel Eat Pray Love. And who doesn’t love Eat Pray Love???

City of Girls is a love story set in the 1940’s. BUT, it’s told from the perspective of an older woman, looking back on her life. Think love, loss, heartbreak, professional scandal, and recovery mixed with a ton of little life lessons we could all benefit from reading. If you’re looking for a book that’s both a really good read and that has some awesome self-awareness tips, this is a good one. 

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

Marianna Williamson is the author of this amazing book. You might recognize her from one of her many appearances on Oprah, Larry King Live, or Good Morning America. Williamson has written a ton of books on becoming the best version of yourself and consistently finds herself on the New York Times bestseller list. 

A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles” is basically a spiritual guide. It features Williamson’s thoughts on love and how we can use love to ultimately find peace, both within ourselves and with the people we most care about. No matter what your mental block is – finances, relationships, past trauma -Williamson can help you solve these issues through a more loving lens. 

The Daily Laws by Robert Greene

LA based author, Robert Greene, brings us this super helpful book, which is more accurately described as a book of daily devotionals. Greene has many self-affirmation books, like The 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction, all of which he drew upon during the creation of this particular masterpiece. And all of which made it on the New York Times bestseller list.

The Daily Laws: 366 Meditations on Power, Seduction, Mastery, Strategy, and Human Nature is the perfect book for those of you who want to take control of your life and grab your destiny by the balls. Each day, you get a new little lesson that takes only a few minutes to read through. Then, you also get a daily law that will help you establish good habits in your day-to-day life. If you’re ready for real change, start here. 

Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender by David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D

Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender is one of those books that is helpful in almost all facets of life. Think physical and mental health, creativity, finances, trauma healing, professional fulfillment, relationships, sexuality, and spiritual growth – yes, all of that. It’s written by David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D, scientist, clinician, mystic, and leader within the consciousness research and spirituality fields. 

With this book, Hawkins shares his tips for reaching enlightenment, letting go of negativity, and living your most fulfilling life yet. If you’re suffering with mental blocks that are dragging you down, this is the book for you. Get to know yourself better by identifying these blocks and throwing them right out the window. This is a great resource for anyone struggling with addiction, recovery, trauma, and/or spiritual development. 

books for self-awareness

♡ Business is Personal by Bethenny Frankel

This one’s for all you bosses out there. You all know Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City. But get ready to see her in a whole new light as she shares her badass, no-nonsense tips for finding that perfect work/life balance. When you read this book, you realize it’s no wonder she made the Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities by Forbes.

Business is Personal: The Truth About What it Takes to Be Successful While Staying True to Yourself is all about how to conquer all your wildest dreams, without losing sight of who you really are. It’s about learning how to navigate the crazy world of business without compromising yourself, your goals, or your innate values. A must-read for stay-at-home moms looking for something new or those of you who are TIRED of that 9-5, everyday-feels-like-groundhog day routine. 

♡ Hero on a Mission: A Path to a Meaningful Life by Donald Miller

Consider this book your one-stop-shop for completely turning your life around and getting to know yourself through and through. Donald Miller, author of this life-changing guide, is the CEO of Business Made Simple. He also runs a podcast with the same name, where he shares TONS of business and personal development tips. 

Hero on a Mission: A Path to a Meaningful Life is basically a guide to becoming who you want to be. It features a variety of journaling prompts and goal-planning exercises, as well as a plethora of actionable tips that will help you in almost all areas of life. So get ready to open your mind to creativity, gain some serious clarity, and develop a greater sense of purpose. 

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

One thing many of us struggle with is vulnerability, and this is because it’s often seen as weakness. It’s not. That’s what this book is all about – accepting your vulnerabilities and using them to develop a greater sense of self-awareness. This book is written by Brené Brown, vulnerability expert, author of six New York Time bestsellers, and host of two award-winning Spotify podcasts. 

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead focuses on changing the definition of vulnerability. Instead of looking at it like a weakness, Brown teaches us to look at vulnerability as a courageous character trait. And to harness your vulnerability in a way that breeds confidence in your life, both at home and in the workplace. 

Journey into Simple Living: Self-Care Practices for Busy Women by Annie Singh-Quern

There are SO MANY things in life that can really bog us down. Social media, calls and texts, chores, relationships, dealing with past trauma, and so on. Get ready to learn all about how to live simply in this fab book by Annie Singh-Quern. Singh-Quern is the creator of I AM Phenomenal Woman/Celebrate Greatness, an organization that focuses on female personal & business development. 

The major thing you will learn from this book is how to rid your mind of all the distractions and negative emotions that are holding you back. Journey into Simple Living: Self-Care Practices for Busy Women is chock full of self-care ideas, reflective exercises, and self-help resources that can help you break out of your standard day-to-day and find your real purpose in life. 

It’s never too late to start becoming the person you really want to be. 

There you have it. If you’re ready to get to know yourself and see all the amazing effects it can have on your life, these are some great reads that can guide you through the process. 

And, by the way, we’ve totally got you covered on all your reading needs. For all the best reading inspo, be sure to check out Lauryn’s BOOK STORE, as well as these other book lists: Books on Anti-Racism, Entertaining Books, and Must-Read Books

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Until next time, fellow bookworms.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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