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The Best Beauty Deal For Amazon Prime Day: Summer Body Must-Haves

The Best Beauty Deal For Amazon Prime Day

Boy oh boy. If you ever wanted to stock up on beauty, wellness and self-care products, today is your day. Consider it a self-care summer.

Get ready to upgrade your routine because Amazon Prime day starts July 16th and almost all of our products are 20% off. Besides our anniversary sale – this never happens.

So, whether you’ve been wanting to dip your toes into self-care and beauty, take your existing routine to the next level, or stock up on birthday and Christmas gifts, NOW is your time. And if you just want to treat yourself, that’s fine by us too.  

Why are we posting this a day before the sale starts? Because we want you to get these things in your cart, so the second the sale is live all you have to do is click PURCHASE. We’ve been known to sell out and we want you to get your summer beauty items asap. 

The Best Beauty Deal For Amazon Prime Day: Summer Body Must-Haves

Here’s what’s 20% off and why you need it this summer:

Ice Roller

Instantly depuff, reduce redness and shrink pores with the power of cold therapy.

Perfect for hot summer days and sunburns (but don’t get sunburnt).

Hot tip: Run your roller under hot water to soothe your neck and shoulders at night. 

Face Massager

Sculpt, tone and rejuvenate your face by relieving muscle tension and increasing blood flow. 

Too many poolside margs? These multi-angular balls grip the face and increase lymphatic drainage, leaving you snatched in no time. 

Hot tip: Use this massager on your forearms and hands, especially if you’re typing all day. 

Dry Brush

Exfoliate, stimulate and energize instantly pre-shower. 

Salt water, sand and sun can dry us out. Buff off dead skin cells to keep your skin fresh and glowy. 

Hot tip: After dry brushing, have a freezing cold shower for the most insane burst of energy.

Body Sculptor 

Apply your favorite moisturizer and sculpt, tone and detox with our 3D body sculptor.

The chiseling effect of our body sculptor will have you reaching for your shortest shorts. 

Hot tip: Use 4 x a week. Lauryn did and noticed her cellulite disappeared. 


Our razor, designed to be lightweight and easy to hold, will give you the closest shave of your life. It gently exfoliates, removes peach fuzz (no it won’t grow back darker or thicker) and creates the smoothest canvas for skincare and makeup. 

You can use the razor on any area of your body. (Replacement blades are on sale too.)

Hot tip: After shaving, soothe your skin with the ice roller. 

Shaving Cream

The first ever facial shaving cream designed specifically for a woman’s face is nourishing, gentle and will help you avoid nicks and cuts when shaving. 

Plus, it’s TSA approved for all your summer getaways.

Hot tip: Some of our team love this so much, they use it as a face mask.

Depuffing Oil

A cooling, lightweight oil made with blueberry, raspberry and pomegranate seed extracts to hydrate and soothe. Much needed after too much time in the sun. 

Hot tip: Mix in a drop or two with your foundation for a youthful dewy glow. 

Sleeping Bag

A versatile and cute protective bag made to store your ice roller, keeping it clean and pristine in the fridge or freezer. The insulated bag is made with material that will not stick to your frozen roller and is perfect to throw in a cooler for a beach day.

Hot tip: Use it for your face massager, razor and shave cream too. 

My Specific Routines, Habits and Hacks

It really is the perfect time to stock up. With summer in full swing you can depuff, sculpt, contour, exfoliate and glow, giving your skin and body the TLC it deserves. 

Of course Amazon makes it so easy with free shipping and easy returns. This is essential if you’re just getting into self-care. And if that sounds like you, we highly recommend starting with the ice roller and dry brush. They’re both easy to use and give instant results in just a couple minutes a day. 

And if you’re an Amazon Affiliate you can add TSC products to your storefront and create links to share with your audience so you can actually make money off your love of The Skinny Confidential. Win win.

Amazon is one of the best supporters of small businesses, too. Lauryn knows this first-hand because TSC is a small business. They help with customer service, shipping, returns and really take a lot off the plate of first-time entrepreneurs. They also provide so many resources to sellers that can help you generate more sales and be the best brand you can be. If you have a product you’re thinking of getting into the world, don’t sleep on Amazon. 

Lauryn is also going to do a giveaway on her IG live and Amazon live. The winner will get something that’s not part of the Amazon sale so be sure to tune in.

We’ve been known to sell out so get your cart ready now. And if you want to know more, you can check out how Lauryn uses every single TSC product here

x, The Skinny Confidential team

+ Learn why Lauryn’s facialist loves the ice roller.

++ Beauty tips straight from a beauty editor.


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