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5 Benefits of Thinking Out Loud

5 Benefits of Thinking Out Loud

It can be so challenging to juggle and sort through all the thoughts and feelings we have in our head. Do you feel this way?

This can be especially true when we’re going through a tough time or when we have too many ideas coming to us at once. And then, we have to do this all day, every day. Like, wtf? Like you, we can’t even deal sometimes. 

So, here at The Skinny Confidential, we want to let you in on a little secret. This is something we try to practice constantly.

Thinking out loud! But ok, what does this mean?

Thinking out loud, in the simplest terms, means to say your thoughts out loud. As opposed to keeping them all cooped up in your head and trying to sort through them in your mind – also known as inner thinking. (P.S. – there are so many benefits of taking time to just think! Check them out.)

Thinking out loud is a tactic you can use to organize your thoughts, emotions, and ideas & make sense of them. While it might be considered a social faux pas, this process is actually super beneficial for many reasons. And, it’s an essential part of proper cognitive functioning and a sign of true intelligence.

To show you what we mean, let’s go over the benefits of thinking out loud & how this process can improve different aspects of your life.

5 Benefits of Thinking Out Loud

♡ Increases self-motivation

Before we talk about how thinking out loud increases your self-motivation, we need to talk about the difference between negative and positive self-talk. Negative self-talk is when you get down on yourself, have negative thoughts, and say negative things to yourself, about yourself.  

Positive self-talk is having good thoughts and feelings about yourself and saying them out loud to yourself. Like when you look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re a bad bitch – that’s some positive self-talk right there. 

Whether you actually say the negative things out loud or not is not the issue (although you should never EVER talk down to yourself). Just having all those negative thoughts cooped up in your brain can lead to some serious lack of motivation. This is because most of us act based on our emotions and thoughts. 

Instead, turn these negative thoughts into motivation for the future. We know, we know – easier said than done. But, studies show that uttering positive phrases, words, or affirmations to yourself can motivate you to go after & accomplish your goals. It can also improve your self-confidence and your eagerness to reach all your wildest dreams. (And speaking of dreams, check out all the benefits of starting a dream journal, too!)

TSC on the Benefits of Thinking Out Loud

♡ Enhances problem solving skills

In a study published in 2018, research shows that when you’re having trouble solving a problem or keeping track of all your ideas, it’s beneficial to say them out loud. This is important for two reasons. First, when you say things out loud, they just make more sense. So, thinking out loud can help you eliminate silly ideas or solutions right away. 

For example, when computer programmers can’t get their code to work, they go through a process called the rubber duck debugging method. Basically, they just read their code to a toy rubber duck. And usually, when they’re reading it out loud, they come across the error and are able to debug their code right then. The same principle applies here – even though we are NOT programmers (and thank goodness for that, amiright?) 

And second, when you say things out loud for others to hear, they can help you decide which ideas are good, and which you can disregard. And instead of all your thoughts and ideas swimming around in your brain all day, you’re actually already one step closer to solving the issue. 

♡ Boosts memory 

In a recent study, research found that saying things out loud to yourself improves your memory and recall. And this doesn’t just apply to learning in school or at work! When we repeat phrases or words to ourselves, especially positive self-talk or affirmations, we actually commit them to long-term memory and start to believe them. Thus, they are more likely to come to fruition. 

♡ Improves concentration

Do you ever have those moments when your mind is running a thousand miles a minute? First, you have one great idea. Then, a monsoon of other exciting and interesting ideas start popping into your head. What do you do with all these ideas? Which ideas are good? Which ideas suck? And, how do you keep track of them all?

Bet you can already guess what we’re going to say…think out loud! Thinking out loud can help you keep track of your ideas, remember them later, and organize them in a way that is easier to recall. Thus, giving your brain the freedom to concentrate on one idea at a time. 

5 Benefits of Thinking Out Loud

♡ Helps you stay present 

Thinking out loud can also help you stay present in the moment. Instead of allowing all your crazy thoughts and feelings to send you down the rabbit hole, thinking out loud can actually help you cope with your thoughts now and move past them. Believe us when we say, living in the moment can improve your quality of life, tremendously. Whereas, living in the past, dwelling on the unknown, or worrying about those things you can’t control can take a toll on your mental health

Fuck it, think out loud. 

If you’re not convinced, just try it. Thinking out loud has tons of benefits that can change your life both mentally and spiritually. Not to mention all the benefits it will have on your work and personal life. 

Working through your ideas, being able to live in the present, and improving your cognitive functioning – what else could you ask for? Take it from us, you’ll want to start practicing this process ASAP, so that you can reap all the benefits, from this moment on. Until next time, if you see us talking to ourselves, just mind your own business. LOL. 

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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