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7 Benefits of Burning Palo Santo Before Bed

Benefits of Burning Palo Santo Before Bed

Listen up, because we’re about to change the energy of your bedtime routine forever.

Because you KNOW Lauryn is all about the ambience. Well, who knew that the energy around us could have such a massive impact on our health and mental wellness?

Positive or negative, that shit matters. And, there are plenty of ways to heal and cleanse our energy.

And one method that has got our full attention is none other than burning palo santo before bed. Cue the intrigue.

So in this post, we’re dedicating our time to explore the glorious benefits of this magical wood and why it should be the star of your bedtime ritual.

Y’all ready to transform your evenings one mystical flame at a time? 

Let’s get into it.

What is Palo Santo?

Here’s the plain and simple version. 

It’s a South American sacred wood that’s gaining popularity worldwide, especially for its use in spiritual healing. It comes from the palo santo tree, which is also known as Bursera gravolens.

Burning palo santo as incense or smudging is a common practice in South America, where it’s believed to ward off evil spirits and negative energy. 

The wood contains a chemical called limonene, which is responsible for reducing stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system (especially in fighting the cold and flu), and aiding in meditation.

Overall, palo santo is a powerful tool for those seeking to enhance their spiritual well-being and connect with the natural world.

7 Benefits of Burning Palo Santo

♡ Calms the mind

When we burn palo santo before bed, the aromatic smoke fills the air, creating a serene atmosphere that helps calm our racing thoughts.

The natural fragrance of palo santo essential oil envelops us, promoting a sense of tranquility and peace.

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♡ Reduces stress

Burning palo santo releases a sweet and woody aroma that instantly melts away our daily stresses.

The mere act of slowing down and engaging in this mindful practice allows us to shift our focus and find inner calmness. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of palo santo also contribute to stress reduction by soothing our mind and body. 

♡ Enhances sleep

Struggling to catch elusive Zzz’s?

Burning palo santo before bed might just be the answer. Its unique scent creates a soothing and familiar environment and helps us unwind and prepare for a restful sleep.

By clearing negative energy and promoting relaxation, palo santo helps us drift off into dreamland with ease.

♡ Clears negative energy

Time to say buh-bye to any and all negative energy.

When burning this holy wood, the sacred smoke purifies our space and rids it of any lingering negativity. This cleansing practice not only clears the air but also uplifts our spirits, allowing positive energy to flow freely.

♡ Boosts mood

Been feeling a little blue lately?

Well, the soothing aroma of palo santo has mood-boosting properties that’ll instantly uplift your spirits. Its warm and comforting scent creates a sense of happiness, leaving us feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. 

♡ Encourages relaxation

Burning palo santo before bed does wonders setting the stage for ultimate relaxation. As the aromatic smoke fills our space, we can’t help but feel a sense of ease and calm. 

So, let the worries of the day melt away as you indulge in this ancient practice of relaxation.

♡ Enhances spiritual connection

Palo santo can serve as a powerful tool in enhancing your spiritual connection. Its sacred smoke acts as a conduit, connecting us to a higher realm and enhancing our spiritual experiences.

As we breathe in the fragrant smoke, we open ourselves up to spiritual insights and a deeper connection with our inner selves.

How to Burn Palo Santo Before Bed

How to Burn Palo Santo Before Bed

Step 1: Gather your supplies

First things first, gather your supplies. You’ll need a palo santo stick, a fireproof bowl (because safety first), and a lighter or matches

Oh, and don’t forget to find a cozy spot to enjoy the calming vibes!

PRO TIP: Burn palo santo while meditating, making the bed, or doing your skincare routine

Step 2: Set the intention

Take a moment to think about your intention for this palo santo burning session.

Maybe you want to cleanse the energy in your space, or perhaps you’re looking for a little extra relaxation before going to bed.

Whatever it is, hold that intention in your mind as we move forward.

Step 3: Ignite the flame

Now it’s time for things to get lit, quite literally.

Grab that trusty lighter (or matches) and gently apply the flame to the end of the palo santo stick.

Let it catch fire for a few moments, allowing the flame to dance and flicker. 

Step 4: Let the smoke flow

The moment that palo santo stick starts smokin’… blow out the flame and let the smoke waft through the air.

Feel the delicate scent permeate your space, cleansing, and purifying as it goes.

Step 5: Smudge away

Alright, now that the wood is burned and we’re in the smoke zone, it’s time to get to smudging.

Take that smoldering stick and gently fan the smoke around your space. Move it around, paying extra attention to areas that could use a little extra cleansing love. 

Step 6: Show some gratitude

You know we’re all about expressing gratitude, so let’s take a moment to do just that.

Show some love and appreciation for the palo santo’s powerful properties. Express your thanks for the cleanse and relaxation it brings to your space.

Be sure to keep track of your gratitude in your Skinny Confidential planner. There’s a super specific place each day just for keeping track of everything you’re grateful for plus SO MUCH MORE. 

Step 7: Extinguish with care

Remember, safety first.

When you’re done with your palo santo smudge sesh, it’s time to say goodbye to that smoke.

Gently press the lit end into a fireproof bowl to extinguish the embers. 

Step 8: Store it with love

Find a special spot to store your stick, like a pretty dish or decorative holder. 

Treat it with care and respect, knowing that it’s there for you whenever you need a little relaxation or cleansing. Store it with love, and it’ll always be ready to work its magic whenever you need it.

Get ready to sleep like royalty with this pre-bedtime hack.

So, after all this, it almost goes without saying, but, the benefits of palo santo sessions are endless. It creates a chill vibe and clears out negative energy. Plus, the sweet aroma enhances your sleep too.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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