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Benefit Cosmetics x TSConf Sex Kitten Giveaway—!

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Another day, another giveaway.

Since you guys are just the most amazing readers ever, I decided to host two giveaways this month.

When Benefit Cosmetics asked me to team up with them on their brow campaign, I was ecastic.

I mean, you guys know how I feel about bad eyebrows. Remember this post & this post?


Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life.

So anyway, enjoy the giveaway— all these products are seriously insane.

One lucky reader will win:

+ ‘Gimme Brow’

+ ‘Brow Zings’ shaping kit

+ ‘High Brow’ ( << my absolute favorite )

+ Tweezerman brow shaping brush

+ Tweezerman ‘Slant Tweezers’

+ Raising Eyebrows: Your Personal Guide to Fabulous Eyebrows

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

To win, make sure you:

 + ‘Like’ Benefit Cosmetics on Facebook

 + Follow The Skinny Confidential on Bloglovin’

 + Leave a comment below, letting us know why you absolutely have to have/need these products.


Happy Sunday, X.Lauryn

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts talks skinny tips and tricks on diet and fitness.

* { Giveaway winner will be announced Monday, November 25, 2013 // everyone is eligible to enter }.

  1. don’t have a facebook – hope i can still win! ive been dying for these!! my brows need some help 🙂

    1. i die for benefit! girl meets pearl is a genius product, just the right amount of dew and sheen. love this blog, crossing my fingers for this package of goodies!! xx

  2. My eyebrows need some serious lovin. They’re not total trainwrecks but I’d love a little brow makeover!

  3. So I absolutely love your blog and just recently started working on getting my brows into shape! These would be amazing additions to my toolkit– I’m a total newb so having some top quality products seems like the perfect place to start!

  4. I LOVE Benefit’s products. I currently use their liquid foundation and mascara and I can never go back to anything else. I absolutley MUST have more of their products. Like, it’s totally a life or death sitch.

  5. I am a single mom of twins finally getting back to myself, and improving my health and beauty to re enter the dating world. These badass products would help me get it started!!

  6. Since your post about these products I’ve been dying to try them! I would LOVE to win all of the items, but I am excited to try High Brow the most! My brows are in need of some TLC bc I moved to Philadelphia from Boston and tried a new salon and they over waxed 🙁 HELP!!!!

  7. I am a single momma of twins just re entering the dating world. These would help me kick start my beauty routine and get my back my confidence!!!

  8. I’ve always wanted to learn to do a really good job with my brows, especially to balance out my face!

  9. When I was younger I plucked my eyebrows too much and now I have barely any left and what is left, is all faded away (color). My number one most disliked task in the morning is to draw my eyebrows. They seem to be mismatched and I just don’t have the tools nor skills to make them look good. And I truly believe eyebrows are the crown of the face. So I would LOVE to get some help with this issue with these products. HELP! 🙁

  10. I absolutely need these products because Benefit is my favorite makeup brand, TSC is my favorite blog and I’m only 15 so need to be inducted into the world of good eyebrows before I get corrupted by the tadpoles.

  11. Because I’ve seen Lauryn’s AMAZING eyebrows first hand, i trust this benefit brow bar kit without even looking thru it. Ive become OBSESSED with perfecting my eyebrows ever since i went through that dreaded stage when i was 15 and plucked every last one out-thinking i was making them better…oops. Anyways, this kit would be the just what i need! 🙂

  12. I’m dying to try these products! I love Benefit, but recently started a new job and haven’t been able to “treat myself” much lately – this would certainly do the trick! 🙂

  13. I LOVE Benefit products, and I’m searching for the right look for my upcoming June wedding!

  14. I haven’t always loved my eyebrows fully. I feel they need to be taken care of better and need a little more tlc. I tweeze a little where needed but think they need to be fuller. These products could be a game changer.

  15. I would love love LOVE to win this! In a couple weeks I was be making a second Ab Training Video for the CODY app ( like instagram/twitter but for fitness) and I can’t have gross ass eyebrows. People will be staring at those instead of my abs!

  16. I have been getting my eyebrows done by benefit since I was 15 (I’m 22 now) and I have always gotten compliments on my brows. It’s made me realize what important features our brows are and that they should be taken care of. I only trust benefit to touch my eyebrows and that will never change. PLEEEASE choose me to win this kick ass giveaway! I will continue to be a loyal customer to benefit (and avid reader of TSK) either way…but my love-o-meter will sky rocket!! <3

  17. I OUGHT to have these products because my brows has gotten into a war with the eyebrow threading lady. She completely took off half a year of growing eyebrows. 🙁 I am Asian and was not gifted with a lot of eyebrow hairs sooooo.. I take every bit of eyebrow hair VERY sacredly. LOL.

  18. The first time I ever got my brows done was with Benefit, and it totally changed the way I viewed brows. It’s an absolute necessity for me now and it would be amazing to get a chance to use Benefit’s high quality products to enhance my eyebrows! I don’t own any as they’re a tad too pricey for my student wallet.

  19. I LOVE Benefit products and I adore what it does for my eyebrows! I would love to win these products!! There are so many more that I’ve wanted to try and haven’t yet!

  20. I don’t have FB 🙁 One brow grows completely different than the other and this does not allow for some beautiful bows. Needless to say, I could use the help! 🙂

  21. I am OBSESSED with brows, so winning this would be amazing. I’m a broke ass student, but I love Benefit cosmetics and I’ve been wanting to try out Tweezerman tools FOREVER. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  22. I’ve never tried these products but if I win and I like them I could possibly be a customer for life. Please choose me I’m an eyebrow person they have to be perfect!! 🙂

  23. Love me some classy eye brows… And Benefit Cosmetics. Thanks for always having great information!

  24. Totally LOVE Benefit cosmetics. Their brow line is Ah-MAZING! I’ve been dying to try more of their brow stuff, I would love to win and try it out!

  25. I love Benefit cosmetics but I’ve never done anything with my brows! These would be a great start….

  26. I had problems with my eyebrows since I started to use makeup. I just have hair in the middle of the brow and hair dosent grows back of the brow and in front of brow . And I’m verry picki woman when it comes to my brows . Because of my problems it has made me picki and I m wasting my time on the brows , so I really need this , as a student like Iam I never have the money to get the best products ! You really make my happy If I win !! And maybe then I can really get nice eyebrows for once .
    I’ve been following you on bloglovin for some weeks now.and ur blog is really really !
    I liked the fan page on Facebook , Iam Josefin chall-r there. I’m crossing my fingers! <3 and have a great day .

    1. my name on facebook is josefin chall-r and my real name is josefin Karlström , 🙂 i really hope i win! i need this so bad! eyebrows frames yor face and is the first thing you see in a face, im crossing my fingerz! Hugz Josefin,

  27. When I was a teenager I plucked my eyebrows so thin it looked like I didn’t have any! It took a lot of work over the last 10 years to get them back to looking socially acceptable. Fact of the matter is they didn’t grow back to the thickness that they were before I destroyed them so I don’t have as much to work with anymore 🙁 These products would be really lovely to have and they would help me feel more confident in my day to day life. SOS! HELP! xoxox

  28. Absolutely NEED all of these ahmazing products! I watched the video of you & Benefit and was like… omg I need all of it. My brows need some serious lovin from Benefit soooo pleaseeeee gimme gimmeee! xo

  29. Getting my brows done at Benefit is always such a treat! Their products always give such a polished brow look — which I’m in definite need of with only 4 weeks left before giving birth to my baby girl!

  30. Just went from blonde to brown and my brows need some serious lovin. The ‘Gimme Brow’ would be absolutely fantastic!!

  31. SUCH a brow obsessed girl. Love em shaped and bold! And benefit products are my JAM always.

  32. i absolutely need these products because after watching your video collab with benefit i became obsessed with brows/benefit and have been dying to get my hands on all of those products!!

  33. My eyebrows have been a MESS since like 6th grade. Been trying everything! My Anastasia pencil finally ran out a few months ago, and I sort of gave up on them. I would loove some inspiration to finally fix them, and I haven’t tried Benefit yet! Their mascara is my fave, though. <3

  34. I love Benefit beauty products and NEED these brow cosmetics because my eyebrows are super light and need all the help they can get!

  35. I need to win this!! I have unruly brows that are hard to keep in line. I LOVE Benefit products – especially their brow bars in Ulta! I always go there to get my brows waxed and fix them up. They always use amazing products like you mentioned, so I would die to have my own!!

  36. why do I want to win? easy. bad eyebrows are the worst thing in the world! and not only do I love benefit but I have a passion about bad eyebrows! I only wish I could but everything benefit but my college student budget won’t allow! love this blog and can’t wait for your book!!


  37. I’m on accutane right now (I know, I know…gross chemicals, but my skin is getting worse with age and nothing else will help), and I can’t get my eyebrows done right now 🙁 So I need all the help to make them look somewhat presentable until I finish this medicine! Also, you’re the best and also leave me thinking about living a clean life and laughing at the same time!

  38. I gotta keep my eyebrows in tip top shape and these are the perfect products to do it!

  39. I am currently a college student and working in order to pay off my tuition. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE these products! It is so hard for me to afford nice makeup, and I would definitely make sure that these products get put to good use!! PICK ME!

  40. Hi Lauryn! I was so excited when you originally posted tips on perfecting the brow!!! I have blonde hair & very blonde, fine, and sparse brows. I have always tinted and filled my brows but have never really fallen in love with any particular products. When you did the original collab with benefit I went to sephora to purchase “gimme brow” but they were sold out. I’d love to win the benefit package as I think it could make a big difference and quickly become part of my daily routine!! Thanks so much for posting on fun and interesting topics!

  41. I love Benefit products!!! They used to make my FAVE perfume in the world (Maybe Baby…) but I think it’s been discontinued. Sad :(.. I would LOVE the chance to win some of their amaze products. <3

  42. Some people say the eyes are the window to the soul, but I think my eyebrows say more about who I am! I’m a very expressive person and my brows play a big part in that. Whether they’re raised, scrunched, or one’s up and one’s down, I like to keep them looking cleaned and defined. I love both Tweezerman and Benefit, and I would be honored to rock these products.

  43. I have the lightest eye brows ever! Sometimes it even looks like I don’t even have any! I really need some good eyebrow products to help frame my face. Thanks!

  44. Hey Lauryn! First off I would just like to say that I am absolutely IN LOVE with you and your blog(not in a creepy stalker kinda way though, I promise lol), I’ve been following your blog for a while now and you are such a inspiration to me! Now for why I need to win this giveaway: My brows are naturally thick & dark, they can get pretty crazy sometimes and i’m also VERY picky about who I let even TOUCH my brows, i’ve gotten them waxed in the past WAYYY WAYY WAYYYYY too thin before and then had other waxers not wax enough!!! It’s pretty ridonkulous! Therefore, since I just recently got laid off from my job(they decided to clean house) i’m pretty well broke, so winning this would be such an amazing thing, I need my brows to look pretty much perfect (i’m a little bit of a perfectionist I must admit) But either way, keep up the good work doll, I look foward to reading more of your amazingness! -Amanda

  45. I would love love love love love to win this! When I first started using makeup I got hooked on Benefit and have been using their products ever since! I’ve never tried their brow stuff and it would be amazing to receive it 🙂 I’d be so lucky

  46. Besides the obvi that benefits products are amazing, my brows these days…well aren’t so great, and this broke college girl is looking for a re-vamp!

  47. I would love to win these products as I tried them out when i was in Auckland but didn’t realize they are not available in my home city!

  48. I’m definitely looking to enhance the “frame of my face” & these products sound like they would do the trick, ; ) Love these giveaways & everything TSC!

  49. My eyebrows are SO sparse, and have never fully recovered from being overly plucked in high school…ugh 🙁 It’s bad…like cholita style…I know, what was I thinking?!!! I wish I could have brow implants, but the next best thing would be benefit brow products!!

  50. I have recently been trying to really perfect my brows. Being a natural blonde I’ve always had thin and hard to see brows. This giveaway would really help me perfect them. And… would be just in time for my Xmas trip!!!! My boyfriend is currently working overseas and it will be the first time I will have seen him since he left at the beginning of September! Trying to look my best for my boo!

  51. Entered!!!! Love ur posts i hope i win, I get my eyebrow threaded every 10 days which can be a pain smetimes need some quickfixes a tools to help my brows.

  52. I don’t give enough love to my brows! I’m intrigued especially by the High Brow product! I love Benefit’s Hello Flawless and High Beam so I’m sure their brow products are to die for also!

  53. I can’t get Benefit over here in New Zealand and have been wanting it for the longest time! 🙂

  54. I’d be thrilled to win this prize, as I’ve been eyeing up these products for a long time, but don’t have any of them. I have a couple Benefit products (Watts Up highlighter and They’re Real mascara) and they are beyond amazing so I’ve been saving to buy more. I enjoy reading the skinny confidential and have been so inspired by what you post. I check it regularly and now it’ll be even easier to stay up to date with bloglovin. Because of you, Lauryn, I have been eating healthier and been able to get enough sleep now that you’ve informed me about ashwagandha extract. I recommend it (and your site) to all my friends. I can not thank you enough for making a difference in my life in many ways! Take care 🙂

  55. I use Benefit’s Porefessional and powder all the time, but have never tried their brow products yet! Their stuff is awesome but pricey, so ya giveaways are the grad student’s best friend! 😉 Thanks for hosting so them!! 🙂

  56. Not on Facebook but I would still love to enter this amazing array of Benefit cosmetics. Love myself some good brows!

  57. I am a massive Goo Hoarder! I love trying new products especially Benefit! I adore their mascara and cheek stain, who am I kidding I love it all! It also helps that my brows are in dire need of an uplift!

  58. I LOVE benefit’s products and the timing on this post could not be more perfect. I have natural blonde hair(gets some help)/eyebrows and my eyebrows need help not disappearing on my face!

  59. Would love to win this package as I have super blonde brows and never know what to do with them!

  60. Hey! I would love these products because I dyed my hair darker and I am still trying to get my eyebrows the perfect shape and color to match so this giveaway would definitely help me achieve this!

  61. To be able to try out these product and never have to worry about my eyebrows are not in place. I bet something like this might just do the trick 😉

  62. I want the products because I have gone from shaping and coloring in my brows daily to mayyybe 2 times a week. I don’t bother anymore because I’m unemployed and low on funds so make up is low on the list of things to buy sadly.

  63. I love Benefit products. Somehow, they pretty much NEVER fail me. And, c’mon.. their packaging/marketing?! They’re killing it. And specifically about the brow products? Eyebrows can always use a little somethin’, somethin’! xx

  64. I love Benefit products. Somehow, they pretty much NEVER fail me. And, c’mon.. their packaging/marketing?! They’re killing it. And specifically about the brow products? Eyebrows can always use a little somethin’, somethin’! xx

  65. Awesome giveaway!!! I need help with my eyebrows bad. They are super light and I need to color them in every day. I could def use help filling them in and getting better shape!

  66. I lost my make up bah, I don’t have extra $ right now and winning this would really help me to replace my missing items. Plus they kick ass!

  67. My eyebrows are in serious need of help! Patchy and bushy times two, yuck! Benefit is to die for!!! : ))

  68. I love Benefit stuff! I’ve been dying to try their brow products bc they seem like exactly what my brows need!

  69. I am totally obsessed with my eyebrows. I think I can wear no make up on the daily basis but for the eyebrows. I have tried some products for making my brows more beautiful and picture-perfect, but still haven’t found that perfect brand brow product. I don’t want to get my eyebrows spoilt with inappropriate poducts, but your video did inspired me to keep on hoping for putting my hands on these cuties!

  70. I have those eyebrows that don’t really raise up and curve, they naturally slant straight down to the sides which is the most frustrating thing because I like eyebrows with a little lift because it brings life to your face. Good eyebrows equals a happier face! people always say I look angry or sad but it’s mainly because my eyebrows naturally slant down instead of up! My eyebrows aren’t bad but I do find eyebrows really difficult to work with. I haven’t ever used benefit but I always hear good reviews! I would really reaaalllly love to win this giveaway, because, as you say, who wants bad eyebrows?!

  71. I already am a huge fan on Benefit cosmetics. I love their blushes and face primer. I am so excited to try these brow products. I am a serious brow perfectionist and can’t wait to add something new to my arsenal.

  72. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to brow makeup, but by eyebrows are getting lighter as I get older and I’d love to learn!

  73. NO WAY. This is potentially the best giveaway I can imagine. I’m a huge fan of anything Benefit and I’ve been DYING to get some of their brow products for a while now. I’m going to Italy soon and have been wanting to up my brow game so that they’re totally Euro worthy.

  74. Benefit is my fav but I’ve always been afraid to wear any product on my brows. I can’t say no if I have the product, though!

  75. NO WAY. This is potentially the best giveaway I can imagine. I’m a huge fan of anything Benefit and I’ve been eyeing their brow products for a while now. I’m going to Italy soon and have been wanting to up my brow game so that they’re totally Euro worthy.

  76. I need these products because I’m a poor college student who can’t afford to both eat well and have nice things! Ha. And I’d love to look amazing for my cousin’s wedding at the end of the month. My $2 Elf eyebrow palette isn’t really cutting it.

  77. Because good girl like me deserves them!!:D I love benefits and your blog <3
    love from San diego

  78. I don’t have a tragic eyebrow story (although I currently have a love affair with my eyes…brows included, LOL)…I just really want to win the loot! 🙂 😉

  79. I need to win because I love telling people shit about their lives and my brows just aren’t cutting it these days. xox

  80. I’ve been wanting to try benefits eyebrow products and would love this opportunity to help make my eyebrows look flawless!

  81. Good day! I really love Benefit Cosmetics. But i don’t have money to buy them. So, can you just give these awesome giveaways as a christmas presents for me. Please!? 🙂 More power to you guys. Keep on doing good stuff. Love yah! :*

  82. Omg, yes!
    I love Benefit and you! The two together are perfect!
    Reason why I should win: I am obsessed with having good brows. I swear my friends always make fun of me because I always comment on people’s brows. I even do my friends’ brows for them sometimes.
    It’s such a huge part of your face.. Anyways I would love love love to win this because I definitely could use a products upgrade.

    Thank you for the contest! It’s amazing.

  83. This competition is perfect timing! All my eyebrow products are running out and not having perfectly defined eyebrows are just not an option in my quest for Cara Delevigne eyebrow status!!

  84. After watching the brow make over tutorial I have been meaning to get to sephora to buy all of the products used in the tutorial but haven’t had a chance! I have light hair color and I definitely think this product would bring more definition to my brow shape. Excited to try! Xx

  85. After a recent bad experience at a salon, my brows are in need of some tender love and care. I love Benefit products and it would be great to win any of the prizes.

    Petite Paulina

  86. After a recent bad experience at a salon, my brows are in need of some tender love and care. I love Benefit products and would be grateful for any of the prizes.

    Petite Paulina

  87. I need to win because i really need help on my eyebrows. They are blond and out of control 😀

  88. I’ve yet to use any Benefit products and need to try! Ever since my (once big) eyebrows were ruined at a nail salon, I’ve been doing everything in my power to get these puppies back and I feel like this will do it no problemo!

  89. I love Benefit Cosmetics. Its foundations are one of my favorites. Plus, I’ve NEVER done my brows, so I need a good kick to start it and I think Benefit is the one. Excited about this one!

  90. I absolutely need this products becauseeee…

    I have really sparse brows that just WILL NOT grow – I would love to be able to get my mitts on some gorgeous Benefit products to fill them in amazingly and naturally – I’m not a fan of the scouse brow! I’m also running low on my current eyebrow pencil and with Christmas coming another eyebrow pencil isn’t top of my list (although it needs to be!)

  91. I need these to give to my sister for Xmas! She always asks me for Benefit stuff and I always want to buy her loads, but can never afford it. She would be so happy! Which would make me happy!

  92. I purchased my first Benefit product a few weeks ago (concealaholic box) and I absolutely love them. They give me such confidence and I’d love that to continue 🙂

  93. I’d love to win this because I’ve never tried it and would love to see how much of a difference it actually makes! x

  94. i need these products in my life as my eyebrows are so over tweezed i cant go a day without penciling them in so the exist!

  95. Okey dokey there are a few reasons for wanting to win this badass competition! Firstly the tweezers, my lovely other half has blunted my tweezers using them on his beard to try and get out in-growing hairs!! Yes yuk but they are now blunt and my eyebrows are resembling a freshly laid forest of budding trees 🙁 I need new tweezers! Secondly I’ve recently moved out of the city to the country, there are no brow bars here that’s for sure so with your help and kit I need to learn to do this myself lol! Finally would there be at better product to win?!?! Thank you, I look forward to your rescue mission 😀 xx

  96. I don’t have facebook, but I really need my brows doing!!! It’d give me the ideal opportunity to lock my boys out of the bathroom so that mum can have some pamper time!!

  97. I don’t have facebook, but I really need my brows doing!!! It’d give me the ideal opportunity to lock my boys out of the bathroom so that mum can have some pamper time!!

  98. I really need these, I feel I have been letting myself go a little and this is just what I need to start a whole new me!

  99. my make up bag would really benefit from these products a mummy of 4 still got to look good right

  100. I am Benefits Biggest fan ever! I love this give away, so great!
    Am in need of some loving for My brows! 🙂 Benefit is the best for my skin!

  101. I just started using benefit’s beauty products and I am already super addicted. They cover all my needs (and spots) and I can’t go a day without using it. I am especially fond of their blushes… Love having peachy collored cheeks 🙂

    I just saw an ad for this eyebrow kit and it’s an absolutely must own 🙂 Either way if I don’t win, I will go down to Sephora and make a purchase I can’t afford haha.

  102. My eyebrows have a life if their own, they need some seriously badass products to tame them. So far my efforts have given me just ok brows i would love to try benefit to seriously sort them out!

  103. I have the thinnest eyebrows and NEVER leave home without doing them. However, this benefit collection seems a lot more chic and long lasting than my drug store brand. i hope i win! 🙂

  104. Would love to try these products, as a mummy I never seem to get anytime to do my eyebrows, but would defo put aside some time if I won 🙂

  105. These products are a must have for me as I am going to New York in a couple of weeks and it is vital that I look fabulous x

  106. Lauryn! Its my freshmen Yessir at college so as a broke starving college student I would love to not have hideous eye brows!! Thank you, I love love love your blog! !!:)

  107. I NEED these as I have run out of make-up and do not have any spare cash to buy more!

  108. Defining your brows are a great way to frame your face and can make a world of a difference! This would be a great way to help me improve my brows!

  109. I would love the tweezers. I have some Tweezermans and they’re excellent … but they have a small dent as someone who shall remain nameless (he knows who he is) has used them for goodness knows what and they don’t grip properly any more! xxx

  110. I lost my eyebrows several years ago when I had chemotherapy. They grew back really patchy when my treatment finished so I need all the help I can get to make them look presentable.

  111. I absolutely HAVE to have this!!! I adore benefit and i love great brows!!! I can’t imagine a better giveaway… love it!!!

  112. I LOVE Benefit Cosmetics! I really do. But unfortunately, i dont have money to buy them. So, can you just give me these awesome giveaways as a christmas presents for me. Please! 🙂 :*

  113. I am in love with your blog and benefit products. As a Math student on a budget, I don’t feel glamorous most of the times. Recently, I was accepted to give a speech at a conference in the beginning of next year and I would love to rock the perfect set of eye brows doing so.

  114. Although I don’t have a facebook I’m still obsesseeddddd with brows. Seriously a huge pet peeve for any girl that neglects these babies. Much love!

  115. I love Benefit products and my eyebrows are seriously out of control and could do with some work!

  116. I love well-defined brows – I think they really frame your eyes, but I have naturally super fine and thin brows. I need any extra oomph I can get!

  117. I am really funny about my eyebrows, they have to be perfect and my tools are not up to the job!

  118. My eyebrows are a sad story … Lauryn and benefit you can help!!

    Merci beaucoup!

    Steph from montreal, canada

    Ps come visit!!!

  119. I love the Benefit products! They always have such cute and fun packaging. Would love to try these!!

  120. My eyebrows have always been super sparse, and I am always looking for ways to make them look better… this looks like exactly what I need! 🙂

  121. I need these products because its nearly Christmas and time
    to get ready to PARTY!

  122. I spend so much effort on the rest of my face, but try as i might my eyebrows never seem to come out how i want, so this sounds like an amazing prize!

  123. I’ve really been looking for a new brow routine. I basically just use an eye shadow and shape a bit. I NEED a new routine 🙂

  124. one of my mottos is “never take advice from someone with bad eyebrows”
    Need need these products so I can practice what I preach!!
    The bonus is that Benefit is beyond amazing, their products are THE best!

  125. My skin has gone terrible at the moment and none of my makeup seems to stay in place or look nice anymore 🙁

  126. I am obsessed with eyebrows, and after viewing Lauryn’s video – I must have these products!

  127. i’ve been known to over tweeze my eyebrows from time to time, my poor eyebrows could use a little loving!

  128. I used to have my eyebrow waxed all the time but never get the chance now due to work and two young children, my last set of tweezers were also threw down the plug hole by my one year old

  129. Would LOVE/NEED to have this. Had a terrible experience at a threading place where the lady took off way too much and I have been trying to “recover” from it ever since. This would definitely help my eyebrows not look so crazy pencil thin!

  130. I have been using Benefit’s Hoola bronzer and High Beam face highlighter since 2007 and trust Benefit products like no other! I have always loved brows the way they’re meant to look (even when all my friends were eliminating theirs altogether.) And, while I haven’t tried the Benefit brow products, I have been dying to since your initial post! Love TSC, Love Benefit, Love Brows <33

  131. I am blonde, and so are my brows – I don’t get them waxed, I don’t pluck – it’s pretty much the only beauty thing I completely ignore and trust me they ain’t perfect! I need a brow makeover!! HELP!

  132. I have really poor lighting in my bathroom so brow upkeep is a bit of a struggle. These products would help so much! I especially love the brow highlighter–I’ve never tried something like that before but it sounds great!

  133. I need this eyebrow kit because I live in Mexico and there is not good place to get your brows done here. Plus, Benefit cosmetics are amazing!

  134. My eyebrows are EVERYTHING! I work hard at them and they are one of my best features. I have always loved Benefit and swear by their products. I would love love to be able to try out all these amazing products and show my brows how much I love them 😉

  135. I would totally make my eyebrows POP with these products! I’ve been wanting to play around with a bold brow for a while now!! I don’t have facebook though, hopefully I can still win!!!

  136. Would LOVE these products – have been trying to reshape my eyebrows for my wedding next summer! I definitely have SC “eyebrow envy” – yours are gorg!

  137. I’m so glad you’re doing a giveaway for eyebrow care! Benefit is one of my absolute favorite cosmetic brands, but I’ve never tried their stuff for eye brows! I’d love to give it a go! Thanks for you both for doing this giveaway. It’s a great idea!

  138. I just turned 30 and am finally getting back to fun with fashion and makeup now that my daughter is almost 2! Your eyebrows always look amazing!

  139. After dying my hair darker I could use some brow products to even things out. I am also always on the hunt for some new makeup 🙂

  140. Dear Lauryn, Seems how I am now classified into the category as “starving college student” being a sophomore at SDSU, I would really benefit from winning these amazing products!!!!! I no longer have the means (or time) of getting my eyebrows waxed every 3 weeks, so I would love to have these products!!!!! I and my eyebrows would greatly appreciate it.

    Love, “starving college student” eyebrows

  141. What’s more horrible than moving somewhere and not knowing any beauty professionals?! My eyebrows could tell you…. it sucks! I trusted a girl (with nice eyebrows) and off I went to get my eyebrows threaded. I left the place she recommended traumatized! Next stop was to get SOMETHING that would help my poor left eyebrow. 🙁 My eyebrows are finally growing out but still need some help!

  142. I inherited the WORST eyebrows from my father.. love that man but hate these brows. It’s a serious pain to maintain them but I’d LOVE love love to try these products! I swear by benefits mascara so it would amaze to try all of this!

  143. I have never really bothered with my eyebrows but now I can really tell you they are bothering me 🙁

  144. I have been dying to try those benefit eyebrow products. My brows have always been light and lacking definition. I think these products would give them the boost they need! Thank you Lauryn for another amazing giveaway!

  145. Sadly my brows are not TSCONF Sex Kitten worthy. 🙁 I would love to be the winner and change this!

  146. I just started using Gimme Brow and its the best product ever, plus everything else Benefit makes!

  147. I would love to try these products because I just changed my hair color and would love to experiment with my brows more! Your video had me hooked on finding out more info on benefit and how to better my brows!!

  148. I would like these products because I am a broke college student craving beauty! I work full time and go to school part time. Needless to say these products would expedite my beauty routine! Plus with the current lack of $$$, it would be nice to be pampered 🙂 Oh and did I mention I have the most invasive Scandinavian eyebrows of all time? Talk about constant maintenance! MWAH and thank you for your sweet-fun blog, it always brightens my morning.


  149. I would LOVE these products! My brows are in serious need of help; this seems like the perfect kit to make my brows fabulous!

  150. Would loveeeee to win these fab products! I’m a major lover of bold brows so I know the importance of keeping them tamed so I don’t look like a wild brow beast. These Benefit tools would be super helpful in maintaining the fiercest of brows. Thanks for working together to post this giveaway! <3 <3

  151. Oh, I am in desperate need of these Benefit products- I have been trying to grow out my brows for months (my right one just will NOT fill in on the top outside the arch), and I know that with a little more TLC and some Benefit cosmetics, they would look perf! A girlfriend has been using GimmeBrow for the past month and her eyebrows look fab! Pick me!

  152. I’ve been struggling with my eyebrows for more then a year now. It all started when i went to a “professional” and she overplugged them which made me look just terrible. Thanks god they are grown now, however i want them to be perfect 😛
    Your blog is gorgeous! <3 xx

  153. I have oscar the grouch brows that if not grooomed regularly and properly give me a constant scowl! So sad for such a happy person!

  154. I would Love to win this because my eyebrows are super blonde, so I could really use the help filling them out!

  155. I always had nice beautiful bold brows until….I got them waxed at the nail salon by the wrong person. She pretty much waxed off all my eyebrows, even had a nick in one so they weren’t even connected. I’m talking horrible. That was a few months ago and they haven’t been the same since. The hairs are growing in scarcely , uneven and they just need help.

  156. I’ve never had the bucks to pay a lot of attention to my brows. Tweeze and thats about it. But I’ve always loved the bold brow look. How better to rock the look than with the best of brow products!

  157. I would love to win this – my eyebrows need some serious work and this would be a great way to get started!

  158. I recently started using this brand of cosmetics and am smitten!! Also a huge brow girl so I would love to try out these products!

  159. L! I am dyyyying to get these Benefit products! After numerous bad experiences at salons getting my eyebrows waxed (including being burned by wax and having blisters on my eyelids <<<<true story!) I swore off ever going to salon again and instead take the DIY approach. I am ready to get more serious about my crazy brows BUT still not ready to return to a salon, which is why I def need these products. Thanks and love your blog. XO

  160. Huge fan of both your blog and Benefit cosmetics!! Would absolutely love to win and get my brows in check. 😉

  161. I am red head. I have blonde eyebrows that seriously blend into my face. So obviously, I need help. Stat.

  162. Love. Love. Love. My eyebrows grow in silly directions and I want them to be fab all the time! Lauren’s eyebrows would be ideal, but would love to win this to stand out a little and perfect my eyebrow signature look 🙂 Great vid too!

  163. Oh Lauryn! I am edging my way to the brow crisis zone…. I let my brows go for a while and then decided to take matters of shaping into my own hands POOF, BrowzGoneWildzzzz! I love love love benefit. I wear all their products and am desperately in need of this eye brow kit, it would only Benefit me…. 😉

    Power to the brows!!!

  164. I love your blog and I also loveeeee benefit! I would be ecstatic to win these awesome eyebrow products!! 🙂

  165. Oh I love Benefit products! Their mascara is delightful. Brows are something I usually ignore (other than to pluck the occasional stray hair) but they can totally change your look! I need to be educated 🙂

  166. I originally have very blonde, very patchy eyebrows, so shaping is something I’ve always been working on. One time when I went in for a wax, the girl waxed off the ends and they have never grown back! Now they’re blonde, patchy and unevenly short:( I’m on a college budget so I haven’t been able to really indulge in a more expensive, quality brow shaping kit, so this would be absolutely amazing to win!

  167. I just have to have the benefit cosmetics above because Im sure they are absolutely fab! Not only do my eyebrows need some love..but whatever the skinny confidential recommends is always the best of the BEST products. Lauryn you are absolutely awesome and I read your blog like its the bible (is that bad?? oops). But these products seem like perfection in box!

  168. I’m going into finals study mode and let’s be real here: “the bare minimum I can get away with” is my m.o. until mid-December. A well-maintained brow is an easy way to look pulled together (along with a great red lip) even when you’re at that point where you’re so stressed and tired you can’t remember if you shaved both legs this morning and 80% of your bloodstream has been replaced by red bull. Help a poor law student out!

  169. I NEED the benefit giveaway because I have discovered that I am allergic to getting my eyebrows waxed. (i know, it sucks) So I try to do the best I can with my little tweezers and brow pencil, however it is not always a pretty look. I would love to win these and have the correct tools to make my brows pretty-ALL the time. !

  170. What a great giveaway! Benefit is one of my favorite makeup lines. I’m obsessed with all of their brow products and they have some killer concealers too! I’d love to try some other products! 🙂

  171. seems to be a popular reason for need, but it doesn’t make it any less worthy…. my eyebrows are not only near invisible, they’re also quite unruly – quite an achievement! they urgently require some taming, and i think this kit will sort them out beautifully.

  172. I LOVE Benefit and your blog 🙂 I have recently started getting into new ways to shape my brows – I had no idea there were so many products out there! I hope that I can expand my horizons with these products 🙂

  173. I’d looove to try out these products… mainly because I have been doing my eyebrows the same way for at least 10 years! Might be time to try something new!

  174. I would love to try these brow products! Loved your video on them and I’m already obsessed with Theyre Real mascara so I have no doubt that Benefit’s brow products would also be fantastic! I love big bold brows (ala Lolly Collins) and these products would be perfect to achieve them!

  175. I would love to try these brow products! Loved your video on them and I’m already obsessed with Theyre Real mascara so I have no doubt that Benefit’s brow products would also be fantastic! I love big bold brows (ala Lilly Collins) and these products would be perfect to achieve them!

  176. My Eyebrows are naturally thin and I am always looking for ways to improve them. Benefit always has such great and easy products to use. I’m surprised I haven’t tried their brow line before. 🙂

  177. I’m in the process of growing out my brows due to a terrible waxing tragedy that happened on my first time waxing ever <– lesson learned! Slowly but surely they are getting there! Anyways, I love Benefit products…period. So not only do I WANT these brow products after watching your video tutorial, but I've decided I NEED these products in my make up bag…especially the High Brow. I don't wear eyeshadow so that isn't a possibility for the high brow. My brows definetly need some BENEFIT lovin' 🙂

  178. I’m one of those peeps with bad brows 🙁 I’m in desperate need of some Benefit brow love!

  179. Just a little background on my eyebrow situation. A few months ago I went in to my normal threading salon to leave with one of my eyebrows being higher than the other. It was horrible. I had a permanent one eyebrow raised look. That was when I had a revelation. I just stopped messing with them. Just stopped. Yes, they looked absolutely horrible for a while but that is the only thing that has finally given me the eyebrows I was always striving for. So my one word of advice is to STOP messing with your eyebrows! Let them do what they gotta do and just clean them up as you go! You will thank yourself. Since my brows are finally normal again adding these wonderful Benefit & Tweezerman products would be the icing on top of the eyebrow cake. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it! Love the blog!

  180. Having full, beautiful eyebrows transform your entire face! I’ve been using Benefits Brow Zing for the past two years and it has been my secret go to makeup item! I love the natural look you get by simply enhancing your brows. I hope to win this amazing giveaway!

  181. Lauryn, I too am an eyebrow snob. Seriously, I strongly believe eyebrows can make or break a person. Therefore, I’m super obsessed with my own and always looking for the greatest eyebrow products out there. Although I’ve only been fortunate to try out just one of Benefit’s products 🙁 I am sure that these giveaway products can do wonders for my eyebrows. I’m soooo excited at the opportunity to win these beauty must haves!!!

    PS. I’m totally obsessed with your blog and look forward to your posts 🙂 When are you going to do another cleanse? I could use some motivation!

  182. Just got married, saving for deposit for new house cannot afford to spend anything on non essentials and need some pretty stuff to get me through!

  183. Hey all! Good luck girlies! I hope I win this amazing eyebrow grooming kit because… I inherited my dad’s eyebrows. I LOVE my dad, and I love having very defined and bold brows… I love LESS the fact that I have to dedicate a lot of time and $ to my brows in order to keep them pretty! I would be very grateful to win the great products featured in this giveaway. I normally fill in my brows every day, and I am curious to try the “gimme brow” wand. I’m always open to trying new brow fillers (I’ve been using an Urban Decay eyeshadow as filler for years now… maybe it’s time to revamp my brow routine!?) Thanks for your consideration in my entry, Lauryn! Have a nice day!

  184. What can I say…. I need these products ladies!!! & would be truly honored to win the giveaway! Since I have been away at college I have been away from my usual amazing brow gal, who does an awesome job. THAT being said, this girl is in dire need of some helpful products:) thanks so much!!

    xoxo Bethney

  185. My mom always told me if I can only budget two things into my “primp regime”, make sure my mani is flawless and chip-less and my brows are perfect. I take pride in my brows and can thank Benefit for that! I used to plan my trips home in college around when my eyebrows needed some lovin’! Billion Dollar Brows in Los Angeles was my spot, but I began to travel back home to Los Angeles less frequently and lets be real-I could not leave my brows hangin’ for more than two months at a time. I Yelped an ENDLESS amount of Brow Salons in San Francisco and gave most of them a try. None could compete UNTIL I tried out Benefit. I have now found a replacement for my beloved Billion Dollar Brows and swear by Benefit’s brow products. High Brow is my fav and I’m almost out, so I would LOVE to win! Thank you Benefit and TSK!

    1. ***TSC. Oops looks like I should read over my comment before hitting send!

  186. I’ve been in love with Benefit Cosmetics ever since I can remember. They’re the cutest and not to mention they work magic. Because my eyes are my favorite feature, I’m also obsessed with my brows because duh- how can a girl love her eyes and not pay the brows any attention?! Anyway, I would die if I won these products.

    PS- this is the most amaze giveaway ever.


  187. My eyebrows are fading and a little sparse after years of over plucking its only now they look so bad that i realize what a difference good eyebrows make to your whole face.

  188. So excited you are teaming up with Benefit! I’ve used thier porducts for years – but never the brow line (I neglect my brows, that needs to stop). Throwing in my hat to win – cause I want bad ass brows 🙂

  189. Love love loved the brow tutorial you posted and I need to do the same to my own brows! (Your makeup in that video was flawless!! Maybe you could share the products you used?) Xxx Milla

    1. Hey babe! All the products can be found here:

  190. Why I need this: 1) I am a natural blonde, my eyebrows are very light.. everyone always tells me.. “ohh your eyebrows don’t matter, you hardly notice when they aren’t done correctly.” WRONG. I NOTICE. and no one seems to be able to do them correctly around where I live.. if i want to get them done right i have to make a trip into NYC. 2) My hubby has eyebrows for days.. i want him to look hot and have kickass eyebrows too — guys matter just as much — Since i hardly trust anyone around me to do my brows i certainly do not trust them to do the Mr’s eyebrows — so i do them… and i’m not the best with men’s so this would DEF help. two for one deal Mr. & Mrs. Kool need eyebrows to live up to our name.

  191. I NEED these products because recently I have become OBSESSED with doing my brows, but haven’t found the perfect product to do so. I’ve heard so much about Benefit from Youtube, and would love to try it out for myself!

  192. I would love to try these products! My sister has been a huge fan of benefit for years, but since she lives across the country from me, we have not been able to share products easily! This would be amazing!

  193. LOVE!!! Benefit and TSC… two of my favs. I need this brow beauty kit so I can tame my crazy brows. Obsessed with the entire Benefit line!!

  194. Girl I hate hate hate HATE plucking my eyebrows! Makes me sneeze like crazy. So these products could hopefully help them look a little more groomed between my tweeting torture.

  195. Why do I need these products? Let’s be honest, my brows have been a bit unruly as of late, and I need some help taming those bad boys. Plus, I’d just love a fuller brow!

  196. I have literally had no time to make my eyebrows presentable over the past few months since I work 6 days a week (student life, woo). My eyebrows currently look like Joey from Friends when he had one of this plucked because one of my mine grows so much faster than the other. Mega attractive

  197. I would love to win this Benefit/TSConf giveaway because I have never really known what to do with my eyebrows. They are pretty thin with little arch, and I think these Benefit products could help me achieve a nice shape. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity Lauryn!

    <3 Anna

  198. I never leave the house without my perfectly done brows! Benefit is an amazing cosmetic company and is local in San Francisco! How could you NOT love them?


  199. After seeing your brow transformation, I want these products so bad, especially Brow Zing! Your brow makeover made you look so fresh faced. Who doesn’t want to look more youthful and fresh? Who knew keeping your brows in shape could lift your look? I’m a believer now.

  200. My brows have been pitifully plucked at home for years! I would love to have nice, shaped brows!

  201. I NEED THIS ASAP!!!!!! OH EM GEEEE-BEST giveaway ever!!!! my eye brows need a little facelift and need some color. after watching this video i seriously DIED. yours are PERFECT <3 hope i win!!!!

  202. I neeeed these!! I am I’m the process of growing out my brows after too many years of over plucking and they are super unruly now. I totes agree that brows make your whole face!!

  203. So I’m OBSESSED…like painfully, ridiculously obsessed with ginormous, fabulously huge Lily Collins/Cara Delevigne-esque browsies. I literally have not plucked/tweezed/waxed/threaded my brows in probably 2 years in a sad attempt to grow some big uns. Unfortunately I just look mostly like a crazy uni-brow-ish possibly homeless person and definitely NOT like Ms. Collins. OH also did I forget? Um, I’m missing HALF A FRICKIN EYEBROW. Yes. Half an eyebrow. Three years ago while working at the X Games in Aspen I (the only sober human out of 9 girls) walked my ass straight into a concrete wall corner. Except it wasn’t my ass- it was my face. And I didn’t even attempt to catch myself with my hands, just pure face to concrete corner. 16 stitches and some severe debt to the Aspen hospital later and I have the daily task of attempting to pencil in the outer half of my right eyebrow to match the furry yet still somehow not at all thick and luscious other 1 1/2 parts of my eyeball framers.

    Soo….this Benefit kit would be a game changer for me. I watched your collab video in complete envy and total awe- girlfriend, your brows are to die for!!! I would die and a half to have all those Benefit goodies in my arsenal. Plus, I already adore everything they create. I use Hello Flawless, Hula, and Girl Meets Pearl on the regular because they actually accomplish the whole “whaat this isn’t makeup I just suddenly no longer had adult acne or giant age spots from using tanning beds as an idiot teenager” no makeup makeup look.

    Please Benefit & TSC, help my brows!

  204. I am in need of this because my brows always have (and always will) need some major help! Due to a genetic predisposition -ahem thanks mom and dad- I will forever be cursed with one perfect brow and one that is, for whatever reason, patchy. As a result, their only hope of becoming even is if I were to have the proper tools to do so!
    This is a great giveaway!

    Jenna @ Maybe Lately.

  205. I’d love to win this giveaway because Benefit has the most bas-ass products. I’m addicted to Girl Meets Pearl and would love to get my eyebrows addicted as well. Also, my roommate is moving out in a month and I’m afraid that my make-up budget is quickly dwindling. This would be the perfect way to keep me looking pretty 🙂

  206. oh girl…i have some gangly looking eyebrows going on right now. so bad! desperately need this!!! pretty please pick me and take care of these sad eyebrows! xo

  207. I would love to win these products!! It’s so hard to find which ones work best, so getting them all at once is the only way to find out! 🙂 Thanks, xo

  208. Totally don’t have a Facebook, so I hope I can still enter!
    Should have listened to my mom when she told me not to overpluck when I was in highschool. I was one of those “vata locas” who drew their eyebrows on all crazy. Fast forward 15 years and I hardly ever have to tweeze because my eyebrows don’t grow! I’d give anything to have my thick eyebrows back! I need help getting these gals back into some shape!

  209. Ok I need these products bad because of many, i’ll name 2 instead, reasons!

    #1. I lost my job and can’t officially afford ANY of these bad boys anymore and have been using sick-o cheap products to try and get by.

    #2. My eyebrows look like a thin, helpless noodles. Or stick figure arms.


  210. I LOVE Benefit products! The brows need to be tamed — I’ve got lotsa brow hair, both a blessing and a curse! (aka if I don’t tame ’em, they start to take over 😉

    Don’t have a Facebook, but I hope I can still win! Love your blog, Lauryn!

  211. I really want to win some brow product since I’m a total mess in plucking my eyebrows. I’ve been miss no-brows a few times now!

  212. These are vital to save my daughter’s life. If she doesn’t stop “borrowing” mine, I’ll have to kill her….

  213. I don’t pay attention to my brows. My hair stylist asked if I wanted them trimmed too. It’s time to start.

  214. I agree with you and would love to try the High Brow! I’ve read so many great reviews of the Brow Zings too! Ahhh I want it all!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Jen xxx

  215. Following on Bloglovin but I don’t have facebook! 🙁

    I need these products in my life as I’m obsessed with perfecting my eyebrows (although I still currently prefer one to the other which can’t be a good thing! 😛 )

  216. I really hope i can win these awesome giveaways of yours! I love Benefit Cosmetics! And my brows really need some TLC …. 🙂

  217. I really hope i can win these awesome giveaways of yours! I love Benefit Cosmetics! And my brows really need some TLC ….

  218. i have such blonde eyebrows and have been debating whether or not to dye… this would be awesome!

  219. I feel I should win this make up set because I had anorexia and have recovered. I now want to look after my body and feel confident again. This make up would help! I also pulled out a lot of eyebrow hair due to stress so the brow make up would increase my confidence again!

  220. This kit will help my light, unshapely brows come to life- bold brows are in! Plus, Benefit is awesome!

  221. Hi Lauryn!
    I don’t have a facebook, but I still hope I can win! If I won this giveaway, I would give the prize to my sister, she needs major help and knows it! (Bad plucking mistake in seventh grade! Whoops!) Please help me help this girl out! She’s a college kid with no money!

  222. I adore High Brow as well, it gives our brows such definition and brightens up the face! Truly a must have.

  223. I don’t have a Facebook…I deleted it a few years ago

    But no matter…I love my brows. I have always been pretty proud of them because I feel like I look like such a little girl…I’m 23 and I look 16. But my eyebrows give me such a grown up look…in high school girls used to say they were intimidated by me because I had intimidating eyebrows…I don’t even know what that means!

    I take good care of my brows…but over the years they have gotten much darker (and I’m a blonde so it looks weird) and they aren’t quite as thick or filled out anymore.

    I need these products! I know they will help me rock my intimidating eyebrows once again!

  224. I absolutely love Benefit cosmetics. I need some in my life as I have rather abandoned my beauty regime since being unemployed and working hard in my pjs doing job applications. If I get that elusive job interview I need to look my best (and my eyebrows especially need some attention!)

  225. If I showed you the evolution of my brows via pictures over the last few years, you’d practically throw this eyebrow kit at me, cross yourself and say “go child, be reborn” cause shit. It’s been a struggle.
    Love the skinny conf and would kill for this, I mean not literally.. maybe. Whatever, I just need it.


  226. Benefit is a kickass line of make-up. Starting with the nostalgic benetint, I have been a loyal fan for many years. I love the tinted moisturizers, mascara and kick as concealers. I look like a goddamn rockstar wearing this stuff!

  227. I have a woeful tale to tell….. When I was a young teenager I had serious monobrows (gasp!) . Oh yeah they bad, full and bushy!. I still can’t look at photos of myself at that age without wanting to scream. Friends then started on tv, and how I loved Jennifer Aniston’s brows, they were perfect. I decided to have a Go at creating her lovely brows. I really didn’t have a clue on what I was doing tbh, I ended up with thin, and almost completely straight eye brows. I shaved them straight! I really did think this was a very good look and rocked this look for a good afterwards. But after I came to my senses, and try and grow some brows , the damage had been done. I use rather a lot of make up to stop me looking so shocked all the time. I love benefit, it’s the best. These beauty’s that your given away look fabulous. And would be a huge help to make me look like a non shocked girl. And finally have some dam good eyebrows xx

  228. I use Benefit products all the time, but when I run out my poor college budget can’t always afford the best of the best!
    I hope I win, I’m an avid SkinnyConfidential reader and would be honored to win this prize! I love benefit and winning would totally benefit my winter makeup routine! <3

  229. I need these bc I am at a constant battle with my eyebrows! they are so long, so i trim them (too short). My esthetician wont wax the uni part until they grow in (they wont). Anddddd I have a huge scar from my eyebrow piercing so I have an eyebrow comb over. Lets not forget to mention, the hairs themselves are so thick that the cheapo products I tend to buy cant tame them… I just want to love them. They deserve it.

  230. my eyebrow are plain jane and need a change … i’m five months preggo and looking for ways to feel beautiful while having my waistline expand…. this give-A-way may help me focus on my face instead of my hips..

  231. My eyebrows are in desperate need of some help! Every time I get them waxed I breakout, so these products would be perfect for me to use at home!

  232. Paying off student loans I wouldn’t get the chance to play with these majorly awesome products – and god knows my brows need it! I love reading Skinny Confidential daily and would love to get to know Benefit too! <3 Grace

  233. Been thinking of getting my eyebrows tinted but scared I’l end up looking like some of the scary TV stars with 2 black slugs across my face – these products would help me perfect the look I want

  234. I need to win this because I feel like my eyebrows are FAR from banging! Too sparse, not even, not a good arch, and so on & so on… I feel like I’m always paying too much money to have them professionally groomed & tinted – I know I can do the same thing myself, I just don’t know where to start (or have the right tools). Getting ‘Cara Delevingne’ brows is not too much to ask, is it?!!

  235. After seeing how incredible your experience with Benefit was.. I can’t wait to try! So many friends and family holiday events coming up.. I must look my best!

  236. I have annoying brows and have a scar that cuts one in half! That makes shaping difficult and I always need to fill them in.
    Totally with you on the tadpole brow – don’t over-pluck ladies!

  237. I NEED these because I thought growing my brows out like Miss Delevingne would be a good idea… now six months of no plucking, waxing or taming and it’s like a haunted forest up there. Only benefit can save me!

  238. Without regular upkeep, my eyebrows are a complete MESS! I would really really appreciate these brow products as I think Benefit products are awesome! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  239. Mine are patchy through plucking them over many years, they are both different shapes.

  240. The woman who does my brows quit so I am attempting to groom them on my own..these goodies would help. Thanks!!

  241. I went to a Benefit Cosmetics for the very first time YESTERDAY! I’ve totally been converted- I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else now for my foundation, highlighter, and brow products!

  242. Hi Lauryn! I’m obsessed with your blog, I read it every day! I would die if I won these because I don’t want my brows looking like caterpillars!! Yuck!

  243. I actually LOVE benefit products. I haven’t used some of these brow products but it would be amazing to try!

    So I’m just dying to actually give the products a shot (:

  244. Because I am a broke college student who is in dire need of a little eyebrow tlc. #needshelp

  245. Have liked your Facebook and followed blog, really hope I win this for my wife, she is a bit of benefit addict I normally buy her benefit bit for Christmas but things are tight money wise this year so can’t afford as much as I would normal buy her would be lovely to be able to give her this bundle of stuff as a surprise, after a hard year.
    Great products I will post a pic of her benefit stuff sometime u wouldn’t believe it it’s like a benefit shop lol.

  246. I think it’s so important to get really good brow kits. I think this kits will do the job right.

  247. I am completely obsessed with Benefit Cosmetics. Their products have really changed my love for makeup. I want to win these products because I am dying to have them, upon trying a few of their other products already, I have realized how amazing the products are. I participated in the #benebrowtour I’ve been posting pictures on Instagram and tweeting with the hopes of winning one day. I even mention their products on my blog. Hope I’m lucky this time. <33

  248. Hi Lauren!

    I totally HAVE TO HAVE this giveaway from Benefit Cosmetics!
    When I saw your video from The Style Kittens on Youtube I fell in love with the technique and the products from Benefit Cosmetics. The result was amazing and I wanted that too, like IMMEDIATELY…
    I’m a blond chick and I’m NOT blessed with beautiful full eyebrows. My brows are shamefully small and really light and I don’t like them being like that. I love beautiful dark brows and I’m certain that this price package will give me the brows I always wanted!

  249. I am a brow fanatic. I love bold brows and I am always looking for good products to groom mine. Would love to win! Benefit cosmetics are amaze!!! Love everything they make

  250. Let’s just say Benefit changed my life. The first time I got their “trio” (lash tint, brow tint, brow wax) I felt like a new person. Birds chirped, friends gawked, boys winked…ok so that didn’t realllly happen. But I felt like a million bucks! And now that I’m living on my own, the budget hasn’t included Benefit, winning this giveaway would be amazing. Thanks Lauryn!!

  251. I have always wanted a benefit make up but sad to say can’t afford it. This will be my chance to own one!

  252. I naturally have serious man eyebrows (thanks Dad) and without the help of my wax-ist(??) I’m totally completely lost. I just came back from my 4 month long abroad trip in London and the brow situation it’s not pretty. This Benefit kit might actually be my lifesaver. I NEED THIS HELP. Also, I’m obsessed with TSC 🙂

  253. My eyebrows are totally in boot camp. They need a whole new makeover and need to be whipped into shape. These AWESOME products would make it a snap to have terrific totally groomed and super sexy brows ASAP. Thanks so much! 🙂

  254. I realised at dinner the other night that my eyebrows looked more like the men’s that were sitting at the table than the women’s. I have caterpillars, they could be compared to Lilly Collin’s or Cara Delevigne’s brows, but only when they’re under control otherwise they tend to have a Sandy Cohen look!

  255. I adore Benefit products and to win this selection would be awesome! Particularly as I never have time to get my eyebrows professionally done this little kit would sort me right out just in time for the party season 🙂

  256. I’ve been in a constant battle with my brows, I over-tweezed a few years ago and then a friend told me to grow them back in – which was the best move ever. However, since then I am totally obsessed with my brows looking amazeballs, so I’m always trying to find ways to get the best brow possible, so this would totally help!


  257. My obsession with my brows is borderline unhealthy. It’s not my fault that I think the brows are such a focal point of the face, well maybe it is. I need this to help keep my brows in place and looking great!

  258. Not sure if here is where you comment to enter the contest. But I need these badass products because I’m asian, barely have much eyebrows so filling them in and managing them on a daily basis is a must

  259. Well, three reasons:

    1. I’m one of those who are leading the “stop the skinny brows” revolution and I need more help keeping mine cleanly, prettily full.

    2. I’m new to your blog as of today and winning would result in me shouting my love for you from the mountain tops. And I life in Oregon, so I truly mean mountain tops.

    3. Benefit is my very favorite line, and makes up most of my “buy it with spare change from the jug” list – a list that doesn’t get checked off as often as I wish it did.

  260. I LOVE benefit cosmetics ((and TSC))! I just started buying benefit this summer- the posie tint is my new obsession! But I gotta tell you, my eyebrows have forever needed help, and I have never experimented with brow liners, so gimme “High Brow”s !! I just moved to a new city, and wanna knock everyone out with some sexxxi brows 🙂 Not to mention that having a guide book to learn how to do your eyebrows is awesome 🙂

  261. My brows need these)) Really, I’d love to make my brows more beautiful and these products would help…

  262. I used to have great eyebrows and then I over tweezed and then followed that by letting them overgrow. I’ve tried to fix them but I need help! The one time I got them professionally done they made them embarrassingly small. The way my eyebrows are lately have been making me hate how I look in every picture. I would love to win this price.

  263. Because i only have one blush by Benefit, which i adore, so i am lusting their other products too !

    and i seriously believe….don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life….because well I mean, your eyebrows…come on !
    I get mine threaded by an amazing lady, who is also basically my therapist…I mean being so obsessed getting them done every 2 weeks…is pretty expensive, but I honestly feel when my eyebrows aren’t maintained and looking their best, than I sure as hell won’t be looking, nor feeling my best. Bad eyebrows means bad mood, putting on grunchy clothes and basically hiding from the world. So yah I’m obsessed….beautiful eyebrows have the ability to make any woman feel that much more beautiful and give you an instant sparkle to life. I NEED THIS KIT !

  265. I need the Brow Zings’ shaping kit because im so fair. My eyebrows are almost non existant. I need them to be darkened and highlighted, so that my eyebrows frame and open up eyes. Having such light eyebrows can be horrible, and at times make me look rather weird.

  266. need need need! i suffer from a case of overplucking from when i was too young to know any better (7th grade). they never grew back and i’ve been stuck with tadpoles for life from a pre-pubescent mistake! pick me! <3

  267. Im ashamed to say I am so bad at eyebrow shaping I had to get my best friend to come round after work one night to do it for me! I need anything that can help me!

  268. I absolutely need these products because I’m a huge fan of Benefit (bought 3 sets of products in the past month and have become addicted…). I’ve always had trouble shaping, lifting and filling in my brows. The products featured in the giveaway would be the perfect kit to turn my brow woes into brow WOWs!

  269. I am obsessed with perfecting my brows! Fab brows truly make over a face. I’m so excited to try the benefit products from your awesome video! Thanks for all the great tips and tricks you continue to give us gals! You rock my world 🙂

  270. ahhhhh i die for benefit! my mom always used it growing up, and i remember getting caught more than once “playing” with it. would love to win this! 🙂

  271. Really need a transformation after the end of my 18yr marriage I need the confidence to get back out there x

  272. My girlfirend has been bugging me for some of this stuff for god knows how long, moneys a bit tight at the minute, would be nice to suprise her at christmas!

  273. I’d love to win because I’ve had a lot of my make-up for a long time, and it’s starting to look a little worse for wear – it’d be fantastic to have a Benefit refresh! 🙂 Thank you x

  274. Having beautiful brows can make all the difference to how you look (and feel) and Benefit know just how to give you beautiful brows. My brows could certainly benefit.

  275. I want to get the full BENEFIT of using all these products at once. The experience I have with THEY’RE REAL Mascara brought me to another dimension of beauty!!! And who doesn’t want to look super GLAM for the Holidays???
    thank you!

  276. I really love benefit cosmetics although my pockets aren’t deep enough to have much from them *sob sob*… But i would love love love these because your reviews and I want to be able to have decent eyebrows 🙂

  277. my brows veer between unplucked werewolf style and an overly-plucked Lady Gaga/alien look – HELP!

  278. Omgeee! I need this so bad mine are untamed since my last debacle at a “spa” this would be perfect to stick in my purse so I can just do it on the run!

  279. Have liked on Facebook but use different email address (liked as Wendy Tolhurst). Definitely need these products as I heard my daughter commenting on my “Monobrow” the other day!

  280. I love love love benefit make up but after becoming a mummy I’m not has glam anymore would live some new make up to glam up again

  281. I am about to start a new teaching job but as a new mum with a fussy baby I think I look tired and run down – not the best confidence boost! My eyebrows are scarily out of control (I’ve been ignoring them since my preschooler took advantage of me putting the baby down for a nap to throw everything off the bathroom shelf, snapping the tip off my tweezers 🙁 ). Really I just need to sort myself out and any help fom these fab products would be appreciated!

  282. I need these products because they are awesome & I am wanting to change my makeup look for fall!

    fb stephanie ann

  283. I am from the over plucked generation so I really need some great products to improve the appearance of my skinny eyebrows 🙂

  284. I am in despearate need!! My dad’s hairy Scottish heritage means I am always moments away from an evil monobrow!! Heeeellllppp!!!! 🙂

  285. My brows have been sadly neglected and in need of a makeover so this fab prize would be a great treat to help me achieve my perfect brows! Fab Prize xx

  286. My brows are in need of attention
    They’re slowly merging to form one
    So gimme this special parcel
    To help a monobrowed mum!

  287. After years of just randomly plucking eyebrow hairs out, I got them done at my local Benefit Brow Bar – all I can say is AMAZING…they’ve changed my whole face. These goodies would mean I could keep my eye rainbows (that’s what my nephew calls them) looking super!

  288. I would love to win these products. I love Benefit and am due to give birth next month so would love to have these items to put in my maternity bag so I can look my best when I go home from the ward.

  289. I’d love to win these as I am turning into the Demon Headmaster with matching eyebrows!! I want them to look elegant and eye catching for all the right reasons x

  290. I need these products because my brows are wild lol, and I never know the best way to deal with them, although I do try!

  291. Ah! My Browsings kit has literally just run out! It is one of my daily must have products so can only imagine the rest you have on offer as just as good! x

  292. I have bad brows……there, I said it! Would love to pamper myself with this gorgeous bundle of Benefit lovelies and make my brows look beautiful 🙂 x

  293. I’d love to get my paws on these products because my Brow Zings ran out recently and a girl can never have too many Tweezermans! People with bad eyebrows make me sad.

  294. I think good eyebrows really make a face look good! Using these products would help achieve it for myself 🙂

  295. I don’t just want these products but I need them if you saw the contents of my make up bag you would see why – great prize

  296. Wow, lovely products, I am always on the lookout for new makeup and Benefit is my favourite brand so would be great to win

  297. I need these brow essentials because, well, I am a girl who likes her eyebrows well groomed! My eyebrows have gotten heavier over the years, and I’m loving the strong brow look.

  298. just stumbled across your blog.. Bloody love it.! have followed and subscribed.. and fantastic giveaway ..every girl needs some benelove! My eyebrows are so fair that i need a little extra help.. but then i can never get both sides looking exactly the same.. it bugs my breasticles.. so all help is appreciated lol.. 🙂

  299. I have followed on Facebook & Bloglovin. I would love to win because in the last 8 weeks I have lost 2 stone and feel so much more happier and confident in myself I would love to win lots of benefits goodies to brighten myself up and feel lush it would be such a treat! 🙂

  300. Omg my brows need to be groomed better. I just tweeze and use a matte brown eyeshadow but I need to show my brows the love they deserve. Hope I win!

  301. Im loving this blog,, and I love benefit cosmetics too, amazjng stuff, I have quite the unruly brows and I’d love to win something to help me vet them into shape

  302. After watching your ig video I now realise I am in desperate need for these products as my eyebrows are shocking and need emergency help.

  303. because mine are starting to look ridiculous and I’m forever losing my tweezers!

  304. These products look flipping amazing, I would love to try them so I can look my festive best over Christmas 🙂

  305. I need these wonderful products after seeing your video, because everyone always gets me stuff i dont want for xmas. If i had these products, it would’nt matter what everyone else got me, i would be really happy!

  306. I LOVE Benefit products, and would love to win these products as I have not used them before.

  307. Really need some girly time/products in my life, Living with 3 males is driving me insane with all the GTA5 & C.O.D its constant 🙁 when all 3 aren’t playing one of them, they are talking about it :,(

  308. My best friend (who is also called Lauryn!) is a beautician and she has been grooming my eyebrows for years….she also taught me the art of doing great eyebrows at home….if I won these amazing products she will be super proud of my fabulous brows 🙂 xx

  309. I love Benefit products. I haven’t tried that brow kit yet though, I need it in my life! 😉

  310. Ooh I’ve just started using benefit real lashes mascara – it’s amazing! Would love to win to try some other products x

  311. Seriousy, if I win these I can give them to the boss and it will make both our Christmases!!!

  312. I’d need this but not personally for myself but for my lovely sis -she could create her perfect eyebrows with this fab kit!


  313. First I have to say, that I absolutely love your blog! I follow you all the way from Germany
    My eyebrows most of the time look crazy, since the right one grows differently than the left one… so please 🙂

  314. I absolutely need these because my Benetint fell on the floor and turn a pure white rug into rather fetching modern abstract pink one, my Dandelion face powder is more silver base than actual powder and my Ooh la lift is so old that it no longer lifts or goes ooh.

  315. I am 28 and just starting to really get into makeup. I don’t have many products what so ever so this would be the perfect way to get some necessary makeup items into my life.

  316. Such a fan of the page, love reading about everything. I’ve applied for this so cross keys I get it , love u everyone xxxxxx brilliant page!

  317. I absolutely need those my eyebrows are not very visible ’cause I don’t have many hair. I really want to win !!

  318. Would love to win because my move to LA means a remodel on the whole me, fitness, clothes and brows! They can change your whole face!

  319. I desperately need these products! I have cray brows that are insanely difficult to tame and would love to use Benefit to make me look less cray!

  320. I need to win this! I look like Frida Kahlo on a bi-weekly basis because I don’t have the tools to manage these unruly brows! Frida is not a good look and I need to lock this problem down stat!

  321. Benefit is the best! I finally just got my Fakeup replaced, after it was out on Birchbox and in a vending machiene I found at the Vegas Airport. I also have tricky brows and this would be awesome to have!

  322. I absolutely need to win this makeup because student loans are prohibiting me from having gorgeous brows and quality makeup. winning this would be a blessinggggg. xo

  323. I absolutely LOVE Benefit and got my first eyebrow waxing there a few weeks ago – I’m dying to get these products to make them ever more fabulous 🙂

  324. My eyebrows, good lord. I just have little/to no time to keep up with my eyebrows and LOVE everything Benefit, so I think the new products would be like a new years resolution & inspire me to whip them back in shape. I want to look in the car mirror and not want to shave off my eyebrows, seriousssssslly.

  325. My eye brows need a serious make over. I would love to win some Benefit products to perfect them!

  326. Benefit AND Skinny Confidential ?!! *HEART EXPLOSION* I have learned so much from reading your blog posts Lauren, you’re lovely, I can’t wait for you book! I am in seriously need of BROWTIFICATION. I already use Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash mascara and I am in sweet love, but my eyebrows ? *hides under bed* I’d really love to try these goodies out *struts off into sunset with Benefit Browtified eyebrows*

  327. My brows are extremely terrible, I would love nothing more then to have these prizes to whip them into shape. 🙂

  328. Pls hook a sister up!!! I take great pride in my brows and the pencil I used for years was discontinued and I’ve been attempting everything I can! Would love to win and show my eyebrows off!!

  329. I neeeeeeed these products! I’ve heard so many good things about Benefit and all their stuff is so cute and well packaged, always a winner for me :). Also I have bright blonde hair and I am ALWAYS looking for better products to fill in the brows!

  330. These brows of mine need an umph!! With dirty blonde hair, it doesn’t give me the prettiest of eyebrows 🙁 they need your help!!

  331. I’m utterly obsessed with brows- it’s almost insane. I think they really make or break your face. I also go to Benefit’s Brow Bar in Santa Monica. I have been all over LA searching for the best shaper/tinter and Benefit is unparalleled. I am also mildly infatuated with Gimme Brows- that, plus their highlighter is like a mini- eyelift. Magical. Huge fan of your blog, ps!!

  332. I am in LOVE with Benefit’s Brow-Zing’s product! I watched your YouTube video and the demo with High Brow and Gimme Brow – I need!! My biggest struggle with my brows are keeping the strays in place, all day long. It seems like Gimme Brow has the right texture to do so.

    Pick me! 🙂

  333. So I don’t own a single benefit product 🙁 BUT not bc I don’t want to but bc I just can’t afford to spend any extra money at the moment. I love my brows to death! I have finally gotten them shaped where I want and I’ve been dying to use some fab brow products on them to try them out. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me!!!

  334. I absolutely need these products as I’ve tried a lot of brow products and just cannot get my brows looking in control. Eyebrows are to your eyes are like AMAZING curtains in your bedroom – you need them!

    I over-plucked back in the early 2000’s when it was cool to have almost no brows and I’ve been desperately trying to grow them back in without much luck. Brow kits have been the only thing that has saved me, but things are still looking pretty funky! Would LOVE to try out the products you are recommending in order to start sporting some amazing brows before my wedding.

  335. My brows need some serious help! They’ve been messed up since high school. Due to a bad waxer and at home mess ups! I used I have nice full eyebrows, but of course they weren’t “cool” then. I really need a great product to help during the process of regrowth and then to make them look great. I’m new to doing anything with my brows, just bought my first pencil for filling in just the the other week. Please HELP this girl get her brows back. <3

  336. After looking at the posts you linked to above, I have realized that you and I share the same passion for our brows. I am always trying out new ways to fill in my brows. I love/hate my brows because I love the shape (no tadpoles here!), but my hairs are sparse. I have used powder, pencils, gels, and a combination of the three in attempts to achieve brow nirvana. I actually quit filling in my brows for a while until I met and fell in love with Benefit’s Gimme Brow. This was the perfect product to fit my needs while still looking natural. It completely changed my life and would be excited to see how other Benefit products will continue to change my life.

  337. Love TSK and your brow session with Benefit was amazing! I definitely could use some help in the brows section, especially being a blonde brows can really make or break an evening look 🙂

  338. I would love to learn to do my own instead of relaying on getting waxes every month. I feel like this product would be a great start.

  339. Been a fan of The Skinny confidential for years! I always trust your fashion, recipes, reviews, recommendations and honestly everything plus I was a pb instructor too! Use benefit foundation and blush and the brow package would just complete my whole look! Please pick meeee! ❤️

  340. Been a fan of The Skinny confidential for years! I always trust your fashion, recipes, reviews, recommendations and honestly everything plus I was a pb instructor too! Use benefit foundation and blush and the brow package would just complete my whole look! Please pick meeee! ❤️

  341. I am all about good lookin brows, I have blonde sparse brows and I have been helping them along since my momma taught when I was younger. I am also a huge fan of Benefit, being from close to San Fran myself, I remember when Benefit first started and I went to there store in Mill Valley, CA. very cool!!! My first purchase was there brow zings!!!

  342. I am currently a stay at home mom to a 6 month old & a military wife! We live 1300 miles from family & friends & have no babysitters lol so going to get my brows done is a challenge!! I need help!!! Lol

  343. I don’t have a blog, nor Facebook or Twitter ( I KNOW), but I follow your blog and use Benefit products erryday. I am in lurve with their It’s Potent eye cream. I have amazing eyebrows and love products that keep them that way. I have never tried Benefit’s brow formulas and I would love to! I think eyebrows are a way every person can look more polished for next to nothing. They really make the face. I often do my friend’s and family’s brows, mostly with their permission 🙂

  344. I’m absolutely in love with Benefit Cosmetics! I’ve been wanting to try brow zings for the longest time now, my brows could definitely use the help!

  345. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Benefit products! and if anything can sort out my eyebrows that are in seriously bad way its benefit, hope I win!!

  346. Well, there are so many who want these products! But never the less here goes my plea I have an absolutely love hate relationship with my brows always looking dodgy never the same shape and move through out the day, these pesky brows are actually really upsetting me! I admire others eyebrows (how weird is that

  347. What’s Going down i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve discovered It positively helpful and it has helped me
    out loads. I’m hoping to give a contribution & help other users
    like its helped me. Good job.

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