Benefit Cosmetics + The Skinny Confidential Collab


Hiiii guys.

What up?

Mini DeLites will happen tomorrow instead of its usual Monday spot because today I had to share my brow collab with Benefit Cosmetics.

I love, love, love their products.

& BT Dubs- this isn’t a review.

I mean, they honestly just carry seriously, kick-ass products that I.can’

<< What I’m wearing this video:

‘Hello Flawless’ Foundation

‘Girl Meets Pearl’ Highlighter

‘High Brow’ Pencil

‘Gimme Brow’ Volumizing Brow Gel

Stay tuned for a Benefit giveaway soon too ; ). xx.

– Lauryn

P.S. more at-home brow tips ( + all my makeup application tricks ) will be found in my lifestyle guide, released March 4, 2014!

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