Benefit Cosmetics + The Skinny Confidential Collab

Hiiii guys.

What up?

Mini DeLites will happen tomorrow instead of its usual Monday spot because today I had to share my brow collab with Benefit Cosmetics.

I love, love, love their products.

& BT Dubs- this isn’t a review.

I mean, they honestly just carry seriously, kick-ass products that I.can’

<< What I’m wearing this video:

‘Hello Flawless’ Foundation

‘Girl Meets Pearl’ Highlighter

‘High Brow’ Pencil

‘Gimme Brow’ Volumizing Brow Gel

Stay tuned for a Benefit giveaway soon too ; ). xx.

– Lauryn

P.S. more at-home brow tips ( + all my makeup application tricks ) will be found in my lifestyle guide, released March 4, 2014!


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10 replies to “Benefit Cosmetics + The Skinny Confidential Collab”

  1. I do love me some BENEFIT Cosmetics as well, but I can only get the utter perfection of their brows when one of their make up artists do it for me! HA! They’ve got crazy steady hands!

  2. love love loveee this post and cant wait to get your book. I just started following you yesterday and im addicted! ur awesome. all ur tips especially ur 80/20 as far as exercise love it!